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Fyrinnae Deceptive Sidhe and Werewolf Moon

Fyrinnae Deceptive Sidhe and Werewolf Moon

TGIF! I’m so glad I made it to Friday. Today I have a Fyrinnae Deceptive Sidhe and Werewolf Moon look to share with you. I also used more of the Makeup Geek mattes. I tried to use colors that I don’t normally reach for, especially together. Fair warning, my lashes look like hell. Since I’m waiting for the rest of my lash extensions to fall out, I’ve still got enough in that I’m not supposed to curl them. I can use mascara on them, but I have to be careful with application. It’s rather annoying. I should have used Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy for the eyeshadows, but for some reason I spaced on it, so I ended up with a lot of transfer. These are shades that really come to live with Pixie Epoxy so my pictures aren’t doing them justice. They’re ten times more beautiful in person.

Fyrinnae Deceptive Sidhe and Werewolf Moon

This post contains a mix of press samples and products purchased by me.

Fyrinnae Deceptive Sidhe and Werewolf MoonFyrinnae Deceptive Sidhe and Werewolf Moon Fyrinnae Deceptive Sidhe and Werewolf Moon Fyrinnae Deceptive Sidhe and Werewolf Moon

Wearing Makeup Geek and Nyx Vintage

Wearing Makeup Geek and Nyx Vintage

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Fyrinnae Deceptive Sidhe – inner lid, inner v (vegan)
Fyrinnae Forest Creatures – outer lid (vegan)
Fyrinnae Werewolf Moon – lower lid, outer upper lid (vegan)
UD 24/7 Perversion – outer upper lid, lower lash line (vegan)
UD Waterline pencil in Legend – lower waterline
Makeup Geek Confection – browbone (vegan)
Makeup Geek Vintage – hood
Sugarpill Tako – to blend out edges (vegan)
Makeup Geek Americano – outer hood
Nyx Eyebrow Gel in Black
Darling Girl Tragic Death of Mr. Stay Puft – highlight

Cover FX Illiminating Primer + N0 Liquid Foundation + Neroli Hydrating Drops (all vegan)
Silk Naturals Close Up Illiminating Powder (vegan)
Urban Decay Kinky – blush
Looxi Bombshell – highlight

Nyx Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Vintage

Mini rant time! Why does every effing brow product  I reach for turn brown on me? Nyx Black eyebrow gel turns so brown. I need a cool-toned ashy black brow product. It seems like no matter what  I use, it goes brown. At times like this it makes me feel like I should just use dark purple to fill in my brows and be done.

I WISH I had remembered to take the Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops in Neroli with me when I was in Indiana. Just a single drop helps to add moisture and prevent my skin from feeling too dry. For my foundation I mixed a dollop of Cover FX Illuminating Primer with the Liquid Foundation in N0 and then added 1 drop of Neroli. I mixed it together with my finger tips and applied it with my fingers, using a sponge to get around my brows and under the eyes. Then I used Silk Naturals Illuminating Powder (which is pore refining, illuminating, finishing) in Close-Up to set it. I think it’s a pretty combination, though it looked slightly more golden than it normally does.

While I didn’t do a tutorial for this look, I wanted to explain the way I applied the eyshadow on my hood. I used Confection on the browbone first. Then I applied Vintage and blended it upwards and outwards, trying to diffuse it. I added Americano to the outer hood to deepen the color and then went back over with more Vintage. I used a bit of Tako to blend out the edges (especially right under the eyebrow).

This weekend I’ve got so much I want to accomplish. I’m also spending time with friends I haven’t seen in a while. We’re going to go see the Last Witch Hunter with Vin Diesel.

What are your weekend plans?



  • I love this colour combo. The gold and green are so perfect together. I use a dark purple shade for my brows quite a lot. It’s surprising how well it works without reading as purple.

  • Poor Vin Diesel, he’s getting so much flak for some pictures taken of him. I hope you have fun at the movie.
    It always amazes me how you can use that many shadows and not turn out a muddy mess. This is another great look on you.

  • I just love those colors with your eyes, gorgeous! I am interested in the CoverFX Infusion Drops in Neroli coz I could always use more moisturizing!

  • Werewolf moon is so pretty on you!

    I have the same issue with eyebrow products! I dye my hair black, but I don’t dye my brows, which are a slightly lighter brown (I naturally have sandy blonde hair). I think that makeup companies give black eyebrow products a brownish undertone to make them look more “natural,” which is understandable but a bit annoying. The best product I’ve found for an ashy brow is actually an eyeshadow, Inglot matte eyeshadow 376. It’s sort of a dark greyish-taupe sort of shade. At first I thought it would pull too blue, but it doesn’t, it’s just an ashy, dark greyish shade. Of course I’m not sure how dark it will be on super light or sparse brows, and it may not be dark enough for people looking for a “true” black brow, but it doesn’t go brown so I’d recommend checking it out! Hope this helps 🙂

    • I agree – I’ve spent years telling well meaning sales associates that I don’t want a “natural looking” brow when my hair is so obviously unnatural. I do love using Darling Girl’s Scarisian Artist, applied w/damp brush, or perhaps Siren Chic or Rockstar Diva if I want them a bit darker.

      • Your brow choices are so awesome! I love how people are experimenting more and more with brows, like with unnatural colors, glitter brows, and more! It’s one of the main reasons I don’t dye my brows, I love having the option to do silly things to them if I want 😛

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