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Virus Insanity Eyeshadow Review

A while back at the recommendation of friends, I decided to try out Virus Insanity Eyeshadows. They had some interesting looking duochromes and other colors. So I placed two orders in quick succession, picking up several samples and a few full size colors.

These were all swatched on top of Gosh Eyeshadow primer.

Virus Insanity Eyeshadow Swatches

Virus Insanity Eyeshadow Swatches

a peachy orange with tons of iridescent rainbow glitter and silver rainbow hologram glitter

Virus Insanity Techno Swatch
My Take
Vibrant peachy orange with iridescent glitter and pink iridescence.

a pinkish purple with tons of rainbow iridescent glitter and silver rainbow hologram glitter.

Virus Insanity XTC Swatch
My Take
Vibrant purple with iridescent glitter

a blue toned teal with tons or rainbow iridescent glitter and silver rainbow hologram glitter

Virus Insanity Glowstick Swatch
My Take
Vibrant teal blue with iridescent glitter

Unicorn Puke
a deep blackened green that shifts to a rose color

Virus Insanity Unicorn Puke Swatch
My Take
Deep, rich green on a charcoal base with mossy green iridescence

Four Leaf Clover
a teal with iridescence that shifts from turquoise to blue to purple

Virus Insanity Four Leaf Clover Swatch
My Take
Light seafoam with turquoise iridescence

Summer Solstice
a warm coral pink with iridescence that shifts from blue to silvery green to golden green

Virus Insanity Summer Solstice Swatch
My Take
Midtone warm coral pink with golden green iridescence

a pinkish purple with iridescence that shifts from red to copper to gold

Virus Insanity Superbia Swatch
My Take
Purple with strong pink and red iridescence. This color looks like it’s lit from within. This is an amazing color.

a deep blackened blue that shifts to purple and teal

Virus Insanity Blizzard Swatch
My Take
A blackened navy base with teal iridescence.

a shimmery medium brown with iridescence that shifts from green to gold to purple

Virus Insanity Clawdeen Swatch
My Take
Brown with strong gold and green iridescence and a hint of lavender purple around the edges.

a shimmery natural pinkish golden color with gold and silver glitter. Sookie also has iridescence shifts from greenish gold to silvery green to blue.

Virus Insanity Sookie Swatch
My Take
Light tan with gold and green iridescence.

Zombie Cupcake
a super light pink with iridescence that shifts from gold/green to silver/green to blue

Virus Insanity Zombie Cupcake Swatch
My Take
Girly light pink with gold, turquoise and green iridescence.

Black Ice
Unknown official description

Virus Insanity Black Ice Swatch
My Take
Deepest black base with midnight blue iridescence.

Virus Insanity Eyeshadow Swatches

Virus Insanity Eyeshadow Swatches

Row 1 – Techno – XTC – Glowstick – Unicorn Puke – Four Leaf Clover
Row 2 – Summer Solstice – Superbia – Blizzard – Clawdeen – Sookie
Row 3 – Zombie Cupcake – Black Ice

$6.50 – full size duochrome (2.5 g)
$3.00 – sample size duochrone (1 g clamshell)
$5.00 – full size regular (2.5 g)
$2.50 – sample size regular (1 g clamshell)

They also sell
$6.00 – lip gloss
$6.50 – primer
$10.00 – nail polish

Would I recommend?
Yes. I found the eyeshadows to be beautifully pigmented. The color descriptions were fairly accurate. I couldn’t coax all of the duochromes to show up, but I did the best I could. The colors last forever on primer for me. I hit the 20 hour mark without showing wear. The colors blend easily, too.

While I do find the website design to be unique, I dislike that it has no search functionality. When I let the company owner know that, she told me that the site was being redesigned. So rejoice! There will be better navigation soon.

Virus Insanity has a good mix of colors; there’s something for everyone. With multiple collections ranging from True Blood to Disgustingly Cute, there’s a lot of fun product names. Fangtasia, Haunting, Pinch Me, Cotton Candy, Rave, Lollipop and Medusa are all on my ‘Must Try’ list.

Have you tried Virus Insanity? Are you a fan?

Products purchased by me. All opinions are my own.

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