Vampyre Cthulhu Cocktails Tutorial

Vampyre Cthulhu Cocktails Tutorial on hooded eyes

Hello, beautiful creatures! Today I’m sharing my Vampyre Cthulhu Cocktails Tutorial. This is a step-by-step tutorial on how I created this graphic liner look on my hooded eyes. You’ll need a pencil brush to recreate this makeup look.

The * denotes PR. Everything else purchased by me.

Vampyre Cthulhu Cocktails Makeup Products

a graphic eyeliner tutorial for hooded eyes

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Makeup for Hooded Eyes with Shimmer

Haus Labs Noir Precision Brow pencil
About Face Interlude & Eclipsed  Glitter Brow gel

Urban Decay Eden primer
*Vampyre Cosmetics Green Fairy (Cthulhu Cocktails Book) – inner crease
*VC Count (Dracula Book) – middle crease
*Vampyre Cosmetics Enchantress (Cthulhu Cocktails Book) – outer crease
Terra Moons Euphoria – lid
Urban Decay Reflect Pencil (LE, discontinued, try Goldmine) – inner crease and lower lash line
*Silk Naturals Interstellar – inner crease and lower lid
Thrive Causemetics liquid lash extensions mascara
Velour Latex Free Lash Glue
Opalescent Star Rhinestones

Auric Glow Lust in Morganite
Misshau 17 perfect cover bb cream rx
Lethal Quartz contour
Aromaleigh Coventina blush
*Silk Naturals Blue Raspberry highlight

KVD Skully lip pencil
*Vampyre Dracula Vampire Vineyards Liquid Lipstick

Generic Color Descriptions

  • Green Fairy – bright aqua shimmer
  • Count – bright purple shimmer
  • Enchantress – vivid deep blue shimmer
  • Euphoria – shifts magenta, gold, and has hints of blue green.
  • Reflect – golden green iridescent metallic pencil
  • Interstellar – multichrome that hypershifts green, purple and red.

Vampyre Cthulhu Cocktails Tutorial

Vampyre Cthulhu Cocktails Tutorial on hooded eyes

I always start by applying eyeshadow primer all over my eye and under eye area. Today I used Urban Decay Eden (light creamy beige matte). This makes eyeshadow last longer on oily, hooded eyelids like mine.

  1. I used a pencil brush to apply Green Fairy (aqua shimmer) to the inner 1/3 of my crease.
  2. After wiping the pencil brush off on a clean towel, I applied Count (purple shimmer) to the middle part of the crease with the pencil brush.
  3. I wiped the brush again and then applied Enchantress (deep vivid blue shimmer) to the outer crease and created a disconnected wing along the lower lash line, avoiding my excess hood skin at the outer corner.
  4. I used a Sigma E25 to carefully apply Terra Moons Euphoria (an iridescent shade that shifts magenta, gold, and teal) from the lash line to the bottom of the graphic liner.
  5.  With my duochrome eyeliner pencil, Urban Decay Reflect Pencil (LE, discontinued, try Goldmine), I drew a tiny line at the innermost corner of my eye to bring the shape down and also lined along the lower lid.
  6. I used a smudge brush to smudge Silk Naturals Interstellar on top of the pencil.
  7. I used Velour Latex-Free Lash Glue to apply opalescent star rhinestones to the outer crease.
  8. I applied Thrive Causemetics liquid lash extensions mascara.

I get so sick of being told that you can’t wear shimmer on hooded eyes, you can’t wear shimmer after 40, or many other ridiculous opinions that are heaped on women as we get older. Yes, I’m 44 years old. Yes, I love wearing shimmer, duochromes, and multichromes. I love dyeing my hair rainbow hues. I’m not stopping any of the things that make me happy just because society frowns on them.

No matter your age, if you love color, wear it! Want to try some of the new makeup trends? Don’t be afraid; give it a go! Makeup is easy to wash off if you don’t like it and start again!

Final Thoughts

2023 Makeup for Hooded eyes

I’m enjoying the Vampyre Cosmetics eyeshadow palettes they’ve sent over. This is the first tutorial and look I’ve created with them. The eyeshadow formula is good, it’s very pigmented, and it’s easy to blend out! I’m looking forward to swatching and sharing everything with you.

I wore my Vampyre Cthulhu Cocktails Tutorial look for Friendsgiving yesterday. I was impressed that the Vampyre Dracula Vampire Vineyards Liquid Lipstick lasted through our Friendsgiving meals, drinks, and desserts, and it only needed a tiny touch-up at the inner rim of my lips.

What are your plans for the weekend? Are you hitting any Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales? Check out my roundup! I’ve hit a few so far. I’ve stocked up on my favorite facial SPF and 12 pair of Bombas socks.



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