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What was the first lipstick you ever purchased?

Wearing Colour Pop Sundae

Question of the Week: Name the very first lipstick you ever purchased (if you can’t remember, pick the earliest one you remember purchasing).

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Wearing Sugarpill Poison Plum, Elemental Chaos and Frostine for my brows

Question of the Week: Name the very first lipstick you ever purchased (if you can’t remember, pick the earliest one you remember purchasing).
Answer: The first lipstick I remember wearing was a Revlon lipstick in a slimline tube called something like Burnt Raisin. It was a blackened berry wine type shade. The first MAC lipstick I remember buying was Odyssey, which was a plum shade. My most recent lipstick purchase was Kat Von D Echo, a dark navy matte.

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  • It’s funny you should mention it, I’ve been trying to find it for about a decade; and as fate should have it, today was the day I finally found it. I knew it was Urban Decay, in the silver bullet style tube, and it was deep metallic red, but for the life of me I couldn’t remember the name of the shade. After Google searching images for a few hours I Found It …Gash 😀 As I’m sure you know, they’ve released Gash lipstick and nail polish for a limited time (Which is awesome and devastating, cuz I can’t afford to but em). The lipstick doesn’t look exactly the same -isn’t metallic enough; actually the color of the nail polish is the exact shade I remember the lipstick being back in the 90’s when I got it.

  • Well from what I do remember I absolutely LOVED the color Mica from Revlon, the formula and the color and even the slightly perfumed smell, has anyone ever tried and loved it??? XOXOX

  • Probably a Wet n Wild lipstick in a shade similar to Cherry Frost, back in the early 90s, by my Mom to use on me for dance performances when I was in ballet. We were required to wear red lipstick, pink blush, royal blue eyeshadow and black eyeliner so we could be seen from the stage. Mom didn’t mind sharing her Mary Kay makeup with me, but it was annoying when other girls in the class “forgot” their makeup and wanted to borrow ours. Yay for cheep drugstore cosmetics <3

  • I really don’t remember the color, except for the fact that is was a Cover Girl brand. May have been i the mauve family. Since then I have been mainly purchasing MAC

  • I don’t remember the first lipstick that I personally bought, except it would have been drugstore when I was in my early teens. The first lipstick I owned was bought for me by my mother when I was 12 at my request, and it was Avon About Town Lipstick in a pastel, creamy, cool-toned pink. I can’t remember the name of it…I think it had something to do with Valentine’s or sweethearts. It wasn’t Kiss Me Pink, although I got that one a bit later.

  • Echo is a gorgeous shade, aahhhh!! Can’t get over it. The first lipstick I bought was a red lipstick from a Dutch brand. I never wore it though, even then I thought the shade as too light for me (even though it was a typical red shade), haha!

  • One of the first lipsticks I ever purchased was the Revlon Red and the Sandstorm shades. I wore Revlon lipsticks for awhile until I realised that they were pretty bad – at least on me. Although they did bring out a lovely rusty gold shade (LE) back in the late 80’s that was lovely and I even bought backups of it.
    My latest lipstick purchase was awhile ago now – NYX Snow White. I wear it with all my marsala coloured clothes.

  • Ha! When I thought about this question, the Revlon slim sticks came to mind too. I think they were part of a “24-hour” wear line. Anyway, I had several of them because they were gorgeous, wore well, and were matte. 🙂

  • Hm, way back when I was in Junior High, my mom was super into Mary Kay makeup at the time and got me these double-ended glosses. There was an opaque gloss on one end and a metallic sheer on the other. I had 2 — a silver/pink and a gold/coral. So that was my first lipstick. The first I remember buying for myself was something my Fantasy Makers — I think it was a super dark red. Back then the only time I could find “unusual” colors that I wanted was around Halloween. 😉

    My most recent purchase was Wizardry liquid lipstick by Fyrinnae. It’s not in yet and I can’t wait! I’ve been put off by liquid lipsticks b/c they’re so drying but in one of your videos you mentioned the Fyrinnae ones are pretty comfortable so, why not? 😉

  • I’m thinking it was either some generic brand silver, or it was those “mood changing” ones they made in the 80s, probably the green that turned crazy fuschia on me!

  • I have no idea what the first lipstick I purchased was, that was a very long time ago! I remember the first one I received as a gift, a Dior, but don’t remember the shade name. It was a gorgeous blue based red. I wore it all the time in high school 😉

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