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Ardency Inn Eyeshadow Swatches

Ardency Inn Eyeshadow Swatches

Today I have some Ardency Inn eyeshadow swatches to share with you. Ardency Inn is a brand that my friend James Vincent loves. Check out my interview with James Vincent about Ardency Inn!

Ardency Inn Eyeshadow Swatches

Where to Buy
Ardency Inn, Sephora

$21 for .06

Ardency Inn Copper swatch

bronze pearl w/ metallic gold
Absolutely gorgeous golden bronze metallic

Ardency Inn Rose Gold swatch

Rose Gold
metallic rose w/ warm golden reflects
Muted metallic rose gold

Ardency Inn Royal swatch

royal purple w/ red undertones & slight blue reflects
Blue-toned purple with subtle blue reflect

Ardency Inn Orchid swatch

bright fuchsia w/ extreme blue reflects
Bright fuchsia pink with blue-violet reflect

Ardency Inn Punch swatch

matte bright coral w/ neon pink & yellow undertones
Bright coral orange matte

I actually love all of these colors, but if I had to recommend just 2, I’d actually say Rose Gold and Copper, because they really enhance my eyes.

Have you tried any of the Ardency Inn Eyeshadows?

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  • Orchid and Royal are for sure my favorites. So pretty and great pigmentation!

  • Rose Gold is a beauty~ Punch is a close second for me though! I wish I could pull off these bold colors– they’re a little too bright for me though to be honest. Rose Gold is a possibly, but still might be too strong for me.

  • Oh my Gosh… Sweetie You Always Have the “Best” Swatches! Since I Subscribe to Your Newsletter I Have Learned About Some Fantastic Smaller Makeup Brands (Small but Still Fabulous) that I Would Probably Never Have Heard of Otherwise! I Now am a Fan of “Meow Cosmetics” & “Aromaleigh Minerals” and I Owe it All to You My Friend! Lol! Now I am Going to Have to Check Out Ardency Inn Too! Thanks for Sharing All Your Beauty Expertise with Us b/c I am an Esthetician/Makeup Artist and I Like to Stay in the Know! Actually I am Not Currently Working b/c of Injuries Sustained from a Motorcycle Wreck but I Still Love Everything Beauty Related and My Favorites Just Happen to be Eye Shadow, Nail Polish, & Anything Scented (Lol!) I Have also Discovered Some Awesome Brands on etsy but I’m Sure You Probably Already Knew About Most of Them! That’s Why I Like You, b/c You Know Things Way Before I Do! Lol! Also do You Still Get on Bellashoot & I Think You are on Pampadour Too? I Believe That’s Where I First Connected with You or Friended You (or Whatever You Call it, Lol!) Anyways, Thanks & Have a Great Day Sweetie… Jana

  • I have a few Ardency Inn shadows and absolutely love them. I’m still trying to get my hands on Royal. It’s always sold out at Sephora. One of these days!

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