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Almond Shaped Nails

Almond Shaped Nails

On Friday I went to Totally Polished to get almond shaped nails, my lash extensions touched up, and my brows shaped. I’d never had acrylics done before, only shellac and gel nails. My natural nails are pretty long thanks to CND Rescue RXX, but I wanted to make sure that they were strong and unlikely to break while I’m on my trip in LA. I had the option for a blush base (can you say BORING?) or the iridescent white base. Of course, I opted for the iridescent white base (seriously, it’s like a white version of Fyrinnae Nijiro) because I always prefer iridescent or holographic colors.

Almond Shaped Nails

First my nails were cleaned and shaped into the almond shape. Then it was time to strengthen them. It was really cool to watch Thisha apply the acrylic mixture (which looked like wet sand) onto my nails. For my thumbs, which are super short, she created a slight tip from scratch.

GlitterDaze Bellatrix nail polish on almond shaped nails

Once the acrylic was dry, it was hard. So then it was just a matter of applying my nail polish. I brought GlitterDaze Bellatrix with me and used that for my mani. It’s so gorgeous! Black base, magenta shift, and scattered holo? Yes please!

Bunny Paige Micro Spiked Heart Necklaces with GlitterDaze Bellatrix Almond Shaped Nails
Shown with my Bunny Paige Micro Spiked Heart Necklaces
GlitterDaze Bellatrix nail polish
Shown with my Sugarpill Edward Scissorhands Palette

I thought about trying ballet point / coffin shaped nails (because I love how they look) or stiletto nails, but I decided that those shapes would be too long for me to comfortably wear right now. The almond shape is a good choice for me right now because I’m just starting to get used to having longer nails. Until I had my PRK eye surgery, I always kept my nails short.

What do you think of almond shaped nails?

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  • Almond shaped nails… hmm… I don’t know… I think I’m a fan of them on other people, but not myself. I feel like I always need to be “in control”- meaning short nails are a must hah! That polish though is to die for!!

  • I like the sparkly base. Very pretty! I don’t care for almond nails on myself, but yours look great. I like mine square, with slightly rounded corners. Most of the time I keep them shorter. If they’re too long, I poke myself in the eye, can’t put on earring backs, and I find it harder to do the finishing work on knitting and crocheting and hand sewing. I’m too much of a klutz.

    My nails were always thin. I’d grow them out and they’d break. Then I’d bite them (an OCD thing for me related to my anxiety disorder). I got acrylics and it was life-changing. Obviously, I couldn’t bite them any more. But I find my real nails are actually thicker and longer than they ever were. I’m never giving them up.

  • Welcome to the world of acrylic and nail extensions! LOL! I’ve been doing nail enhancements for 10-15 years now. I started with acrylic and then switched to silk wraps. Yours look great. You will find that the polish will wear much better than on bare “real” nails. I know my nails are thin underneath from doing it for so long, but they were thin to begin with and would NEVER grow. I also know it’s bad with the glue, etc. but I go every 2 weeks to make sure nothing bad happens.

    • I haven’t chipped since I had these put on. There’s not even the normal tip wear (maybe because I wasn’t on a computer all week)

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