Bidets are the Best

Bidets are the Best

Bidets are the Best

No toilet paper? No problem! Today I’m sharing one of my best kept secrets – bidets are the best. I am in love with my bidet. I should have spoken to you about this before now, but I was a little nervous to talk bidet toilet and bidet toilet seat stuff with you! However, thanks to covid19, there’s a toilet paper shortage by me and in case there’s one near you, I’m letting you in on my secret.

Bidet Toilet purchased by me. Bidet Toilet attachment purchased by Dave. All opinions, as always, are my own.

Bidet Toilets Are a Thing

I first learned about bidets when I went to Spain like 18 years ago. I’d never seen one before that trip overseas with Ray. Fast forward to when I bought my new home in 2018 and all of the toilets in my home had to be replaced because they all had leaks. I’d used a bidet toilet a few times when I’ve traveled and fell in love with them. They’re better for the environment because you don’t need to use toilet paper with them unless you want to!

Never used a bidet before? No problem! Check out this Beginner’s Guide to Bidets.

Woodbridge Bidet Toilet

Woodbridge Bidet Toilet

I did a TON of research to find a bidet toilet that had a heated toilet seat, that was 1 piece, and sleek. The WoodBridge T-0008 bidet fit the bill perfectly. The reason I prefer 1 piece and sleek sides is that it’s easier to keep clean!

My WoodBridge T-0008 bidet has the following features:

  • Modern Design: Sleek, Low Profile Skirted Elongated One-Piece Toilet, Comfort Height, Water Sense, High-Efficiency
  • Hygiene: Posterior Wash, Feminine Wash, Pulsating Wash, Adjustable Water Pressure, Hygienic Filtered Water
  • Comfort: Water Heater, Warm Air Dryer, Unlimited Warm Water, Heated Seat (5 adjustable temperature), with oscillating and gentle massage pulse functions
  • Convenience: Safety On/Off Sensor, Self-Cleaning Nozzles with Stainless Steel material. Quick Release Seat for Easy Cleaning. Energy Save Mode Design.
  • Night Mode: it glows blue at night

Let me talk to you about the bidet features that I use daily. I use the bidet toilet posterior wash daily after I poop. I love having a sparkling clean butt! I use the feminine wash after I pee or after sex. Then I normally use 1 or 2 squares of toilet paper to pat dry. However, if I had more patience I could use the bidet built-in warm air dryer. It also has a pulsating, massaging wash feature that you can use if you’re sore for any reason. I love the heated seat, which I never even thought about having in a bidet or toilet, but it’s awesome.

The water temperature and pressure are adjustable on my bidet. The heated bidet toilet seat and the warm air dryer are also adjustable, so you can make it barely warm or nice and toasty.

Bidet Toilet Plug

I had to hire a plumber and electrician to install my WoodBridge T-0008 bidet toilet. The electrician installed a plug in my ‘thinking room’ (the room with the toilet off the master bathroom), while the plumber removed the old toilet and installed the new one.

Bidet Toilet Remote

This bidet toilet comes with a remote. I used some velcro tape on the back of the remote and the side of my toilet paper holder on the wall so that my remote has a home and can’t get lost.

Bidet Toilet Night Light

My WoodBridge T-0008 bidet glows blue at night in the dark.

Woodbridge Bidet Toilet Remote

Above is the remote for my WoodBridge T-0008 bidet. You can customize it for 2 users. As you can see it has all the controls for front, rear, the pressure, massage, adjustable position, water temperature etc.

BioBidet Bidet Toilet Seat

BioBidet Toilet Seat Attachment

Dave’s bathroom was not shaped in such a way that I could put the same bidet toilet in his bathroom that I did in mine, so we found the BioBidet Toilet Seat. This can fit onto most existing toilets. If you have an existing toilet you love but want to turn it into a bidet, this is the bidet toilet seat you want. This is definitely what I would install on a normal toilet if I needed an additional bidet. Dave and I did a ton of research before we decided on the BioBidet Toilet Seat being the best option for us.

  • 3 IN 1 STAINLESS STEEL NOZZLE – Offers posterior, feminine, and vortex washes, improves hygiene
  • SMART SEAT-SMART DECISION – Streamlined comfort-adjustable heated seat and water, slow closing lid
  • ECO FRIENDLY- Energy Save Mode, reduces electricity and toilet paper, good for the environment
  • FEEL THE DIFFERENCE – Oscillating wide clean and pulsating message technology with bubble infusion
  • HYBRID HEATING TECHNOLOGY – Offers continuous warm water during your entire experience

BioBidet Toilet Seat Attachment

Dave has a normal toilet base that he installed the BioBidet Toilet Seat onto it with Ray’s help and here’s what it looks like when it’s open.

BioBidet Toilet Seat Attachment Remote

The BioBidet Toilet Seat remote is different from mine, but has similar functionality.

Budget Friendly Bidets

I asked for recommendations in the PhyrraNyx Facebook Group for some budget friendly bidet options that they had purchased, used and loved. Below are their recommendations.

How to Use a Bidet

My bidet is very easy to use. You sit or stand in front of it as  you would any other toilet. The magic happens after you finish going to the bathroom. You just reach for the remote and choose the option suited to you. Did you just pee? Feminine wash it is! Did you just poop? You want the posterior wash. Did you just have sex? Try the pulsing wash. Now, if you have more patience than I do, after you wash (which is about 2 minutes), you can use the warm air dry function. If you’re out of toilet paper, this is a life saver!

Bidets are Better for the Environment

The average bidet user reduces their toilet paper usage by about 75%, so from 23.6 rolls down to about 6 rolls in a year. The average American uses 50% more toilet paper than people in Western Europe and Japan because those countries mostly use bidets. (Source)

Bidet toilets are considered eco friendly because they partially or fully eliminate the use of toilet paper. To make enough toilet paper for the USA it requires that 15 million plus trees get pulped to make the paper. 473,587,500,000 gallons of water is used to make it, along with 253,000 tons of chlorine to bleach. (Source) And that’s not counting the electricity used during this whole process.

Since there’s a toilet paper shortage in a lot of areas, there’s never been a better time for you to try a bidet!

Bidet Toilet Pros

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Perfect for when you’re out of toilet paper or there’s a toilet paper shortage like there is right now
  • Very easy to use with the remote
  • Self-cleaning nozzle
  • Customizable settings to make it PERFECT for you
  • The BioBidet Toilet Seat is easy enough to install on your own
  • Better for you

Using the bidet toilet is more gentle on your undercarriage and derrière than toilet paper would be. If you are suffering from IBS or diarrhea, which requires lots of wiping, the bidet eliminates that so that you don’t end up with a sore bottom.

Bidet Toilet Cons

  • The warm air dryer doesn’t dry quickly so if you are impatient you will want a towel or a few squares of toilet paper
  • You’ll want a professional to install the WoodBridge T-0008 bidet, as it is tricky
  • It may not be a fit for every budget

What to Do if You’re Out of Toilet Paper

So what should you do if you’re out of toilet paper? Consider getting a bidet toilet seat attachment to fit on your existing toilet! You will save money by using less (or no) toilet paper.

Have you tried a bidet toilet? I won’t ever look back from them.


  1. I still cannot understand the obsession with toilet paper, the panic buying is beyond insane

  2. I should have bought stock in bidets! I saw one in a hostel I stayed in when I went to Europe but I didn’t know how to use it so I didn’t. Now I regret not trying it out. I have another friend who has a very fancy set up like yours and I legit want to try it.

  3. We bought one that attaches to the existing toilet seat off Amazon for under $50 many years ago, and it still works. It doesn’t require changing out the seat — it’s just a little contraption that goes underneath the seat, and connects to the water source, with a controller on the side. There’s no power to it–it’s just like a water valve. It’s cold-water only, doesn’t require an electrical outlet and has a little dial that you turn to spray-wash your bum after a poop (the normal water pressure in the pipe creates the upward spray). We use about 25% as much toilet paper now that it’s there — just a few square to dry off, really. It was very easy to install! When you clean the toilet, you clean the spray nozzle under the lid with the toilet brush.

    Seriously, every house should have one! Smearing poop residue on your butt crack when wiping is honestly a disgusting cultural norm — washing yourself with a bidet is so much more hygienic! Once you get used to using one, you’ll only want to poop at home as it’s so much cleaner.

  4. I never really knew how they worked before. When I was in Europe the hotels were very old and I couldn’t figure out how to use a bidet. It’s interesting to know now. My toilets are new but maybe a seat would work.

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