Top 5 Eyeshadow Palettes of 2022

Top 5 Eyeshadow Palettes of 2022

Hello, beautiful creatures! I’m sharing my top 5 eyeshadow palettes of 2022 today! I’ve been on a low buy since the beginning of 2020 and am continuing my low buy through 2023. I’ve been judicious about my purchases because I’m not making very many.

Top 5 Eyeshadow Palettes of 2022 Video

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Palettes Featured

Blend Bunny Surge Palette

the Blend Bunny Cosmetics Surge Palette The inside of the Blend Bunny Surge Palette

Blend Bunny Surge Palette swatches on fair skin in direct sun
Photo taken outdoors in direct sunlight
Surge palette swatches on very fair neutral skin tone
This photo was taken in the shade outside
Blend Bunny Surge Palette swatches on very fair neutral to muted cool yellow skin tone
I took this photo indoors in indirect sunlight

The Blend Bunny Surge Palette is a 30 pan palette that has 18 awesome mattes, 6 shimmers, and 6 neon shades. 4 of the neon shades (yellow, orange, pink and green) are UV reactive, which means they glow under blacklight. I love UV reactive things! The shimmers are a yawn for me but I adore the mattes. The range of matte hues is why I chose it for one of my top 5 eyeshadow palettes of 2022.

Swatch Order

  • Flash – Zip It Up
  • All Mine – Euphoric – Underneath
  • Limitless – Chemistry
  • Hint – Alive – Lush
  • Pulse – Stay
  • Beckon – Covet – Energy
  • Rush – Linger
  • Chills – Charged – Maybe
  • Cheeks – Taboo
  • Power – Juicy – Grunge
  • Cut Out – White Hot
  • Shocked – Locked – Vinyl

Melt Gemini II Palette

the Melt Cosmetics Gemini II Palette the Gemini II Palette inside

Gemini II swatches on very fair neutral to cool yellow skin tone
Taken outdoors in direct sun.
Melt Gemini II swatches
Taken indoors in artificial light.
Melt Gemini II swatches on very fair skin
I took this photo indoors in indirect sun.

The Melt Gemini II eyeshadow palette color story spoke to me. I love reds, peaches, and fun greens, which is why I chose it for one of my top 5 eyeshadow palettes of 2022. The shimmers don’t do much for me but the mattes are fantastic.

Swatch Order

  • Bela – Lady Like
  • Sweetheart – Gemelas
  • Love Sick – LX Queen
  • Schmood – Matheo
  • Boy Mum – Almond Eyes

Shade Descriptions

  • Bela – This light coral matte will brighten up your eyes and your life. Use this shade to diffuse your red tones, for a warm and vibrant eye look with seamless blend.
  • Lady Like – Soft, demure peachy beige. She’s the perfect transition shade for any look and can be worn alone for a natural eye.
  • Sweetheart – We are sweet on this soft terra cotta matte shadow. Use this lovely tone in your crease with Love Sick shadow on the lid, for a romantic red eye.
  • Gemelas – This palette wouldn’t be complete without this rich auburn matte shadow. This muted tone is perfect for deepening the crease.
  • Love Sick – Love drunk off this saturated sangria matte shadow. Pack this shade all over the lid for a red smoked eye.
  • Shmood – Getting in the feelings over this maroon with a fiery copper shift. Use a synthetic brush to apply this shade in the inner “v” of the eye for a moody metallic eye.
  • LX Queen – There’s something so fine about this deep, rich wine eyeshadow. Use this shade to deepen and smoke your outer “v” for a sultry look.
  • Matheo – A free spirited mossy green with lime shims. Show off your wild side using this shade. Pack it onto your gel liner before it sets for a daring, glittery graphic eye.
  • Boy Mum – Lay down some structure with this smoky olive brown. Apply it onto the lash line like eyeliner to defines the eyes.
  • Almond Eyes – It wouldn’t be Gemini II without a cool moss green. Outline the shape of your eyes with this green tone by smudging it into your inner and outer corners, extending outwards to elongate the eye.

Odens Eye x Angelica Nyqvist Hela Palette

the Odens Eye Hela palette Inside the Hela Palette

Hela Palette swatches on very fair skin
Direct sun outdoors.
Angelica Nyqvist Hela Palette swatches
Indoors under artificial light.
Odens Eye x Angelica Nyqvist Hela Palette
Taken indoors in indirect sun next to a window.

I fell in love with the unique color story of the Odens Eye Hela palette. It’s made up of yellows, greens, pinks and plums and I love the exceptional color story, which is why it’s one of my top 5 eyeshadow palettes of 2022. Unfortunately, this palette has been discontinued.

Swatch Order

  • Double-Sided – Hellfire
  • Fluorescent – Venom
  • Golden Bridge – River
  • Complete – Soot
  • Hela – Goddess
  • Rebirth – Underworld
  • Moss – Ouroboros
  • Wolf – Decay

Shade Descriptions

  • Rebirth – matte yellowish matte eyeshadow
  • Fluorescence – firefly-like light yellow-green shimmering eyeshadow
  • Underworld – ginger matte eyeshadow
  • Decay – taupe matte eyeshadow
  • Golden Bridge – golden diamond shimmer eyeshadow
  • Moss – grayish green matte eyeshadow
  • Venom – green diamond shimmer eyeshadow
  • Ouroboros – retro dark green matte eyeshadow
  • Wolf – matte tannish brown eyeshadow
  • Hela – matte baby pink eyeshadow
  • Hellfire – pink-orange shimmer, diamond shimmer eyeshadow with sparkles in multiple colors
  • Goddess – vintage rose matte eyeshadow
  • Double-side – multi-chrome eyeshadow, a unique color with multiple shifts of golden greens and pinks
  • River – multicolor diamond shimmer eyeshadow with light purple base tone
  • Soot – dark purple brown matte eyeshadow
  • Complete – silver diamond shimmer eyeshadow with black base tone

Danessa Myricks Lightwork IV Palette

the Danessa Myricks Beauty Lightwork IV Palette Inside the Lightwork IV Palette

Multichrome swatches of the Danessa Myricks Lightwork IV Palette
Direct sun photos.
Danessa Myricks Lightwork IV Palette swatches
Indoors artificial light.

Danessa Myricks Lightwork 4 palette swatches on very fair skin

It’s no secret that I love multichromes. When Mickey used one of the Danessa Myricks Lightwork palettes on me for my gothic wedding in 2022, it went on my wish list. I’m grateful that my husband Dave bought the Lightwork IV palette as an early Yule gift for me.

Swatch Order

  • Heaven – Paradise
  • Awakening – Trance
  • Out of Body – Sixth Sense
  • Escapism – Zen
  • Trippy – Nirvana
  • Angels – Divinity
  • Intuition – Aura

Shade Descriptions

  • Heaven – glimmering mint to pastel chartreuse
  • Paradise – glimmering fuchsia to forest green
  • Awakening – intense teal to regal amethyst
  • Trance – electric sapphire to deep violet
  • Out of Body – jade green to peacock blue
  • Sixth Sense – pistachio green to cool taupe
  • Escapism – electric shamrock to hunter green
  • Zen – beetle green to honey bronze
  • Trippy – rose gold to pine green
  • Nirvana – fiery copper to olive green
  • Angels – sparkling diamond
  • Divinity – sparkling citrine
  • Intuition – brilliant cyan to soft lilac
  • Aura – brilliant iris to hazy violet

I love almost every single color in this palette. I can’t figure out the best way to use Angels and Divinity, they’re super crumbly. And I detest trying to use Intuition and Aura. I don’t like the water activated formula at all.

Lethal Cosmetics 1UP Palette

the Lethal Cosmetics 1UP Palette Inside the Lethal Cosmetics 1UP Palette

1UP Palette by Lethal cosmetics swatches
Direct sun swatches.
Artificial Lighting Swatches of Lethal Cosmetics 1UP Palette
Indoors under artificial lighting.
Lethal Cosmetics 1Up Palette Swatches on very fair neutral skin
Indoors indirect sunlight.
Duochrome and Multichrome eyeshadow swatches
Close up of the shimmer shades and their shifts

My most used palette of the year is the Lethal Cosmetics 1UP palette, making it number one on my list of top 5 eyeshadow palettes of 2022. Lethal says that this palette is inspired by the arcades of 1980’s and it features 3 UV reactive neon mattes, 3 classic mattes, 3 trichrome metallics, and 3 duochrome metallics. I love the gorgeous purple, bright pink, teal blue, bright green, bright yellow green, and the fun shimmers. 1UP is a great mix of mattes and shimmers that I love using on my hooded eyes. I especially love Final Boss (that shift is so strong), High Score (petrol blue yes please), Bonus (looks amazing layered on top of everything); I love every single eyeshadow in this palette!

Swatch Order

  • Bonus – Game Over
  • High Score – Avatar
  • Split Screen – Final Boss
  • Joystick – Combo
  • Hit Point – Power Up
  • 8-Bit – Insert Coin

Shade Descriptions:

  • Bonus – sparkly trichrome with mauve/blue/green shift⁠
  • Game Over – metallic pink/gold duochrome⁠
  • High Score – sparkly petrol blue/green duochrome⁠
  • ⁠Avatar – metallic emerald green/pink duochrome⁠
  • Split Screen – sparkly trichrome with yellow/green/red shift⁠
  • Final Boss – metallic trichrome with spring green/blue/pink shift⁠
  • Joystick – medium violet matte⁠
  • Combo – bubblegum pink neon matte (UV reactive)⁠
  • Hit Point – deep indigo blue matte⁠
  • Power Up – deep teal matte
  • 8-BIT – harlequin green neon matte (UV reactive)⁠
  • Insert Coin – lemon yellow neon matte (UV reactive)⁠

Final Thoughts

Top 5 Eyeshadow Palettes of 2022

Makeup should be fun. Wear bright colors or chic neutrals, whatever makes your heart happy. I’m really enjoying being on a low buy because it gives me more time to enjoy my makeup purchases, rather than feel like I have to rush to the next new thing. I hope you enjoyed me ranking my top 5 palettes of 2022.

What are your top 5 eyeshadow palettes of 2022?

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