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Best Indian Bridal Hairstyles from StyleCraze

Indian Jeweled Hairstyle

Marriage is one of the most special moments in every woman’s life. No matter which country we hail from, the wedding day will always be cherished and remembered.

When it comes to Indian culture, the marriage ceremony occupies a position of pivotal importance primarily due to the several rituals observed on this auspicious day. An Indian wedding is mostly a daylong celebration which is why getting the perfect and lasting look is important for every bride.

As we know, Indian women are known over the globe for their beauty and natural good looks. An Indian bride represents the quintessential Indian beauty, exemplified through her feminine charm, her radiance, glow, smile, grace and demureness which is most evident on the marriage day of all.

Best Indian Bridal Hairstyles

An Indian wedding celebrates the union of two souls for life and this happiness is seen among all those who come together to observe the wedding rituals.

Apart from the grand ceremony, ostentatious decorations and delicious food arrangements, the stunning Indian bride is the center of attraction of all. What with her beautifully embroidered wedding attire, heavy ornate jewelry, accessories, makeup and stylish hairdo, she appears even more gorgeous and resplendent on her special day.

Indian bridal hairstyles help to further accentuate the beauty and personality of the bride and play a key role in her overall appearance on the wedding day.

Let us take a look at some of the most famous and popular Indian bridal hairstyles.

Braided/South-Style Braid

Indian South-style braided hair

The traditional South Indian braid is a simple long braid which is adorned and embellished with beautiful jewelry pieces and fresh flowers. The base of the braid is usually secured with an attractive clasp which completes the look.  Mostly sweet-smelling flowers such as roses or jasmine are used for entwining along the braid. Mostly thick and waist long hair looks impressive when given the South-style braided hairstyle. Some brides use hair extensions to get this look.

The Bun

Indian Bun Hairstyle

The Indian wedding usually covers plenty of rituals. The veil being an integral part of the Indian bride’s attire, the big bun is the perfect hairstyle to keep it all in place.

The Veil

It can be decorated with simple accessories, beads or fresh flowers and secured with bobby pins. This is a complete no-fuss yet elegant hairstyle.

Twisted Updo

Twisted Updo

A classy and timeless Indian bridal hairstyle is the twisted updo where the hair is twisted apart after being pulled back tightly to the neck and then pinned into a bun. This hairdo can complement different wedding attires and can be accessorized with intricate accessories to add interest.

The Jeweled Hairstyle

Indian Jeweled Hairstyle

Indian tradition requires the bride to ensure that her hair is not kept open at the time of the marriage ceremony. Hence, bridal hair jewelry such as a stunning maang tika (in the center), jeweled comb, ornate hair pins, beads or pearl strands etc. are added for embellishment.

Hope you loved reading this article about Indian bridal hairstyles. Visit StyleCraze for more Makeup tips and tricks.

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