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Boots No.7 Radiant Glow Concealer in I & II

Back in December I reviewed the Boots No. 7 Radiant Glow Concealer in I. Everywhere I’ve seen these concealers they’re referred to as I – Light & II – Medium. After talking to the lovely Grey, she said she spoke to a Boots rep who said that they were I – Cool & II – Warm. I was determined to try out II so I could compare it to I and see the difference. I went to my local Target to try and pick it up several times. Every time I was there, II was sold out, or, like the last time, it was opened, used and put back on the shelf and marked to be sold without a box. Ewww. I contacted Target at their email address of to complain about that, because it’s not hygienic! (And it was very hard to find the Target email address, as they don’t have one listed on their website, but that’s a rant for another day.) I then ended up ordering II online from On the invoice from Amazon they called it II – Medium. However, when you see it swatched, you’ll see that it is anything but a medium shade compared to I!

You can see both of the pens here.

You can see the brush tips ย here, and you can tell that I’ve just barely used II at all in comparison to I.

This picture with flash shows the biggest difference to me. II is yellow/beige / warm to me, while I is salmon / peachy-pink / cool to me.

You can see that they’re both brightening products.

You can see the cool salmon – peachy – pink clearly here, as well as the yellow – beige.

Here they are blended out. It’s hard to even see them.

I thought you would enjoy seeing these two together.
II – is indeed warmer to my eyes.
I – is indeed cooler to my eyes.

I still think this is a great undereye brightener and I like the two tone options. I’ll be trying to decide which I like better!

How about you? Have you tried either of these yet?

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  • Hmm…..the “Warm” shade actually looks like something right up my alley! I live like 45 minutes away from a Target, but next time I’m heading down that area I’ll definitely pick it up. I’ve been toying with the idea of picking up the touche eclat, and this seems like a totally affordable option. And, it’ll work for light skin! Yay!

  • OMG this concealer is a god send!!! I’ve been happily addict to it for 2 year. I use the light cool one and it’s the only concealer in a light enough in cool tone I’ve ever found (I always seem to find the darker cool toned ones).

    Funnily enough I just popped into my local boots today to buy the concealer. It’s ยฃ13.50 over here so I wait until boots does a ยฃ5 off voucher on No7 range (they do it quite often) and then buy one.

    Actually I had two vouchers so I got their new Exquisite Curl mascara, which was already on special offer, for ยฃ5 – bargain or what!!! (pointless rambling I know but I love a bargain me ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  • Ooh interesting! I always think i need a cool concealer because my skin is cool, but Jessica and unelunebleue are right of course, a warmer tone would counteract my bluish under eye skin. I might try it out ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I’m actually wondering what they’d look like mixed together- it may make the perfect peachy shade to counter dark undereye circles (we were always trained to suggest yellow to counter the blue, like UneLuneBleue suggests above, and while that works, something with a little orange works even better since under-eye darkness usually is kind of purple-blue, not true blue).

    Try it for me? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I haven’t tried very many of their products, I think I have a face cream or something, but these seem interesting. I thought I’d be more interested in the I – cool color, but now I’m thinking the II – warm, with the yellow undertones, might actually cancel out the bit of a blue-ish cast in the ol’ under-eye area. I’ll have to check these out next time I’m at Tar-jey.

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