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What I Want From Beauty Brands in 2019

What I Want From Beauty Brands in 2019

What I Want From Beauty Brands in 2019

Today’s video is all about what I want from beauty brands in 2019, plus a look back at 2018! I go over what I wanted from beauty brands in 2018 and what I got from my list. If you’re tired of full coverage everything that matches nothing, this video is for you!

What I Want From Beauty Brands in 2019 Video

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  • I agree with the less drama. I honestly don’t care. There are too many much more important things going on. And I like the smaller palettes, too. I like the Huda Obsessions and some of the Melt Stacks for that reason.

  • I completely agree with you about all of the ridiculous LE collections. I tend to ignore them these days because quite frankly it just no longer interests me and I have a very busy work schedule and neither have the time, nor the desire, to find and swatch these products.

    Huge palettes don’t appeal to me, and I agree that smaller palettes are preferable.

  • I need to start returning things that aren’t perfect. I bought a foundation that didn’t say it was full coverage yet it definitely was. I don’t know why I didn’t return it. I agree with you on all your points. I hope that manufacturers see this.

  • Hi Courtney,
    Catching up on blog this new year-finally. Love this video! Totally agree with everything, esp foundation. I am neutral to pink – pink leaves me ashen and neutral leaves me yellow. I’ve tried at least 50 foundations in the last 2 yrs, I get max 4 hours coverage- caveat, super oily skin. Despite primers, sprays, setting powders – most migrate into my pores (I love polka dots, just not on my face) or slip off in an oily mess when I blot. Matte foundations are too full coverage for my crinkles (I’m 63). I wish for more cool palettes- 2018 seemed warm to me with one or two cools in a whole palette. I was disappointed that Huda Amethyst lacked shades of purple (love purple too) but at least it was a change from the bla neutrals! With the Pantone Color for 2019 being Coral, I cringed thinking we’re in for yet another year of peachy, yellow, warm-toned palettes. I hope not. Rant over – onto watch more of your video’s I missed! Keep at it, you’re real.

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