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Urban Decay Spectrum Palette

Urban Decay Spectrum Palette Review Swatches Video

New for Holiday 2015! The Urban Decay Spectrum Palette is a thing of beauty. Much like the 15th anniversary palette released a few years ago, it comes in a sleek black case with a smoky grey faceted UD jewel on top. The edges are laser cut. It has a velvet-lined box that can be used for jewelry, just like the 15th anniversary. This palette is a dream come true for me. It’s an array of greens, blues, and purples, with a few pinks and neutrals thrown in. It is, of course, limited edition. Urban Decay Spectrum has 5 new, never before seen shades, 4 of the most popular shades from the current core collection, and 6 favorites from past palettes.

Urban Decay Spectrum Palette

Press sample.

Edit – This palette is available at Sephora now!

Where to Buy (available Oct. 20)


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Urban Decay Spectrum Palette Review Swatches Video Urban Decay Spectrum Palette Review Swatches Video

Urban Decay Spectrum Palette Review Swatches Video

$55 for 15 eyeshadows, .05 each ($270 for 15 full size eyeshadow)

Top and right swatches applied on Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Bottom and left swatches applied on bare skin. Angled swatches on primer. I used bdellium 777 brushes.


Urban Decay Omen Swatch Urban Decay Omen Swatch

Omen (15th Anniversary Palette)
Bright metallic purple with blue shift
Sheer on bare skin but can be built up. Light purple with blue shift duochrome. I loved the original version of this color and I think the single is better quality than the one in this palette.

Urban Decay Flashback Swatch Urban Decay Flashback Swatch

Flashback (New)
Bright deep purple with pink sparkle
Pretty bright purple with pink sparkles. I love this color.

Urban Decay Voodoo Swatch Urban Decay Voodoo Swatch

Voodoo (Vice 2 Palette)
Metallic purple shimmer with iridescent purple micro-glitter.
A smoky base with metallic purple shimmer and purple and blue micro glitter. I love this color.

Urban Decay Prank Swatch Urban Decay Prank Swatch

Prank (Vice 2 Palette)
Deep navy matte with turquoise floating pearl
Deep blackened navy matte with subtle turquoise pearl. This is really as close to a matte as you get in this palette.

Urban Decay Evidence Swatch Urban Decay Evidence Swatch

Evidence (15th Anniversary Palette)
Deep navy blue shimmer
Deep dark navy blue shimmer. I forgot how gorgeous this color really is.

Urban Decay Madness Swatch Urban Decay Madness Swatch

Madness (Vice 2 Palette)
Bright metallic blue shimmer with blue micro-glitter
Slightly smoky metallic blue with teal undertone.

Urban Decay Protest Swatch Urban Decay Protest Swatch

Golden forest green shimmer
Sheer on bare skin but can be built up. Yellow-toned green shimmer.

Urban Decay Junkie Swatch Urban Decay Junkie Swatch

Junkie (Vice 1 Palette)
Teal green shimmer
Teal blue base with turquoise green shimmer and gold micro glitter. I feel like it’s easier to see the gold micro-glitter in my eye look.

Urban Decay Deep End swatch Urban Decay Deep End swatch

Deep End (15th Anniversary Palette)
Bright teal shimmer.
Sheer on bare skin but can be built up. Bright teal blue shimmer.

Urban Decay Flatline swatch Urban Decay Flatline swatch

Flatline (New)
Metallic pale pink
Super pigmented frosty metallic pale pink.

Urban Decay Bordello swatch Urban Decay Bordello swatch

Pale mauve shimmer with gold micro-glitter
Light pink shimmer, some gold micro glitter fallout. Deeper than Flatline, but still a really light pink.

Urban Decay Backlash swatch Urban Decay Backlash swatch

Backlash (New)
Bright pink with orange floating pearl
Sheer on bare skin but can be built up. Hot pink with violet shift. I don’t see any orange floating pearl. Very pretty though!

Urban Decay Daybreak swatch Urban Decay Daybreak swatch

Daybreak (New)
Soft bronze with silver glitter
Light bronze with a copper undertone with silver glitter, lots of fallout. Aside from the fallout, this is a pretty brown.

Urban Decay Burn swatch Urban Decay Burn swatch

Burn (New)
Medium golden brown shimmer
Midtone golden brown shimmer. Not my favorite.

Urban Decay West swatch Urban Decay West swatch

West (Theodora palette)
Deep metallic brown shimmer
Deep metallic brown. Not my favorite.

Urban Decay Spectrum Palette Review Swatches Video
Daybreak – Burn – West
Urban Decay Spectrum Palette Review Swatches Video
Protest – Junkie – Deep End – Flatline – Bordello – Backlash
Urban Decay Spectrum Palette Review Swatches Video
Omen – Flashback – Voodoo
Urban Decay Spectrum Palette Review Swatches Video
Omen – Flashback – Voodoo – Prank – Evidence – Madness
Urban Decay Spectrum Look
Flashback on inner lid, Voodoo on outer lid, Junkie on inner lower lid, Prank on outer lower lid. Righteous on browbone, Vengeance lower hood, Tyranny middle hood, and Flatline to highlight. Push on the lower waterline.
  • Purples – Omen, Flashback, Voodoo
  • Blues / Greens / Teals – Madness, Evidence, Prank, Deep End, Junkie, Protest
  • Pinks – Flatline, Bordello, Backlash
  • Browns – Daybreak, Burn, West

For the look above I used the Pulp Fiction palette mattes (Righteous, Vengeance, Tyranny) for my hood/crease/socket whatever you want to call it. Daybreak, Burn and West are the three browns in the palette. I really wish that they were mattes. They’re probably the shades that I will use the least. If they were matte they would definitely get use from me because of my hooded eyes.

Omen, Protest, Deep End and Backlash were on the sheer side on bare skin but no issues on primer. Daybreak and Bordello both have fallout. I’m not really fond of Bordello and I wish they’d picked a pink like Alien from Vice 3, which is much prettier.

I absolutely adore this packaging. It’s gorgeous and sturdy. I like the enclosed mirror. I love the velvet lined tray inside. I loved the 15th anniversary palette and was thrilled to see them create a palette with similar packaging.

The Vice 4 palette contains .60 oz of eyeshadow (.03 oz each x 20). A typical Urban Decay eyeshadow single is $18 for .05 oz. For .6 oz of product, that’s 12 full size eyeshadows, which would cost you $216. Instead of 12 full size, you’re getting 20 (slightly more than half sized) shades. The Spectrum palette is 15 full size eyeshadows (.05 oz each x 15). This would normally cost you $270. So for $55 you’re getting 15 full size eyeshadows vs $60 for 12 full size eyeshadows of product / 20 shades. I personally think the Spectrum is a better deal and better colors.

I love love love the blues, green, purples and pinks. This is probably the closest that I’ve seen Urban Decay come to creating a teal blue and purple palette, so I love it. While I’m not thrilled with the browns, and I think that without mattes you’ll have to reach for another palette to work with this one if you have hooded eyes, it’s a pretty solid palette from Urban Decay.

Spectrum makes it easy to create monochromatic looks in pink, purple, teal, blue and brown since you have 3 or more colors to work with. I personally love how blue / teal heavy it is.

If you love blues, green, purple and pinks you will most likely love this palette. If you are a fan of neutrals, this is not the palette for you.

What do you think of Urban Decay Spectrum Palette?

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  • I am loving that top row!!! I remember Protest from BoS1 – an amazing olive with a satin finish! Junkie & Deep End are stunning! Madness is epic – I love that it’s smoky shade without being blackened. It’s definitely my favorite of the blue row! <333

    The purples!!! It's sad to hear that Omen isn't as good as the single but…it still looks amazing! It reminds me of Tonic. I LOVE Flashback! It's so vibrant and beautiful! Voodoo is great – always happy for a cool toned purple! *o/*

    The pink row is 2 out of 3 for me too. I don't like Bordello. It reminds me of a warmer toned version of Provocateur (which I also didn't like & had tons of fallout). *^* ITA – I would have loved to have seen Alien here instead! Backlash is awesome but UD's description of a "bright pink with orange floating pearl" is making me want to cry. A true bright pink with orange pearl/shimmer (that is safe for the eye area) is one of my dream eyeshadows. </3 I still love it though! Flatline is lovely! It's perfect for brightening the tear duct/inner corner! It
    reminds me of those "brightening" pencils/crayons but in a metallic

    The bottom row is meh. I wish UD would have put "special neutrals" here; an interesting gold (like Sideline), an orange-y shade (like Fireball), a rose (like Laced), a plum (like Bondage)…just anything other than brown! We get enough brown in other palettes. Or I wish they were mattes (same as you)! I was expecting to need another palette and/or singles to create looks with this palette anyway.

    This palette is so pretty and has so many awesome shades! I hope I can get it! Thank you for this review! Your swatches and photographs are amazing as always!!! <333

  • *sigh* I just cannot decide to get this or Vice4. I love brights but I love neutrals too! My husband suggested that I get both — wise man. 😉

    • Your husband sounds awesome 🙂 If I had to choose just one, I would choose this one because 15 full size good quality eyeshadows for $55 is a better deal than 12 full size eyeshadows for $60 (vice 4 has 20 shades, but they work out to 12 full size eyeshados of product).

  • This is so beautiful. Backlash and all the purples. Yes, please! It comes out three days after my birthday, so I think this will be my gift to myself. 😉

  • Flatline and Bordello have me head over heels… like they’re so beautiful!!! I love the fact that you pointed out how perfect this palette is for creating perfect monochromatic looks… I didn’t even notice that!

      • I love when brands think of things like this! It makes it so much easier on me and I feel like I’m getting a gift with my purchase hah!

  • Did I miss the info on this palette, I have been on Sephora, and UD website and don’t even see a preview to it nor a date that it comes out 🙁

  • Thanks for doing the video even though you were sick :(. I already have all of the colors that are in other UD palettes but still wondering if I should get it. I probably will as I’m a UD palette addict LOL.

  • OMG YES YES YES!!! Wendi and Company FINALLY listened to the UD faithful and brought back COLORS!!!! Between this and the Vice4 palette coming out next week, I am bouncing off the walls – and buying two of each palette so I have backups!!! Well done, UD, Well Done!!!!

  • These colors look so pretty! I think I’m leaning more toward their new VICE palette, though….probably mostly because of the packaging for that one, lol. I hope you’re going to share swatches of that one soon! You’re always so detailed in your posts, I’m really able to see how the shadows perform and show up on the skin 🙂

  • Yay for blues and greens – love this palette – although I have Vice 2. It was interesting that UD decided to include Prank because it was the least performing blue – quite patchy in Vice 2. However it is a glorious palette and I know you would love it too. At least it didn’t have a deep, matte, rich chocolate brown colour.

  • I originally thought this was the same as the 15th anniversary palette, but your beautiful swatches are telling me that it’s more blue’s and greens which are my fave! Beautiful job as always!

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