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Senna Cosmetics Eyeshadow Swatches

Senna Cosmetics Eyeshadow Swatches

I wanted to share some Senna Cosmetics eyeshadow swatches with you. Senna is better known for their brow products but they do make a pretty wide variety of refined eyeshadow shades.

Senna Cosmetics Eyeshadow Swatches

Where to Buy
Senna Cosmetics, Dermstore, Amazon

$18 for .07

Senna Bohemian swatch

rich golden bronze metallic
Metallic bronze brown base with golden sheen

Senna Chameleon swatch

silver gold lavender reflection
Delicate light silver base with golden lavender sheen and gold sparks

Senna Coppertina swatch

gold sparked copper
Metallic light copper with gold sparks

Senna Rose Gold swatch

Rose Gold
golden pink
Metallic light rose gold

Senna Silver Lining swatch

Silver Lining
sparkling steel
Midtone grey with silver sparks

Senna Cosmetics Eyeshadow Swatches
The top part of the swatch is on primer, the bottom part is on bare skin.

Silver Lining is kind of disappointing. Rose Gold and Bohemian are nice. My favorites out of the ones I own are Chameleon and Coppertina.

Have you tried any of Senna Cosmetics Eyeshadows?

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  • They look really great eye shadows and the rose gold looks beautiful. Yes, it is a shame about the silver lining colour.

  • Wow, I Think All of Them are Just Beautiful! I was Going to Say that My Faves Were: Silver Lining & Coppertina but Since You Wasn’t Crazy for Silver Lining I Took a Better Close-up Look and it Does Appear Rather Streaky! That’s a Shame b/c from a Distance it’s Beautiful! I Like More Deeply Pigmented Shadows & I Love Metallic Colors or Shimmery Colors the Best! I Generally Always Prefer Pretty Colors Rather than Plain Old Neutrals (Unless the Neutrals are Shimmery of Course, Lol!) I am Also Not a Big Fan of Matte Eyeshadow but I Don’t Mind a Matte Lippie Though! The Only Time I Really Wear a Matte Color is if it’s Colorful, Like ColourPop’s Bright Pastel Ones! Anyways Sorry for Being a Chatty Cathy Tonight! I Checked Out Senna Cosmetics & They Do Have Some Pretty Eyeshadows, Although I Wish They had a Better Selection in the Metallic Colors! I Loved 3 Eyeshadows in Particular: Antique, Vivid, & Emerald in the Glow Eye Colors! Thanks for the Recommendation and I Hope You Have a Good Evening! Thanks, Jana

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