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MAC, Urban Decay, Too Faced, Inglot Creamy Mattes

Slowly but surely I’ve gotten into liking matte eye shadows. so I wanted to show you some lovely mattes out of my pressed mattes. I like using mattes mixed in with other textures, such as frosts, glitters and duochromes to add depth to looks. It can be a lot of fun to have a super sparkly lid with a matte crease and a pearly browbone, or do an all matte look with bright mattes.

In this first set we have Inglot, MAC, Too Faced, Urban Decay and Flirt.

MAC Matte2 – Copperplate, Blanc Type, Fig. 1, Prussian, Tete-A-Tint, Brownscript, Handwritten

Urban Decay Mattes – Purple Haze, Electric, Narcotic, Chronic, Revolver

Too Faced Matte– Sexpresso

Inglot Matte 376

Flirt! Cosmetics Matte – Magic Mist, Vanilla Truffle

The second set is all Sugarpill (affiliate link).

I also included swatches of Sugarpill’s pressed colors, since they’re matte or semi-pearly and they got me back into using pressed shadows. As you can tell, they’re bright, opaque shades. Love + and Dollipop tend to stain the skin a bit, but I believe that they were being reformulated (or already have been).

Shade Descriptions:
Copperplate – muted mid-tone grey
Blanc Type – creamy beige
Fig. 1 – eggplant purple
Prussian – deep sea blue
Tete-A-Tint – caramel brown
Brownscript – warm chestnut brown
Handwritten – rich chocolate brown
Purple Haze – bright purple
Electric – electric blue
Narcotic – bright turquoise
Chronic – bright light green
Revolver – stone grey
Sexpresso – dark brown
376 – charcoal grey
Magic Mist – dark purple
Vanilla Truffle – light milk chocolate brown
Afterparty – bright turquoise with a semi-pearly sheen
Love + – bright red with a semi-pearly sheen
Midori – vibrant green with a slightly pearl sheen
Poison Plum – dramatic purple with a semi-pearly sheen
Dollipop – vibrant, matte hot pink
Buttercupcake – brightest bright matte yellow
Tako – pure matte white
Bulleproof – deepest matte black

Prussian, Poison Plum, Afterparty, Handwritten, Magic Mist, Sexpresso, Copperplate, 376, and Fig. 1 are all great to deepen the crease. Tako & Blanc Type work well as a color to apply from the eyebrows to the crease, since that will help blend the crease onto the browbone.

Afterparty was used on the outer lid and crease for this look.

Urban Decay’s Purple Haze was used on the lid and Sugarpill’s Poison Plum was used in the crease.

Sugarpill’s Dollipop was used on the lid and lower crease.

Sugarpill Love + was used on the lid.

Midori was used on the lid.

Sugarpill Buttercupcake was used on the lid, with Midori & Afterparty.

Flirt! Vanilla Truffle is on the lid.

Sugarpill Poison Plum was used on the lid.

MAC Copperplate was used on the lid.

Urban Decay Revolver was used on lid and MAC Copperplate on crease.

Stars Makeup Haven Creme d’ Nude was applied to the lid.

MAC Blanc Type was applied to the lid & Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Dark to crease.

MAC Tete-a-Tint was used on the lid, Blanc Type on the brow & Copperplate in the crease.

MAC Handwritten was used in the crease.

Too Faced Sexpresso was used to deepen the outer corner.

So tell me, what are your favorite mattes? Do you have any bright ones that you think I should check out? Do you see any here you’d like to try?

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  • I’m a huge matte fan! I love the way they blend even though they can be harder I think it pays off more in the end 🙂
    I also feel like they enhance your eyes a lot while not stealing all the attention with sparkles 🙂

    I love Sugarpill and The Make Up Stores mattes

  • Love this post! I want to save all the pics for reference. I’m finding mixing mattes with sparkle/shimmer shadows is a good combo for me – let’s me play with colors for my everyday with out looking like a disco ball. Plus – who couldn’t use something referred to as “sexpresso”

  • All stunning looks! I love Copperplate – it is a colour that changes I find depending on what you are putting it on top of!

  • Do you have any trouble with Purple Haze? I have it and it’s a really pretty color, but if I apply ANY friction or try to add more color to it, it like….rubs off and just turns a gross pink. It applies really unevenly too. I’ve tried it with tons of different bases. I’m wondering if mines just defective. =[

  • Oh, I, too, took my time with the mattes! So many sparkles to tempt one. But shimmering from eyebrow to lashes can be a bit much and take away from the actual eye, haha. I love my Aromaleigh mattes, though (boo, closing). I’ve been rather avoiding using talc-based formulas but the Love+ looks so good! Is it a true red?

  • How do you (general you) find the NYX mattes or other cheap, pressed mattes that can be found internationally (eBay included)?


  • I’ve been wanting the Sugarpill Burning Heart palette for so long now since I have hardly any mattes. Need my job-hunting to give some results so I can get it. :\

  • I have had my eye on copperplate for a while. I currently have MAC’s Scene and it really like it although it is a satin it gets the job done. I also like Brule. My absolute favorites are from the wet n wild palettes. They need to release palettes made up of purely matte shades. I would die. Haha. I have been really in the market for a matte burgundy shade. So for no luck. 🙁

    • Matte burgundy? Hmmm… Have you tried Sassy Minerals? They have a matte mahogany-burgundy shade called Paint the Town. I don’t have it myself but I’ve heard it’s nice. I have some of their other mattes which wear really well and blend easy 🙂

  • I really like matte shadows, I think it’s because they’ve got quite an old fashioned look to them. Fabulous swatches thank you so much! I love how you show a bunch of lips to go on with your swatches 🙂

  • awesomest post evarrrr, I’m loving mattes too lately. I wanna snag a jar of the matte green in Meow’s st patricks day line that I thought I grabbed last year.
    My favourite matte ever was MAC Cool Pink (was pro, now goners and I don’t think it was eyesafe but oh <3)
    Mark made a similar pink called Living Doll but they also stopped making it. I just want a girly cool pink dammit! 😀 One on ebay was around $50. I was very tempted.

  • The gold/Poison Plum look rules!

    I love my low-shimmer shades from Fyrinnae (Damn Paladins! <3) and I was chatting with Jasmine on Twitter about the High Voltage mattes and she's making some bright ones so I can't wait to try those!

  • what an awesome post!
    i love my mattes from Hi-Voltage. i would love to try Fyrinnae’s, but every time i go to order – they are closed. :/
    i do spy colors above i want now, starting with some of those from Sugarpill!

  • Ben Nye, Urban Decay, MAC and Make up Forever make my favourite mattes. 🙂

    I’m going through the opposite, I’m starting to love shimmers and glitters (thank you pixie epoxy!)


  • Morgana Cryptoria, Sassy Minerals and High Voltage all make super gorgeous mattes – brights and neutrals.

    I have two Sugarpill palettes in the mail… SOOO excited! My first order ever 🙂

  • A lot of the mattes I tried were chalky and tough to work with. It is only after trying mac handwritten which is a matte2 that I started liking mattes!
    I’m looking forward to trying mac’s fig 1 and prussian and sugarpill poison plum and bulletproof 😀

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