New Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks are Coming!

New Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks are Coming!

UD is having their biggest launch ever! They’re launching the new Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks! We’re talking about 100 lipsticks (plus 20 shades exclusive to Sephora shades), and 50 lip pencils. At least 74 of the colors will be brand-new.

New Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks are Coming!

They’re going to offer at least 6 formulas – Mega Matte, Comfort Matte, Cream, Metallized, Sheer and Sheer Shimmer. Think of shades like UDxGwen 714 for Mega Matte (see me wearing it), Bad Blood Matte Revolution for Comfort Matte (see me wearing them), UDinWonderland Mad Hatter for Metallized, UDinWonderland Alice for Sheer Shimmer (see me wearing them) and Sheer Walk of Shame for Sheer (see the sheers). In my opinion, UD’s matte formula is the most comfortable one that you can find at Sephora, so I’m excited to see the new shades. I much prefer lipstick to gloss.

They’re going to finally have a black lipstick again! Perversion will be turned into the perfect black matte lipstick, while Junkie will debut as a metallic green.

The packaging looks like a cross between the Revolution bullets, which I love because they have a heavier weight and luxurious feel, and the Gwen Stefani / Alice Through the Looking Glass bottoms. I can’t wait to get my hands on them to see for myself!

The lipsticks will drop from $22 currently to $17 for the price point.

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Urban Decay New Vice Lipstick Packaging

Urban Decay’s New Vice Lipstick Packaging looks like it still has the cool, faceted tube of the Revolution lipsticks. I love that the bottom of the tube will be color matched to the lipstick. That will make things easier to find in my lipstick towers!

Ruby Rose for Urban Decay

Ruby Rose looks fabulous in this promo shot!

Urban Decay Founder Wende's Lipstick Picks

I’m dying to try the Mega Matte Pandemonium! Hello Purple! And Big Bang looks like an amazing pink. Menace, as you know, was from the original Matte Revolution line and a shade I’ve been wearing a lot this spring.

New Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks are Coming!

Sephora 20

  • Speedball (cream)
  • Notorious (cream)
  • Cruz (cream)
  • Vanity Kills (mega matte)
  • Junkie (pearlized)
  • Savage (mega matte)
  • Wrath (pearlized)
  • Sabotage (cream)
  • Wildfire (pearlized)
  • Crash (mega matte)
  • Studded (pearlized)
  • Earthling (sheer)
  • Tantric (sheer)
  • Double Team (comfort matte)
  • Whip (pearlized)
  • Carnal (comfort matte)
  • Safe Word (comfort matte)
  • Oblivion (mega matte)
  • Tampered (comfort matte)
  • TMI (sheer)

Non-Sephora 20

  • Jawbreaker (mega matte)
  • Moshpit (comfort matte)
  • Vanished (cream)
  • Native (cream)
  • Peyote (pearlized)
  • Criminal (comfort matte)
  • Morning After (sheer)
  • Interrogate (cream)
  • Rush (cream)
  • Lovelight (sheer shimmer)
  • Rejected (pearlized)
  • Streak (cream)
  • Crush (cream)
  • Slowburn (sheer)
  • Doubt (comfort matte)
  • Liquid (sheer)
  • No Tell Motel (cream)
  • Ex-Girlfriend (sheer, gwen)
  • Sancho (pearlized)
  • Spiderweb (cream, gwen)

Core 80

  • Perversion (comfort matte)
  • Heroine (cream)
  • Seismic (sheer shimmer)
  • Pandemonium (mega matte)
  • Crank (mega matte)
  • Twitch (cream)
  • Blackmail (comfort matte)
  • Shame (cream)
  • Sheer Shame (cream)
  • Conspiracy (pearlized)
  • Backdoor (pearlized)
  • 1993 (comfort matte)
  • Nighthawk (cream)
  • Walk of Shame (sheer shimmer)
  • Barfly (cream)
  • Trick (pearlized)
  • Insanity (cream)
  • Stark Naked (comfort matte)
  • Brat (sheer)
  • Sheer Liar (sheer)
  • Naked (cream)
  • Liar (cream)
  • Backtalk (comfort matte)
  • Heartless (comfort matte)
  • Trance (cream)
  • ZZ (cream)
  • Disobedient (cream)
  • Obsessed (sheer shimmer)
  • Uptight (comfort matte)
  • Amulet (pearlized)
  • Broken (sheer shimmer)
  • Weirdo (cream)
  • Violate (cream)
  • Ravenswood (cream)
  • Sheer Rapture (sheer)
  • Crisis (cream)
  • Rapture (cream)
  • Wrong Number (sheer)
  • Manic (cream)
  • Sheer Lady Flower (sheer shimmer)
  • Hitch Hike (comfort matte)
  • Frenemy (comfort matte)
  • PDA (cream)
  • Psycho (comfort matte)
  • Menace (comforft matte)
  • Sheer Anarchy (sheer)
  • Anarchy (cream)
  • Big Bang (pearlized)
  • 714 (mega matte, gwen)
  • Bad Blood (comfort matte)
  • F-Bomb (cream)
  • Sheer F-Bomb (sheer)
  • Mrs. Mia Wallace (cream)
  • Gash (cream)
  • Alpha (mega matte)
  • Cruel (pearlized)
  • Zealot (pearlized)
  • Tryst (cream)
  • Temper (comfort matte)
  • 69 (cream)
  • Hex (mega matte)
  • Disturbed (comfort matte)
  • Jilted (cream)
  • After Dark (comfort matte)
  • Bittersweet (comfort matte)
  • Venom (cream)
  • Unicorn (comfort matte)
  • Wired (cream)
  • EZ (cream)
  • Snitch (sheer)
  • Checkmate (comfort matte)
  • Bang (cream)
  • Tilt (comfort matte)
  • Gubby (pearlized)
  • Bobby Dazzle (pearlized)
  • Firebird (cream, gwen)
  • Rock Steady (cream, gwen)
  • Plaid (sheer, gwen)
  • Wonderland (sheer, gwen)
  • Phone Call (cream, gwen)

I’m excited by a ton of the colors and I love the color names! See the list of vegan shades here.

I’ll update this with more info as I receive it. Let me know what you think!

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  1. I am so excited there are some purple Mega Mattes! I love 714 from the Gwen line. I didn’t find it to be any more drying than any other matte, and it lasted AGES and faded gracefully. I hope Junkie pulls through and isn’t a dud like KVD’s Plan 9 was for me.

    1. I am so excited by all the purples! I love UD’s mattes. Menace and 714 and Bad Blood are so gorgeous. I want there to be a magenta pink matte.

  2. I have been hoping UD would return to their roots for so long!!! The shotgun shell lipstick cases were awesome, and I was really sad when they moved away from the literal urban *DECAY* packaging and naming. Now hopefully they’ll reintroduce the classic Gash and Bruise lipstick colors from 15 years ago.

    1. Yes! I’m hoping the lid feels substantial and solid, not light like the UDxGwen. Gash is up there 🙂

      1. Is it? I looked for it, but I must have missed it (I mean, there were 100 colors).
        I’m just so excited about this! I’ve told my mom and my boyfriend, and they both already knew how I feel about the old vs. new UD packaging (my boyfriend didn’t *really* care, but they were both happy for me). They used to be my favorite brand; I LOVED their original street trash vibe, and it’s great that they’re going back to it even a little.

        Thanks for the updates! 🙂

        Edit: I think the Gash that they have here is the new one, not the original one (the old one was kind of metallic). THAT’S the one I want, but I’m pretty confident that I can find a match in the huge assortment of shades. I still have my old one, so I’ll be swatching like a madwoman.

        1. Technically there are 120 colors, not just 100. I totally understand being excited. I am BEYOND excited at all the purples! I’m definitely curious to see how Gash compares.

          1. Oh my god, you’re right. I need to stop looking at all those colors, though, I’m getting too excited!! I haven’t been excited about UD in a long time, and I love that I can be again! I can’t wait until these come out.

            1. So happy to hear you share this enthusiasm! I keep looking and trying to figure out what order I’m going to swatch things 😛

              1. I’m so glad you posted all the swatches! I’ve looked at this post something like 5 times already, just to check them all out. From here, it looks like Sancho, Cruel or Zealot could be a match. I pulled out my old Gash, and it’s weird: it’s a pearlized brick/maroon-ish red (brick with maroon/deep fuschia shift?), so it’s impossible to tell on the computer. Also it’s 15 years old, so it’s really draggy and gross and generally hard to swatch. But you better believe I will be bringing that old-ass tube to Ulta and Sephora until I find my match!

                  1. Oh my god, thank you! It looks like your old one was probably the same color/formula as my super old one, so I’d love to know if you find one of the Vice lipsticks that’s truly the same color (or very close). It was my go-to for anything dressy, and I can’t wait to see if I can replicate it.

                    Maybe (and this is a big maybe) I’ll even be able to find a replacement for my beloved, long-discontinued Bruise (if it’s Venom, I will be thrilled, because they’re one of my favorite bands and I like when things match).

                    1. No problem! Though I’ll tell you, to my eyes and when worn, those 2 Gashes look identical on me, I felt like I saw only a slight variation on my hand but couldn’t detect it on my lips.

                    2. Oooh, that’s good to know! I guess I know what my first swatch will be.

                      Edit: do we know when these are launching?

  3. I dearly hope Junkie is as beautiful and pigmented as the eyeshadow version.

  4. Yeah! Love UD lipsticks!! Have just “discovered” Native (Revolution) looks really good to me; finally tried it when they went on sale for half-price. Always worried it would be too light. Works great w/Naked lipliner! xo

  5. I’m gussing pearlized = metallized? They seem to have inconsistent labeling. So many pretty colors though.

    1. I noticed that too. I want the metallized ones, but don’t see any called that here.

      1. This is just what they were called on the official press release info I was sent. I think maybe they’re pearlized.

  6. Wow. Very much looking forward to seeing some of these new shades and I’m happy that my favourites from the Revolution lipsticks (Jilted and Manic) are sticking around. I love Blackmail as well, but I do find their matte formula a bit drying on my lips, so I’m guessing I shouldn’t go anywhere near the mega-mattes. I’m also really happy to see that they’re returning to their roots a bit with some of the colours- dark green, blue and black.

    1. I’m glad a lot of the good original shades will be sticking around. I love Menace (in the matte) and Tilt. Blackmail is definitely on the drying side. I’m fine with 714 (mega matte), but I’ll be curious about the other shades. I love mattes because they really can wear all day for me with a lip liner.

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