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EcoTools Touch-Up Brush Set Review

Recently I picked up the ecoTools Touch-Up Brush set from Ulta. I usually try to avoid kits that came with a lash and brow grooming brush, because they seem to be next-to-worthless for me, but I am in LOVE with the ecoTools finishing brushes.

The set comes with:
Long-Handled Finishing Brush
Eye Shading Brush
Lash & Brow Grooming Brush
Lip/Detailer Brush
Hemp & Cotton Case

Hemp & Cotton Case
The case is ok, but truthfully I’ll probably never use it. I have my tokidoki makeup bags that I use whenever I need them. It’s like all of their cotton cases. It’s ok, but I prefer my tokidoki cuteness.

Lash & Brow Grooming Brush
As I mentioned above, I have so many of these it’s really useless for me. I wish kits didn’t include this brush because the plastic bristles never separate lashes properly for me so I just never use them. I’d far rather see another eyeshadow brush than this.

Long-Handled Finishing Brush
Now this brush is the sole reason I bought the kit. Everything else was icing on the cake! It’s fantastic. It’s got perfect density and the bristles are dispersed in just the right locations so you can use this for delicately highlighting your face or with a finishing powder. I absolutely love this brush and it’s a must have for me. My other finishing brush is the ecoTools brush from the Alicia Silverstone kit. They’re really the only brushes I use in this capacity. Nothing else compares to me. I can’t say enough awesome things about this brush.

Eye Shading Brush
This is a good standard brush that I can always use more of. I’m happy to have another one. I have a lot of ecoTools brushes, so this one fits right in.

Lip / detailer brush
Finally a lip brush from ecoTools! Yay! I’m happy to add this one to my collection. This is another brush I’d take a second one of, instead of a brow grooming brush.

The ecoTools Touch-up Brush set retails for $9.99 at Ulta and you can often get them buy one get one free. I highly recommend this set. I’ll be watching for another sale to pick another set up. For the price and the quality, you can’t beat ecotools. Plus, they’re cruelty-free and made from sustainable materials. I did take off half a star because the brow grooming brush is just useless to me, but it may not be to everyone.


Have you tried ecoTools? What do you think of them? What are your favorite types of brushes?

Product purchased by me. All opinions are my own.

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  • I must be the only one who likes the brow brushes.  I absolutely HAVE to have them– I can’t stand wild eyebrows and mine grow fast.  Having extras means I’m still okay even if I misplace one or if something weird happens when I’m trimming and I snip the teeth of the comb (it’s only happened twice but hey, you never know).You reminded me that somewhere I have those Alicia Silverstone ecoTools brushes.  I’ll have to remember where they went.  I wanted to ask though, your tokidoki bags, do they have the little slots or straps for holding brushes?  It’s so weird to me, I’ve looked EVERYWHERE for a good makeup bag that actually has a place to put brushes neatly, and it’s strangely hard to find.  You would think with the popularity of brushes, at least HALF of makeup bags would accomodate brushes better! 🙂

    • I swear I formatted that better but for some reason it posted with no paragraph breaks.  It reads like a spastic run-on now, huzzah! 😛

    • Gabrielle_ The tokidoki ones don’t have slots. The bag of mine that does is my Too Faced bag. I also have a MAC bag that has slots.

      • Phyrra Ahh.  I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for something like that from them in the future.

  • The only time I ever use those grooming brushes is when I’m shaping someone’s brows; they’re really good for when you need to do a lot of heavy trimming. Otherwise they just rot in my brush kit. But I do have a really nice ADesign one that my friend got me that has a flat brush on the end so I can draw my brows on, so that one’s handy-dandy!

    • dull_flame It’s just like,  I don’t need 5 of them! They shouldn’t be in just about every brush set sold by the company.

      • Phyrra Oh, I know. It’s a bit silly, I totally agree with you. I’ve got like five of them from different sets I’ve bought and like I said, I almost never use them.

  • I love ecotools, but it didn’t look like there was anything I really wanted in this set. Seeing a larger image, the finishing brush actually looks a lot like a flat duo fiber brush that I use almost daily. Plus it doesn’t hurt that it includes an eye brush… I think I’ve purchased three of their mineral brush sets, partly because the eye blending brush is soo good. Hm may have to check this out in stores 🙂

    • Catherine bcf  If you check out the next post I made it has a video which shows this brush and the other duofiber brush that I have from ecoTools. It’s definitely worth checking out 🙂

  • I bought 2 EcoTools brushes individually, the foundation brush and a slanted eyeliner brush. The slanted eyeliner brush is great, it’s a bit thicker than I like for my gel liners but it’s perfect for my eyebrows. The foundation brush, however, is awful. Every single time I touch it, it sheds. Washing it was a nightmare and the last time I tried to wash it I I ended up with “hairs” all over my hands and sink. I was so frustrated I ended up throwing it out 🙁 

  • I pretty much use Ecotools brushes exclusively these days.  I use their foundation, blush, and concealer brushes every day.  I also have a ton of their eye brushes that I use for eye makeup days, which is rare for me — I’m too much of a zombie for eyemakeup in mornings!  I agree that I never ever use the lash/ brow brushes.  I have a ton of them from various different sets over the years and I don’t think I’ve ever used one. I use a wire/ metal lash comb that if I remember correctly is from Sonia Kashuk. Although I rarely use mascara either!I will for sure need to pick up this set.  I don’t have a finishing brush I regularly use, and I don’t have a lip brush, and I can always use more of their eye brushes!

    • kawaiiferreto Yep, a metal lash comb is the only type that will work to go through my lashes. Yay glad you like the set!

  • I’ve had my eye on this set too, but like you I find the lash/brow thing useless, so I didn’t know if I wanted to spend the $10 just for the finishing brush.  Now that I know there’s a lip brush in there too I think I’ll go for it next time there’s a sale. (The eye brush is too big for my eye shape, unfortunately, but I guess I can still use it for swatches.)

    • rockrollglam To me, the $10 for the finishing brush and lip brush would be worth it. It sucks that the eye brush wouldn’t be useful to you 🙁

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