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Disney Maleficent

Disney Maleficent Movie

As many of you know, I’m obsessed with Disney Maleficent and I have been for years. I can’t wait for the new movie, which comes out May 30th. I’ve done makeup looks inspired by the original Disney Maleficent cartoon.

Maleficent Look

I created a Maleficent look a few years ago.

Maleficent Tutorial
See the tutorial

I created an awesome Maleficent tutorial that I still think looks good.

Disney Maleficent and Evil Queen from Walgreens

I loved the Walgreens collection and picked up several pieces from it.

Maleficent Toys

I have my fabulous Maleficent Dragon from Disney and my Funko Maleficent vinyl doll.

Funko Maleficent Vinyl Doll

Funko has an original green Maleficent and a new white Maleficent that will be released on April 30. You can get them on Amazon. They’re both pretty adorable. I pre-ordered the white one so that I will have a set.

Funko Maleficent
Original Green
Maleficent Movie White

Maleficent Shirt

Hot Topic had a very cool Maleficent shirt, which I just had to have. It was 20% off, too. I found it at Amazon, too! Don’t forget you can put things in your cart and then click on the Amazon Smile app in your web browser for a portion of each sale to go to your favorite charity 🙂

Maleficent Shirt at Amazon

Maleficent Ring

I also picked up this Maleficent Ring, which seems to be sold out. I think it’s very cool. And yes, I need to do my nails!

Are you obsessed with Disney Maleficent? Are you a fan of any of the Disney Villains? Let me know below!

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  • I saw Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty” when I was little and Maleficent scared me. She also shocked me — it was the first time I heard the word “Hell” in a movie. She was calling down “all the fires of Hell”, or maybe it was “all the powers of Hell”. I am a brunette, and even as a kid I was angry that in Disney, all the good girls were blonde. The only Disney good girl who was brunette was Snow White. Otherwise, dark hair = bad girl. Anyway, I think I’m over that now, and I’m sure looking forward to seeing the new movie!

  • And you know that MAC is coming out with a Maleficent collection in (?) early June, I think, right?

  • I cannot wait to see the new version – it’s going to be amazing! That ring is SO cool!! I love both the Maleficent looks you’ve done!

  • You are so much fun. We saw the preview for the movie which was enough to scare my 2 1/2 yr old grandson into leaving the movie theater – but he made sure he could take his popcorn with him.

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