Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet Review, Swatches and Looks

Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet Palette swatches on light skin
Direct sunlight swatches

Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet Palette Review, Swatches, Looks

Hi friends, happy Friday! Today I’ve got my Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet palette review and swatches to share with you. I’ve been a die hard Urban Decay fan for about a decade now. I’ve been waiting for them to release a purple eyeshadow palette. And, unfortunately for me, this one falls short of my expectations. In fact, both the Naked Ultraviolet and Wired palettes left me feeling sad. The Wired palette pigmentation was awful by my standards, and terrible when compared to my beloved Urban Decay Electric palette. Ultraviolet leaves me feeling the same way.

Urban Decay eyeshadow singles, in general, have an amazing eyeshadow formula for me. They’re pigmented, easy to apply and last all day on primer on my hooded eyes. I don’t feel like the Naked Ultraviolet palette is the same pigmentation and formula as the UD singles, hence part of my disappointment. The other main part of my disappointment is Urban Decay’s refusal to make a true purple palette. Instead we end up with a palette that is half neutrals, half purple-ish, with poor pigmentation.

Urban Decay sent me this palette to review as a pr sample. All opinions, as always, are my own.

Where to Buy
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Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet Palette

Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet Palette

Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet Palette

As far as I could find, there were no official shade descriptions for the colors in this palette. I found that to be a tad disappointing, as Urban Decay usually provides this information on their website.

Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet Palette Swatches

My swatches are on Urban Decay Primer Potion.

Left side – Right Side
Lucid – Optimized
Warning – Cyber Punk
Euphoric – Purple Dust
V.R. – Trippin’
Mind Slip – Dazed
Hacked – Digital

Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet Palette swatches on light skin
Direct sunlight swatches
Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet Palette swatches
Close up of the swatches in direct sunlight
Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet Palette swatches on fair skin
Shade swatches in indirect sunlight outdoors
Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet Palette swatches on fair skin
Swatches indoors in cool white light
Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet Palette swatches on pale skin
Swatches indoors in indirect sunlight in front of my sliding glass doors
Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet Palette swatches
Top Row = Hacked – Mind Slip – V.R.
Bottom Row = Digital – Dazed – Trippin’ – Purple Dust
Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet Palette swatches
Top Row = Mind Slip – V.R. – Euphoric – Warning
Bottom Row = Trippin’ – Purple Dust – Cyber Punk – Optimized
Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet Palette swatches
Top Row = V.R. – Euphoric – Warning – Lucid
Bottom Row = Purple Dust – Cyber Punk – Optimized

Two Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet Palette Looks

I applied these looks on top of eyeshadow primer that I set with a setting powder.

Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet Palette Purple Look Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet Palette Purple Look

This is the quick purple look I put together with this palette to share with you. The pigmentation is AWFUL to work with in my opinion.

Here’s what I used:
Optimized all over the lid and crease.
Warning at the inner lid.
Cyber Punk at the outer lid.
Euphoric at the lower lid.
Purple Dust as liner.
Trippin’ to highlight under the eyebrow.
Lucid to highlight at the inner corner.

Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet Palette Peach Look Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet Palette Peach Look

Here’s what I used for the quick peach look:
Dazed at the inner lid.
V.R. at the outer lid.
Mind Slip for the crease.
Hacked for the lower lid.
Digital as liner.

Again, these shadows did not have good pigmentation. It took forever to build them up for the swatches and for my looks.

My Shade Descriptions for UD Naked Ultraviolet

Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet Palette Swatches

  • Lucid – iridescent turquoise green shimmer (nice as a highlight)
  • Optimized – soft pastel purple matte (theoretically great as a transition shade on me)
  • Warning – magenta with a blue purple shift shimmer (reminds me of UD 1985)
  • Cyber Punk – purple with blue purple shift shimmer (reminds me of UD Vice)
  • Euphoric – midtone purple with blue purple shift shimmer (reminds me of UD Tonic)
  • Purple Dust – blackened purple with blue purple shift shimmer (nice as a liner)
  • Trippin’ – soft pastel peach satin (ok as a highlight)
  • Mind Slip – light peach matte (reminds me of ABC Gum, theoretically works as a transition for me)
  • Dazed – peach orange with gold shimmer (reminds me a bit of Sugarpill Kitten Parade)
  • Hacked – soft brown matte (theoretically nice as a crease or transition shade on me)
  • V.R. – soft peachy brown base with iridescent turquoise green shimmer
  • Digital – cool-toned blackened brown with brown shimmer (nice as a liner)

See the DIY Urban Decay Purple Palette I built. Or if you’re wanting to just dip your toe into purple with Urban Decay, see the On the Run Bailout Palette.

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Naked Ultraviolet Review

Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet Review

After waiting nearly a decade for Urban Decay to create a purple eyeshadow palette, I’m deeply disappointed in Naked Ultraviolet so many ways. First, the pigmentation in this palette is awful. I had to work so hard to get it to show up on my eyes. It swatched better than it performed for me, no matter what eyeshadow primer I tried. I tried Urban Decay Primer Potion, Too Faced Shadow Insurance, and Elizabeth Mott Eyeshadow Primer. The pigmentation is just not there. Second, but related, the formula is awful. It started to fade almost immediately on me after application. This is probably because I have hooded eyes and the ‘hood’ of my skin rubs together, making it rub away into nothing despite primer. The purples barely showed up on me.

Third, I wanted a true purple palette. I wanted all purples, or at least purples paired with neutrals that have a purple undertones, like a purple taupe. UD Tease from the permanent lineup would have been great. Instead, we’ve got a half warm, half purple palette. It’s not groundbreaking or new. It doesn’t perform well.

I do want to say that I love the packaging. That’s about the only nice thing that I can say about the Naked Ultraviolet palette.

At this point, I feel like Urban Decay has ridden the Naked train into the ground. This Naked Ultraviolet palette was a flop for me, just like the Wired was for me. I had such high hopes from the promo shots. I don’t understand why Urban Decay took their amazing singles eyeshadow formula and threw it out the window for this palette.

Real talk time. I’m exhausted, friends. I’m sick of eyeshadows not being made to perform well on hooded eyes like mine. I’m sick of me having to use eyeshadow primer, setting powder, and still not getting good results with products despite the extra money, time and energy I put into them.

I do not recommend the Urban Decay Ultraviolet palette. I don’t feel like the Urban Decay quality or pigmentation is there. I’ve seen drugstore eyeshadow palettes perform better than this one did. UD Ultraviolet is a lackluster palette and a disappointing installment in UD’s line up.

But that’s just my opinion. What’s your opinion on this palette? Is it a must have or miss?


  1. Unfortunately I bought this palette too. I didn’t pay full price, as I used my beauty points on the Urban Decay website to get a discount, but even the $20 I did end up spending is a total rip-off. I agree totally with you—ZERO pigment and I couldn’t even get the shades to show up on my eye WET. That’s just never happened to me before. Usually a poorly pigmented shadow can be salvaged by applying it wet, but not these. I started collecting Urban Decay palettes starting with Book of Shadows II (I probably have close to fifty of them!) and this is by far the WORST, most utterly crap-tastic piece of sh#t they’ve ever inflicted on humanity. I thought the Full Spectrum Palette was disappointing, but it’s actually a model of high performance compared to the Naked Ultraviolet! Remember the Smoked Palette??? (No, not the Naked Smoky with it’s chalky mattes and stupid misspelled name) I mean the buttery amazing-ness in the quirky black zippered palette that they launched just prior to selling out to L’Oreal. THAT was quality eyeshadow. Every shade in that palette is creamy-smooth and so pigmented that the tiniest smidgen is almost too much—even though I’ve had the damned thing for nearly a decade! (No judgement ladies, we all know that no one heeds the expiration dates on powder products) When I compare everything UD has put out in the last 5-6 years to the Smoked Palette, it’s such a huge shame. I just don’t know how they could put out something so bad when they’re competing with brands like Natasha Denona, Fenty, Pat McGrath, Too Faced, etc etc. Bottom line: don’t even think about wasting hard earned cash on this monstrosity. It’s so bad I wouldn’t give it to a 4 year old to play dress-up with.

  2. I’m weirdly relieved that the palette isn’t worth grabbing. I didn’t want to spend money on make-up right now, but boy, was this one tempting.

    I don’t really mind all the neutrals, since when I travel, I tend to grab one palette and make it work, but not showing up just means I’m going to spend too darn long on a simple eye look.

  3. I was less than impressed with the previous UD palette I tried, and I was hoping they would finally deliver on a purple palette. While I do like the colours, they are disappointing when you expect a purple palette- I guess they need the neutrals if adding to the “Naked” lineup. They really should have broke free from Naked on this and just have a bunch of purples. How disappointing to hear about the poor formula as well!

  4. At some point I had to reason with myself when it came to UD. I love their formulas but I’m not wowed anymore. The purples are beautiful for sure but I’m not excited to go buy this one

  5. I bought this palette and I completely agree with this review of the quality/pigmentation.

  6. I’m surprised that this is what they consider a purple palette. It’s definitely not that. For a long time I only wore purple shadows and would have been chomping at the bits from the PR around this but now I see that I’d be disappointed in it. That saddens me. UD needs to find some purple specialists to come work for them.

  7. This is disappointing. I’m actually OK with the neutral mix, though of course I’d have loved an all purple palette more, and more intense color payoff. They really did make this a Naked palette more than a purple one. I don’t like that dark brown shimmer that’s been performing so badly in all the reviews. Why not make a deep matte plum, or a matte lavender-tinged taupe instead? Either would have served the palette better.

  8. I’m not sure what is so ultra violet about this palette with 3-4 purples, a pink, and some peaches. The only shade that interests me in this palette is that white-green one… and that’s coming from a purple shadow lover!

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