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Top Ten March Beauty Favorites


Top Ten March Beauty Favorites

On Wednesdays we wear purple! Today I’ve got my Top Ten March Beauty Favorites to share with you. It’s been FOREVER since I’ve done a monthly beauty favorites video and several of you emailed to ask if I would, so here it is.

Top Ten March Beauty Favorites

PR + purchased by me.

I do have some good news and bad news. Phaedra is healing quickly from her two surgeries. That’s the good news. The bad news is my Razer Blade laptop died on me yesterday. I’m currently using my husband’s laptop, but unfortunately a ton of my photography is on my dead laptop, which I may or may not be able to recover. It’s rather upsetting for me. I’m going to see if I can get my laptop fixed, but I may have to buy a new machine. I’m really not looking forward to that if that’s the case.

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1. Cover FX Perfect Pencil
See my 7 ways to use it

2. Urban Decay Afterglow Highlighters
See my UD Summer 2016 video

3. Too Faced Pitch Perfect
See my Spring Lipsticks Collaboration video with Miranda from Slashed Beauty

4. Paula’s Choice Calm Line
See my PC Calm Skincare Line video

5. Honest Beauty Trios / Smoky Greys, Ocean Blues, Soft Sand
See my Spring Makeup Inspiration with swatches of these eyeshadows

6. DIY BB Cream

7. Girly Bits Defying Gravity

8. NuMe Pearl Wand

9. Too Faced Sparkling Bellini Blush

10. Makeup Geek Love Triangle

What I’m wearing in the video

What are your favorites from the past month?



  • I just ordered one of your other favorite highlighters, the Osteomancy one from Notoriously Morbid. Hope your laptop can be salvaged!

  • I really need the Peanut Butter and Jelly palette and now maybe the blush too!

  • I am constantly saving my files to an external hardrive because I know my computer is on it’s last legs. Hopefully you can at least get your files back!

    • I am using Crash Plan which auto saves for me because I space out on backing up. It’s pretty cheap.

  • I’m sorry Phaedra needed the surgery but it’s great that she’s healing. I need to back up my pictures desperately. I’m going to buy UD Aura during the Sephora sale – I can’t wait.

  • I’m glad Phaedra is healing quickly. Sorry to hear about your laptap. How frustrating! We have an external zip drive and we subscribe to Carbonite. They’ve saved our butts a couple times when the kids managed to upload new and exciting viruses into our network.

    The new shirts and other merchandise are so cute. I had to get one of the lipstick ones. I think the 3X will fit my chest. Fingers (boobs?) crossed. I have really broad shoulders, too, so I can’t always go just by chest size. I ordered a tank top to try out.

  • Oh no, so sorry about your laptop. I’m working on a 2012 Macbook AIr, and my biggest fear is it will give up on me one day and my photos will be gone. I really need to back them up daily on my external hard drive. Anyways, great favorites, I really want to try the UD highlighters!

    • Mine is from Nov. 2014, so it’s really not that old >.< External hard drives are great but only if you remember to do it weekly and I didn't do it this week :(. YES you need the UD highlighters!

  • Depending on how and why it died, it shouldn’t be that hard for a decent tech to clone the hard drive onto an external HD where you can access all the files. I’ve done this with laptops that died from everything to power supplies zorching (LITERAL NOISE IT MADE) to bad sectors on a hard drive. The thing about external, attachable extra storage is that when its no longer the boot disk, ability to read/write CAN often come back enough to copy the data.

    • Dave used to repair laptops, so he’s going to try and recover the data for me before we send it off. If we don’t do it before we send it off, I know that Razer will just wipe it, causing me to lose everything. We’re theorizing it’s the motherboard because of how it died. I was in the middle of finishing up my taxes and it powered off abruptly, like I’d unplugged it and let the battery run out, and then the lights starting flashing on it, but not in a specific sequence. It ran for 14 hours with the lights flashing, unplugged (we wanted to make sure it was fully drained before we try to open it up). We also called Razer support and googled for more info. In the past I’ve been able to recover stuff from laptops when they’ve died by hooking up, like you mentioned. I’m glad that I had most of my stuff backed up on our external network drive, just none of the work that I’d done in the past week 🙁

      • Motherboard is a good guess, but I’d also look at the fan and heat sink, sudden turn offs are often heat related as well. Its possible it got too hot for too long that killed it. Have you noticed the fan overclocking? Easiest way to check data is to shove the HD into an external casing. I’ve had a few long anime sweat drop filled evenings doing just this.

        All the luck to Dave! *crosses toes for luck*

        • So the way Razer put the heat exhaust on my laptop was silly – it’s on the bottom of the laptop. It would overheat, so I bought this Thermaltake pad ( and that has kept it cool. It’s an interesting laptop design because you literally cannot pop the battery out without taking the entire thing apart. Mine is the 2014 ‘new razer blade’ with 3200 x 1800 resolution and touch screen, (which obvs. isn’t sold anymore, this one is close

          I haven’t noticed the fan overclocking but before I got the Thermaltake pad, my keys would get hot to the touch.

  • That purple polish is absolutely gorgeous, and you know how I love purple!

  • I’m sorry about your laptop, that sucks. Hopefully they’re able to recover your stuff!

    I enjoyed the video, and I’m really intrigued by the CoverFX pencil. I got a sample of the custom color drops (they gave me two samples by mistake, actually, so I’m less worried about how much gets wasted around the mouth of the bottle), and I’ve been dotting on tiny amounts of that as concealer. I’m going to check out the pencil, though, as it seems like it’s A) way more convenient and B) easier to travel with. Thanks!

    Oh, and you were NOT wrong about that curling iron looking like a sex toy.

    Edit: Oof, that nail polish is GORGEOUS.

    • Thanks! Yeah I’m hoping I can just get my photography and video music files off. I had some things backed up externally, but not the stuff I did from last week. I’d rather not reswatch / reshoot a ton of makeup.

      I’ve never tried using the CCDs as a concealer directly (though I’ve seen others do it!). It’s great that it’s working for you.

      LOL yeah the curling iron design is hilarious.

      • I think the texture of the CCDs is why I keep going back to them. They have a very natural finish on my dry skin. The shade isn’t 100% perfect (it’s very slightly too yellow), though, and I will never actually purchase them unless they sort out the packaging. But a tiny pencil? That’s ideal.

        Fingers crossed for getting your photos and music back!

          • That does seems like it would defeat their purpose a bit, so I can understand why you don’t use them anymore.

  • I’m sorry to hear that poor Phaedra had to go through two surgeries but I’m glad she’s healing. Definitely bad news about the computer. Bummer about your computer. When a computer has died, techs are sometimes able to get stuff of it. I hope you’ll be lucky and they can just fix it.

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