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Top 10 Cruelty Free Eyeliners

Top 10 Cruelty Free Eyeliners

Happy Tuesday! It’s time for another Top 10 Beauty. Today I’ve got my Top 10 Cruelty free Eyeliners to share with you. I’ve covered pencil, gel and liquid liners. I even threw in glitter for fun!

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1. Nyx Retractable Eye Liner Pencils
I have White and Turquoise Blue in these and they’re wonderful for on the waterline use. I need to get my hands on Gypsy and Deep Blue.

Wearing White on the waterline in Sooty Dollipop.
Wearing White on the waterline in Sooty Dollipop. See the tutorial.

2.  Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eyeliner Pencils
They come in every color of the rainbow. Perversion is the ultra blackest black matte, and a must have for any makeup lover. Deep End, Mainline, Sabbath, Ether, Junkie, LSD and Desperation are all gorgeous. It’s so hard to choose a favorite! You can see my review and swatches of the eyeliners here. They come in 40 colors!

3. Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliners
I love these! My favorite shades are Perversion, Siren and El Dorado. Siren is an amazing teal blue.

4. Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliners
These have a nice, thin brush to allow you to create art with your glitter. Draw a thin line, or make it thick! The glitter is fine and gorgeous and the gel holds it in place so it doesn’t get in your eyes. My favorite shade is Distortion, an opalescent shade.

5. Jesse’s Girl Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
I love the ultra-fine tip on this black eyeliner! I want them to start making more colors!

6.  Illamasqua Precision Ink Eyeliner
I was in the market for a burgundy eyeliner and I stumbled across Havoc. It’s a beautiful shade and I really like the Illamasqua formula. It also comes in classic black, pure white and two glittery shades.

7. Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Hyperliner
Love these liners! I especially think Tommy Jet (black), Cute Robot (deep blue-violet) and Kanzashi (bright turquoise) are stunning.

8. NARS Eye Paints
While these are new, they are fabulous! Check out my review. They have a variety of finishes, matte and shimmer. I’m currently lusting after  Black Valley (matte black), Iskandar (gold), Interstellar (silver, and Mozambique (matte green). This formula is seriously amazing.

9. Buxom Hold the Line Waterproof Eyeliners
I have Call Me (black) and Pick Me Up (dark blue) and love them both. Call Me works really well on my waterline.

10. tarte EmphasEYES™ Waterproof Clay Shadow / Liner
I love these gel liners. They’re long wearing. The only thing I dislike is that I feel like they dry out faster than my other gels because of their lid.

Makeup Geek Gel Liners

And I have an honorable mention for you! Makeup Geek makes beautiful gel eyeliners. When I originally tried them, I found the color and pigmentation to be beautiful, but they transferred on my hooded, oily eyelids. I believe they’ve been reformulated since I tried them. I wanted to list them as an honorable mention because they work for most people, come in gorgeous colors and are very affordable at $7.99 a pop. Poison is a beautiful blood red, Fame is a stunning teal blue. Rave is a neat taupey-brown. Twinkle is an awesome grey.

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What are your favorite Cruelty Free eyeliners?



  • Hi phyrra do they the nyx one glide with ease on the waterline? and do they stay a decent amount of time. I want a good color payoff, with out forcing on my eyes they are sensitive

    • Hi! How are you? The Nyx Glide on are smooth and the Nyx Retractable are on the dry side. But I find that I need that dry texture for my waterline.

      • I need one that goes smooth on and glide with ease
        I guess dry wont work on me

        thanks for the tip

        I am fine how are you?

  • Urban Decay has been bought by L’Oreal which tests on animals. If you buy Urban Decay products you are contributing to animal abuse. So disappointing because I loved their eyeliner and eye shadows.

    • Hi! Urban Decay is Leaping Bunny Certified and cruelty free, even though their parent company L’Oreal is not. I choose to support Urban Decay for that reason. I explain this on my cruelty free beauty page. Thanks!

      • Hi, thank you for your quick response. If I continue supporting Urban Decay, do you happen to know if I’m actually supporting the company or L’Oreal?

        • From my understanding, if you’re buying from Urban Decay your money goes to pay the people at UD, their R&D, etc.

          Someone else left another comment on my blog that made sense to me “If people stop buying products from a company who has a non cruelty-free
          parent company.. then why stop there? Surely you’d have to stop buying
          from supermarkets (because they sell MEAT and a whole heap of other
          non-vegan friendly products) and from pretty much all high end stores.”

          • Yes, that comment makes sense to me also, and that list can go on and on, which is what is so confusing. If I support cruelty free products from any company that owns or sells non cruelty, which one am I supporting? Thank goodness as a vegetarian I live near a natural food co-op.

            • From my perspective, you’re supporting the cruelty free company first and foremost. The money companies like UD and the Body Shop make go back to their own company before any goes back to the parent company like L’Oreal. And L’Oreal watches closely to see what is successful, so they know how they’re going to invest, make cuts, etc.

  • I do not think Nyx is cruelty-free. I wish because that is the type of eyeliner I LOVE! Urban decay stop making them

      • I know urban decay is. I said urban decay stopped making the eyeliners like the one shown for NYx. I follow Leaping bunny and NYX isn’t on that. That is why I said I wasn’t sure if it was cruelty free. I see PETA has it so I am curious what the difference is between PETA standards and Leaping Bunny. I read on nyx’s website they still use animal deprived products in some of their stuff.

  • Thanks for the info on the Makeup Geek gel liners. I also have oily, hooded lids, so I wonder how they’d work for us now. I do know someone who tried them recently, and she was blown away by the lasting power. Sadly, I don’t know if she shares our eyelid fate.
    I’ll give have to look at the UD liners — especially the kit that you previewed yesterday! Ulta, here I come!

  • it seems to be, that those companies that are cruelty free tend to also have really vivid and wild colors. The regular companies whom still test on animals, usually have the natural, neutral, not too outrageous colors.

  • UD has so many great liners. The smoked set is awesome and I want the new Black Market set too. I really need to try the Tarina liners.

  • Phyrra I saw, I read and I bought! Actually I bought the Black Market set. But if I like them and the Ocho Loco set is still around by then I’ll end up with that too.

  • pointlesscafe Ok you NEED to consider the Urban Decay Ocho Loco 2 Eyeliner set! It just came out. It’s a STEAL seriously! Full size pencils, plus a grindhouse! I reviewed it on my blog today.

  • Marcia beauty info zone Yeah the tarte lid is plastic and I guess it doesn’t shut tight. While I love the tarte formula, i would change the packaging to be more like MAC fluidlines or NARS eye paints to prevent the drying out.

  • BooBooNinja They’re both really good. I think the way that Perversion dries is unique. It makes it easy to remove, but they are both waterproof. You don’t want to get them into your eyes.

  • I would have included Makeup Geek if I hadn’t mentioned them so many times already. I’m with you about the Tarte, I didn’t realize it was the lid before though. When I get a new one I try to use it a lot before it dries out.

  • My favorite liquid is a cheapy- Hard Candy. For a pencil I love Urban Decay 24/7 but I bought a Sephora 12 hour waterproof, and while its not as smooth as my Urban Decay, it stays on just as well. I swatched a few on my hand at Sephora one day and didn’t wash them off. At the end of the day the Sephora one was the only one left on my hand. That’s after washing my hand quite a bit too. So I bought it and I’m extremely pleased. AND IT’S ONLY $9.00!!!!

  • I’m down to my last bit of eyeliner (bought in bulk and they’re not CF) so not I’m on the hunt for CF eyeliner. I will have to check some of these out – THANKS for this post!

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