What Should I Be for Halloween?

What Should I Be for Halloween?

What Should I Be for Halloween?

I saw everyone asking Siri,ย What Should I Be for Halloween? So I decided to ask Alexa, better known as the Amazon Echo, the same question. My Alexa said “Going as an Echo would be pretty cool, not that I’m biased or anything!”

When I asked Google (both on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 & my laptop), Google gave me this Quiz. Unfortunately, no quiz would load, no matter what browser I tried.

When I asked Siri on my ipad mini, I got ‘You could dress up like chapstick and tell people you’re ‘the balm.’ ย When I asked for another answer, I got ‘I’m puzzled that there is a particular day humans dress in strange costumes and eat candy. In my dimension, we do this every day.’

Between the 3 of these, I definitely think that Siri had the best answers, followed by Alexa. Surprisingly, Google’s answer sucked.

Definitely ask your smart device and tell me what answer you get!


  1. I asked Siri after I read this and got this answer: “you could put on some scrubs, hold some instruments, and tell people you’re an ‘operating system’, LOL

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