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Too Faced Teddy Bear Hair Brushes

Recently I purchased the Too Faced Teddy Bear Hair brush set from Apothica. I had a gift card for the site, so figured I should get something I’d always been curious about. I also picked up the Too Faced Primed & Poreless Skin Smoothing Face Primer and the Too Faced Lip Insurance Lip Primer. Shipping was free, as it is for all orders over $49 on Apothica.

The Website Claims:
Teddy Bear Hair brushes were created using the worlds most luxurious synthetic hair that grabs and blends pigments perfectly. They last longer than real hair brushes and won’t spread bacteria.

From L to R: Blush – Eye Definer – Angled Shadow – Fluff Shadow – Angled Liner

The brush set contains (and what the website says they’re for):
1. Powder Blush brush
2. Angled shadow brush for lid and crease
3. Fluff shadow brush for blending
4. Eye Definer brush for crease or darker defining color near liner
5. Angled liner brow brush for precision eye lining and brow defining

$65 for 5 brushes and a carrying case. That breaks down to roughly $12 a brush & $5 for the case.

Does it live up to its claims?
Yes! I love the brushes. They’re soft, yet they’re firm, so they’re perfect for application by my standards. They work well with pressed or loose shadows alike. The handles are just the right length for me, not too long and not too short, as I tend to prefer shorter brushes.

I LOVE the Blush brush and have been using it to apply Sobe’s Icing on the Cake. It works perfectly.

The Too Faced Blush, MAC 129, ecoTools blush brushes, and an angled duo fiber blush brush.

The Eye Definer works surprisingly well for outer lid and crease work. It applies and blends easily. It has enough flex to allow you to be precise when you deposit the color, but also enough bend to blend it out.

The Eye Definer with two Urban Decay crease brushes.

The Angled shadow works well for crease work or lid work, though I prefer brushes in this style for crease work. As it’s denser than other brushes I own with this shape, it does allow for you to easily apply color on the lid.

The Angled shadow, Sigma E70 and ecoTools angled brush.

The Fluff Shadow is great for application on the lid and you can blend with it. I prefer to use it to apply color to the lid, or lid and crease, then take the Eye Definer and use it for the crease and outer corner of the lid. You can also use this for an all over color wash, or to dust a bit of a highlighter on the browbone.

The Fluff Shadow, MAC 213, Medusa lid, ecoTools shade, and taklon lid brush.

I like using the Angled liner brush along the lower lash line and it does work to define the brows as it is is small and precise in shape.

The Angled liner, MAC 266, Medusa Angled liner, Sephora Angled liner & ecoTools angled liner.

Would I purchase again?
Yes. In fact, I found myself looking to see if Too Faced sold any other types of brushes. I love the fact that the brushes are vegan. I prefer synthetic brushes to real hair brushes and I wish that all companies offered their brushes with synthetic bristles. I think these are fantastic brushes from Too Faced. The blush brush has become my go-to blush brush, as it seems to be the perfect shape for my cheeks. Additionally, I would recommend this brush set if you’re wanting a nice set of quality brushes. I feel that they’re definitely worth the $12 each, especially since they’re cruelty free brushes. I was really impressed with the quality of the brushes and I’m surprised that I’ve not heard more people raving about them. They’re really awesome to me!

Have you tried Too Faced Brushes? Do you prefer synthetic or natural hair brushes?

Product purchased by me. All opinions are my own.

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  • have you tried the brushes from Urban Decay? I have the Big Buddah brush, and it’s my go-to for my mineral foundation. I love it…it’s so soft. You might find the handle a little long, though.

    • I have the big purple buddha brush which I’ve used for dusting stuff all over my body (body shimmer). I also have 2 crease brushes and a blender brush. I really think the UD brushes are great, too.

  • I have the retractable kabuki brush and I love it :). My only beef with Too Faced products is that they seem to use a really crappy glue to hold stuff together. My kabuki brush came apart after a week. I also have their eyeshadow transforming liquid, and the felt tip fell off after a couple of uses too. Come to think of it, when I was purchasing the kabuki brush, the woman demonstrating it to me had to pull out a new one because the demo brush had come apart! I was won over by the softy-soft-softness.

    Luckily, I always have Super Glue :D.

  • The Too Face Retractable Kabuki is fantastic. I love mine so much! I’ve been eyeing up this brush set for over two years now. I have enough nice brushes but I still want this set. So soft!!

  • So cute! I wanted to get these from the name alone – very glad they work so well, too. Thanks for the review!

  • They sound great! I only use synthetic brushes. But I’m poor so I think i’ll stick to my £3.50 Elf studio ones (which are fantastic by the way!) 😛

    • I still have some non-synthetics (my MAC – which I’ve had for almost 10 years – & some Sigma brushes), but I try to always buy synthetic when I can.

  • I have many of those brushes from when they were sold separately and they are AWESOME. Firm, nicely shaped, and such soft bristles.

    • I think that’s awesome! I just can’t understand why I don’t hear more people raving about them.

  • If I get another Sephora gift card I’ll definitely pick those brushes up. I need some more nice brushes.

  • I love TooFaced brushes! I’ve never purchased one, but every time I’m in an Ulta or Sephora I *have* to touch the teddy bear hair brushes. Soooo soft! Good to know the set is worth the money. 😀

    I, too, prefer synthetic bristles. Recycled parts are always a plus (Ecotools, I finally caved and got a few of those, they’re fantastic!). If synthetic bristles can be made so soft (ie – Ecotools and TooFaced), then why the hell are we still using animal hair? I’ve got a few brushes that are probably animal hair (given to me as gifts years ago), and they’re scratchy as all get out.

    • Yeah ecoTools are fantastic, too! They just don’t offer a few brush types that I really like. I definitely find the ecoTools brushes and Too Faced brushes to be softer and of higher quality than most animal hair brushes I’ve tried. I honestly think we’ve still got animal hair brushes because people have been using them for decades and companies don’t think people care enough to change.

  • It sounds really good. I do not have the money to spend on a nice brush set yet, but I’ll definitely keep these in mind for when I finally do! I definitely like the fact that they are cruelty-free.

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