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Wing Dust Nail Polish

Wing Dust Nail Polish

I made a quick video quite some time ago to show you Wing Dust nail polish and I wanted to share that with you today. Wing Dust is available on Etsy and at Llarowe.

Pr + purchased by me.

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Wing Dust Nail Polish Swatches

Gilt-y Pleasure – Clear based polish with 23 karat gold leaf, silver leaf, and purple iridescent flakes with a touch of soft blue shimmer
(this should be Gilt-y Pleasure, not Cotton Guilty Pleasure. For some reason my bottle had an odd label)

Sleepless Summer Nights – This is a deep blue jelly base with copper-red shimmer. It leans turquoise because of the red tint of the shimmer over top. It is loaded with green, yellow, brown, gold, turquoise and blue and white stars.

After the Storm – Deep teal jelly base loaded with linear holo, turquoise, fuchsia, blue, and iridescent glitters.

Wing Dust Nail Polish Swatches

Wing Dust Nail Polish Swatches

Night Fury – This polish is a deep purple/blue jelly polish loaded with blue and purple iridescent glitters and shimmers.

Breathing Underwater – Deep blue jelly with multi-shaped periwinkle, blue, and brown glitters in all sizes

Crazy On You – dark havy jelly base with blue to purple shifting shimmer.

Wing Dust Nail Polish Swatches

unnamed navy – deep blue with stars, fuchsia, purple, and dark blue glitters

unnamed purple – deep blue-based purple with black, fuchsia, blue glitters

unnamed grey – deep dove grey with different sized purple, fuchsia, silver glitters

unnamed hot pink – intense hot pink with silver and pink glitters

Wing Dust Sleepless Summer Nights

Wearing Wing Dust Sleepless Summer Nights

Wing Dust has some really beautiful jelly glitters, so if those are your thing you should check them out!

Have you tried Wing Dust?

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