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White Sands Travel Size Infinity Hair Spray Review

White Sands Travel Size Infinity Hair Spray Review

Recently I had the opportunity to try out the White Sands Travel Size Infinity Hair Spray. I was blown away! I think I’ve been using flexible hold hair sprays for too long because this little guy packed quite a punch! It’s hard to find a cruelty free travel size hair spray to take with me on trips. In fact, I can’t think of anything that’s at Walgreens that fits the bill. that’s where this little one comes in. It’s extremely portable and fits into a small bag. At 1.5 oz, you can even take it on the plane with you.

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White Sands Travel Size Infinity Hair Spray Review

About White Sands Infinity Hair Spray
Infinity Finishing Spray instantly transforms into the hairspray of choice for the stylist and the styled. Due to the product’s versatility and infinite styling options, Infinity is a flexible finish spray, providing incredible hold, control, and volume. It can be easily combed through for any style change, provides UV protection, and repels moisture, even in the harshest weather conditions. Infinity Finishing Spray is also ideal with any hot tool, allowing you to create and recreate with ease.

$8 for 1.5 oz
$21 for 10 oz

White Sands, Amazon

To test this out, after I styled my hair, I went out in different weather conditions including the heat and humidity of central Florida as well as a windy day. My hair looked perfect and didn’t budge, even when wind gusted at me.

White Sands has an entire line of cruelty free products. I believe a lot of their products are 100% vegan, as well as being sulfate free, paraben free, and silicone free.

White Sands Travel Size Infinity Hair Spray will be coming with me on my next trip! It’s proven its worth to me.

Have you tried any White Sands products? If so, what are your favorites?



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