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What to Wear to Compliment a Faux Glow

What to Wear to Compliment a Faux Glow Tan

While I typically embrace the pale and enjoy my alabaster skin, I now also feel comfortable wearing a faux glow, courtesy of Beautisol. Beautisol Summer Glow
self-tanning lotion gives me a believable, natural looking tan, instead of making me look like I’ve been dipped in Doritos. So whether I want to have a tan or be porcelain, I can look my best.

However, one of the challenges that I find from having a faux glow, is deciding what makeup colors I can wear to flatter my tan. These are the eyeshadow colors that I feel best flatter a faux glow.

Golds and Bronzes

Urban Decay Half-Baked – golden bronze
Silk Naturals Element – a deeper gold tone that’s a true metallic
Silk Naturals Scout – deep shimmering copper with hints of gold
Milani Golden Bronze – golden bronze metallic
Fyrinnae Shenanigans – a rainbow of sparkle fills rich, metallic gold over a dark base
Fyrinnae Polar Bear – pale white gold
Fyrinnae Book of the Dead – aged, beige gold
Fyrinnae Gilded Wings – saturated metallic bronze-gold
Makeup Geek Glamorous – shimmery bronze gold
Makeup Geek Pretentious – metallic deep bronze

Corals, Peaches and Oranges

Urban Decay Freelove – golden vibrant peach
Darling Girl Positively Peachy – a bright peach with gold shift and iridescence
Fyrinnae Picture it: Sicily – complex coral with a slight golden shimmer.
Sugarpill Flamepoint – vibrant matte orange
Makeup Geek Peach Smoothie – light peach beige with a soft matte finish
BFTE Chaos – warm coral peach/pink with gold/peach shimmer

Bright Turquoises and Teals

Urban Decay Deep End – bright teal
Urban Decay Shattered – turquoise with gold shift
Fyrinnae Pteranodon – Bright shimmering turquoise, enhanced with a touch of silver sparkle
Sugarpill Afterparty – bright turquoise with a semi-pearly sheen
Makeup Geek Mermaid – metallic teal with gold reflects
Makeup Geek Poolside – bright shimmery teal with specks of gold

Deep Browns

Milani Espresso Line – deep brown matte
BFTE Espresso – pure dark chocolate with a glimmer of rainbow borealis
BFTE Gable – deep brown with copper iridescence
Makeup Geek Mocha – deep matte brown
BFTE Mississippi Mud – deepest dark chocolate brown matte
Meow Flaming Marshmallow – a complex charred color – like the edges of that burnt marshmallow – with copper fire


Sugarpill Lumi – snow white with turquoise sheen and flashing bursts of blue and green
Sugarpill Tako – pure matte white
BFTE Glistening – white with multi-colored sparkles.

What colors do you feel best compliment a faux glow? Share your tips in the comments below!

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