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Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions Experience

Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions Review

When I was at the Makeup Show Orlando I had the opportunity to meet with the vivacious Jo Mousselli, founder of Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions. We discussed how Xtreme Lashes came to be, her background as an RN, and clients. She was one of the first lash extension companies on the market and her stylists are very extensively trained. Xtreme Lashes is one of the most respected lash companies doing lash extension installations.

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Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions Experience

Since I’m extremely twitchy about having people touch my eyes, I couldn’t fathom getting extensions done on myself, but my friend Melissa volunteered to get lashes installed on behalf of my blog.

When you hear nightmare stories about eyelash extensions, it’s always about the budget places, never Xtreme lashes. This is one of the reasons I was terrified at the idea of doing this myself.

Xtreme lashes are semi-permanent luxury cruelty free eyelash extensions that are applied one at a time to each of your individual natural lashes. They’re already curved, so you don’t have to curl your lashes or apply mascara. They save you a lot of time and some money in that respect, because it gives you an automatic eye opening and brightening look without spending money on mascara or a curler. You’re saving time because you’re not curling your lashes, then applying mascara. Jo and Jen both explained that some women don’t enjoy spending the time on makeup in the morning. They want to just be able to roll  out of bed and get ready and still look rested.

The initial installation can take 2 to 3 hours and normally costs up to $300. The maintenance fill ins are between $70 and $100. You can expect to spend up to $2000 / a year on these lashes. These are definitely a luxury item and they’re for busy women.  Lashes will last for up to 6 weeks before they need a refill. People normally get refills done every 4 to 6 weeks, depending on their lash shedding cycle and the length of lashes. Refills can take anywhere from a half hour to an hour. It’s not as long as getting the initial fill and consultation done. (Edit: I ran the numbers based on what Jen charges and I think it would be more like $1k / year in Orlando, Florida. $200 to $300 for the install and $70 per touch up. So if you get touched up every 4 weeks instead of every 6 weeks and you pay $200 for the install you would pay $970 a year. If you get touched up every 6 weeks it would be $830. Obviously the price is going to vary by city. I would bet that New York City and Los Angeles are more expensive than Orlando.)

Before you can begin getting your lashes installed, you will have a very thorough consultation with your stylist.

I was with Melissa through the entire procedure. Jen was the name of our stylist. She was very sweet. She went through the entire consultation process with Melissa. Jen asked Melissa what she was looking for, and Melissa said extreme party lashes. Jen evaluated Melissa’s eye shape to determine where to place the ‘accent’ lashes that help to open up the eye.

Melissa getting measured

Jen determined the length of Melissa’s natural lashes. Then the two of them hashed out how long they could make Melissa’s lashes for party lashes vs. what Jen would typically do for lashes so as not to compromise the integrity of the lashes.

Melissa's Natural Lashes

Melissa's Natural Lashes

These are Melissa’s natural lashes. She’s got lovely lashes, but she often wears false lashes several times a week because she likes that extra kick.

Cleaning Melissa's Lashes

After the consultation was finished and the lash sizes decided, Jen cleaned Melissa’s lashes thoroughly.

Taped off and ready to begin

Then Jen prepared Melissa for the installation process.

The initial installation process takes 2 or more hours because the stylist is literally taking high quality lash extensions and using surgical grade special adhesive to attach them to each individual lash.


You can see the different lash sizes that are attached to Melissa’s natural lashes to create a natural lash look (even if they are long party lashes). The blue dot is the adhesive that the very tip of the lash is dipped into, then wiped off, before it is attached to the individual lash. Jen freshened her glue and tools twice during the process, to make sure that she was working at optimum efficiency.

Jen applies lashes of different lengths to account for natural variation in human lashes, making sure that she had the two focal point accent lashes be the longest so that it really opened Melissa’s eyes and flattered them.

Some of the initial lashes

You can see some of the initial lashes attached.

Hand held fan

During the procedure, most clients relax or fall asleep! Because we were talking the entire time, the time we were there really flew by.

Melissa said the entire process was painless. She said it was a bit odd to feel her lashes getting moved around, but definitely not painful.

Melissa's almost done

This is what it looked like when Melissa was nearly done.

Finishing touches

Jen’s putting the finishing touches on Melissa’s lashes.


Melissa's New Lashes

Melissa's Xtreme Lashes

Melissa's New Lashes

These are Melissa’s finished Xtreme lashes. You can see that they have perfect curve! Xtreme lashes are made with a curve and when attached to the natural lash they keep them in shape.

Best Lashes Extension Review

Xtreme Lashes Extension Review

Melissa is ecstatic with her new lashes! Check out how gorgeous they look!

Jen and Melissa

Melissa and Jen together.

Xtreme lashes typically last up to 6 weeks before they need to be filled. If you get more extreme party lashes, like Melissa’s, they may not last as long. The reason the lashes come out are that your natural lashes shed, much like the hair on your head.

Xtreme Lashes after 1 week

Xtreme Lashes after 1 week

This is what Melissa’s lashes looked like 1 week after the installation for her Halloween party (where I wore my mermaid costume). Please keep in mind that they had not been groomed into shape in several hours (it was a party). After vigorous activity of any sort you have to use a spoolie and groom them into shape.

Xtreme Lash Extensions after 2 weeks

Xtreme Lash Extensions after 2 weeks

These are Melissa’s lashes two weeks after her installation. She said she’s experienced minimal shedding. This was taken after she got home from work.

Xtreme Lashes Glideliner Glamour Swatches

Xtreme Lashes Glideliner Glamour Swatches

Jo gave me her Glideliner Glamour Holiday Trio ($34) to go with the lash extension for Melissa. I swatched the colors before giving them to Melissa for her to use.

Xtreme Lashes GlideLiner Glamour Holiday Liners

Black Diamond – soft black with silver shimmer
Velvet Teal – deep teal green with a blackened base
Cognac – rich coppery brown

Melissa says that overall she’s experienced very minimal shedding and she’s very happy with the lashes. She’s constantly getting asked if she has falsies on. She loves the fact that it’s so low maintenance! She doesn’t have to put on mascara in the mornings before work, yet the lashes make her appear well rested and bright eyed.

With Xtreme lashes you need to avoid using an oil based makeup remover so that it doesn’t interfere with the lash adhesive. You also don’t have to use mascara or a lash curler, since your lashes are always perfectly curled. You use a little spoolie to groom your lashes carefully into place.

Xtreme lashes recommends using their eyeliners since they’re specifically formulated not to interfere with the lashes or adhesive.

Overall, Melissa is very pleased with her lash extensions and is considering getting them filled once she hits the 6 week mark, this time with lashes that are not quite as long (though she loves the Party Lashes because she loves extreme lash lengths).

She has found the lashes very comfortable to wear and loves that she’s constantly receiving compliments on her eyes. She says it makes her smile every time she feels her lashes fluttering in the wind.

I’m still not sure that I could handle the procedure though I really love the results! I really like the idea of not having to curl my lashes or apply mascara.

Edit: Visit for 20% off your purchase using promo code PRHOLIDAY20 until 1/5/2014.

I’m sure you’ll love the Beginner’s Guide to Eyelash Extensions!

What do you think of the luxury Xtreme Lashes Eyelash extensions? Would you try lash extensions? Have you tried them? Let me know what you think!

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  • A fine example of good lashes. There are too many lash “artists” that have no skill or were too poorly trained to learn the correct skills. I Love Xtreme Lashes and the training provided is the best in the lash business. My clients love their lashes.

  • i am very interesting in this classes but here in chesapeake Virginia the cost is to much… here is not Califonia or Ny. $ 2,000 is to much for a slow city.

  • Incredible difference.. but do you know how much Black Milk I could buy instead with all the money I’d spend just for “longer fuller lashes” lolol? I’ll stick to falsies for now. Or just lots o’ mascara haha. I suppose if your lashes are sparse these would be a great thing to have as an option.. But falsies… dude.. so much cheaper hahah. Any woman who is too busy to swipe on some mascara needs to scale back and take a break hahaha. Awesome process though! Very precise.

  • Wow!! Incredible difference. I’m like you. I don’t know if I can have my lashes being bothered for 2 hours but it looks like it’s worth the investment for those who want those super long lashes.

  • those are totally lust worthy lashes. a friend of mine got them done (different company, not as dramatic of a look) for her wedding and they were gorgeous and the idea has been playing at the back of my mind since. my eyes are also really sensitive but i think it would be a worthy investment for super special occasions.

  • These look absolutely fabulous! The shot of her and the technician taken from a few feet away to me really sells them because you can see this gorgeous fringe even from afar! I cannot imagine having lashes long/lush enough to require combing them with a spoolie! I would love that! And not having to use mascara?! Fabulous! However, the cost is a bit high for me personally, but it’s exciting to know how fantastic this experience was and how amazing her lashes turned out!

  • My friend had NovaLash and she said they totally burned her eyes. She felt it was very painful. She loved the look though so she kept doing the fill ins for almost a year and then she had an allergic reaction to the glue. You really need to research the person doing it. Don’t go cheap since it’s your eyes and they can’t be replaced.

    • If you decide to do them, be careful who you get to do them. The cheap places you see on Groupon are usually the ones with the nightmare stories because they aren’t as meticulous!

  • I haven’t tried lash extensions either. I’ve read some reviews about real lashes shedding 🙁

    • Your natural lashes shed, much like the hair on your head sheds, so you will experience some shedding when your natural lashes fall out.

  • Her lashes look great. I want to try this out, but, I don’t like how it looks after a week or two when the lashes begin to shed.

    • Keep in mind she did very extreme lashes. And at week 1, we were at a party, so she hadn’t groomed them recently when I snapped the photos. Same with week 2. She said she’s experienced minimal shedding, meaning that only when her natural lashes have fallen out has she lost lashes. If you choose lashes that are much closer to your natural size, it wouldn’t be as noticeable

  • WOW those are some eXTREME LASHES! Love the look but I am also very twitchy when it comes to eyes (I was traumatized when I saw my mom go through Lasic surgery) so I’d never be able to do this.

      • I gave up a long time ago! I am too impatient with them. I have a hard enough time trying to do liner on my eyes. Well my left eye because i have really bad vision in my right eye and i cant wear contacts because the lens is way to heavy to get in (i see fine with both eyes open) so i always mess up me left eyeliner.

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