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Follower Appreciation – Vijaya of Fierce Nerditude

Hi! My name is Vijaya and I write the Fierce Nerditude beauty blog. I own more makeup than I’ll ever
wear, but that never stops me from buying more. I have a serious addiction to sale-hopping, and
Sephora’s been my favorite store in the world for about three or four years now. I’m still learning to
perfect the skill of winging liquid liner.

I love doing product reviews and makeup looks inspired by video games: My blog is about 30% looks and
70% reviews. My favorite posts are the ones I do for my Final Fantasy Looks series with my collaborator,
Christa (my fave game is XII)! As of about two months ago I have a crazy love for circle lenses and
Chanel. Not related things, but hey, whatever, right? Bright colors, black liner and sparkle make my
world go ‘round. Even though I buy loads of lipsticks, I’m a total gloss girl.

A little about me: I just turned nineteen early this past October. I’m a lifelong New Yorker, gamer, nerd
and animal lover. I love my glasses: I wear ‘em all the time, and would take ‘em over contacts any day of
the week. Oh, and I’m a college student. That’s pretty important! I like my chemistry class because I get
to wear a lab coat without looking crazy. Haha!

I have a huge weak spot for a great pair of boots, a nifty headband or a pretty dress. American Eagle
Bootcut or Artist Jeans are my pants-soulmates: they just fit me so comfortably! If I’m not wearing
boots, though, I’m probably wearing Skechers, jeans and a sweatshirt. I’m admittedly not very fashion-
forward, but I buy cheap accessories by the bucketful (think Claire’s). If they sold earrings by the pound,
I’d be so on that in a second.

I really like mango juice and green tea. Naked Juice Smoothies? Delish. I do my best to eat healthy
(usually successfully), and I know these have no nutritional value, but I recently discovered Double
Chocolatey Chip Frappucinos at Starbucks! So. Darned. Good.

I love the color purple, my favorite book is Flowers For Algernon and my favorite video game is Tales of
Symphonia (I’ve played it through at least ten times, now). Most of my time’s spent studying, gaming,
shopping, or watching movies, mostly of the animated variety (Anyone else excited to see Puss in Boots?

My iPod’s pretty diverse, but if I had to pick a fave band I’d say I could listen to Evanescence, because I could listen to them for hours on end.

I’m always looking for green lipstick recommendations and cool new socks (seriously, I don’t know
where they go)!

So that’s me in a nutshell! I hope some of you will stop by my blog to say hello! I hope everyone had an
awesome Halloween!

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  • Yay, somebody else who prefers glasses over contacts! I love mine to pieces.
    Unfortunately, I chew on my lips too much for lipsticks (I’m trying real hard to break that habit!) or lipglosses.

  • Hi Vijaya! Gosh, I remember being 19, vaguely 😉

    If you love socks, have you ever shopped with Little Miss Matched? OMG I just ordered more and also got a set from Juicy Couture. My motto is “feet can be ugly–but socks don’t have to be” lol.

    Love Claire’s, but Hot Topic is my crack for accessories.

    Love your glasses! Nice to meet you, I’ll be sure to visit your blog 🙂

  • Aww awesome post!! <3 ya Vijaya!!! Our Final Fantasy collab is one of my favs too!!! My favorite socks are the fuzzy ones from Walmart.. they are like walking on little clouds!!! untill they are washed a couple time lol still luv em!!!

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