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Christmas Eve Night

Christmas Eve Night

Christmas Eve Night

Ray’s family is all Polish, so for Christmas Eve Night we went to his aunt’s house. We celebrated Wigilia (the W is a V sound) and had blessed oplatki flown in from Poland for the Christmas wishes. On Christmas Eve you have fish and pierogies. We had 4 different types of pierogies – buckwheat, cheese, mushroom, and cheese & potato. There was also a special Polish mushroom soup. There was a potato and leeks casserole type dish too. We celebrated with his family and his family’s friends and made some new friends. It was a great evening.

Another Polish tradition for children is that you can open your gifts when you see the first star in the night sky on Christmas Eve.

Phaedra the standard poodle wishes you Merry Christmas

I also wanted to share a few pictures of Phaedra. Too Faced sent her a cute girly bowl for Christmas, so she laid down by it by the Christmas tree. In the other picture, she’s saying Merry Christmas! Yes, I love my standard poodle.

Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions? In my family we would open a single gift on Christmas Eve, but we never had a big dinner celebration.

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  • Happy Holidays! Oh my goodness, your baby is so pretty! I think that’s so cool that Too Faced sent you the bowl for her! So appropriate that a beauty fanatic’s dog also has a pink beauty company’s water dish. 🙂

  • Oh my gosh Phaedra is SO SO precious, I can see her sweet little personality! Just love her! Thanks for sharing your Christmas eve with us! Love pierogies! My cousin in Chicago who I’m really close to had a boyfriend who was Polish, and the ladies who care for her mom are Polish and the Polish community is really big in Chicago so I’ve gotten to try some of the dishes! Have you had Borscht? I’m not a fan of it, I like the pierogies better! I used to eat schniztel when I wasn’t a vegetarian. When I was living in Paris, she came to visit me and we took a trip to Poland, it was really amazing, many medieval castles to visit! My Christmas eve was great, went to our church’s Christmas Eve 11pm Worship service, it’s candlelight. And just hung out with my babes, my pitbull Alice and my jackrussel/chi Henry. On Christmas day for dinner we had a turkey dinner with all the sides and they got to eat Turkey which they were SO excited about!

  • Phaedra is so pretty! Our tradition is to have champagne w/peach slices Christmas a.m. while opening presents. We also usually make a big meal. Last night I made beef bourginon and today we’re having ham. Your polish get together sounds yummy!

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