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Top 10 Best Cruelty Free Manicure Products

Top 10 Best Cruelty Free Manicure Pedicure Products

It’s time for another Beauty Top Tens! This time I’m sharing my Best Cruelty Free Manicure (and Pedicure) Products. The key to the perfect manicure or pedicure is in the way you use the products you have.

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Top 10 Best Cruelty Free Manicure Products

Top 10 Best Cruelty Free Manicure Products

1. KBShimmer Sugar Scrub
KBShimmer makes many great sugar scrubs. Pink Sugar (sweet cotton candy, lemon, caramel and raspberry), Southern Belle (peach mango honey), and Raspberry Vanilla are the best to me! You just take a tiny bit and scrub your skin in a circular motion to remove dead skin cells and debris.

This scrub is paraben free, cruelty free and vegan.

2. Osmia Organics Vanilla Shea Hand Cream
This hand cream is made with aloe vera, shea butter, sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, and hydrolyzed oats to provide you with deep, lasting moisture, which is great in the dry weather of winter.

This hand cream is cruelty free and vegan.

3.  Orangewood Sticks
Orangewood sticks are essential for a mani! You use the rounded end to gently push your cuticles back. The pointy end can be used for nail art.

4.  4 Way Buffing Block
I use this to gently buff my nails.

5. Mr. Pumice Lil Pumi Foot File
This little guy is great! I only recently found him. What you do is soak your feet first (I’ve used hot water but I keep meaning to try the Listerine Vinegar foot bath thing), then buff your feet with this little pumice stone on a handle.

6.  KBShimmer Glass Nail File
I actually have two glass nail files – KBShimmer and Cult Nails, but I can only find one at the moment. This one is great! It’s hot pink, it comes in its own little  plastic sleeve

7. Dynasty Black Silver Size 4 Brush
I use this dipped in Zoya Remove to clean up the edges of my nail polish. Made with synthetic bristles.

8. Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover
This is the perfect nail polish remover and prep. It’s great for wiping down your nails to remove any excess oils before you apply polish. It’s also great for you to use to clean up around your edges. This is an acetone plus glycerin nail polish remover. I wish I had tried this years ago! I only recently gave it a try and it is awesome. Cruelty free.

9. Cult Nails Get it On Base Coat
This is my all time favorite base coat and I’ve gone through so many bottles over the past few years. It works better for me than anything else I’ve ever tried. Cruelty free.

10. KBShimmer Clearly On Top Quick Dry Top Coat
This is a fabulous top coat that dries quickly, is super shiny, and doesn’t cause shrinkage. Cruelty free.

How I use these products

  1. First and foremost, use a good sugar scrub and get rid of any rough skin. If you’re working on your feet, use the Mr. Pumice Lil Pumi Foot File to work off the rough patches.
  2. Next, shape your nails. If you don’t know what shape to do, make the shape mirror your cuticle beds. I use the KBShimmer glass file to shape and the 4 way buffing block to softly buff. Make sure you file in one direction in light strokes. Don’t saw at your nails.
  3. Then, apply a rich hand creme. Recently I’ve been using the Osmia Organics Vanilla Shea Hand Cream. However, any rich hand cream will work.
  4. Push back your cuticles with an orangewood stick. If you have any hangnails, now would be the time to clip them.
  5. Use Zoya Remove on your nails to remove any excess oils. This will help the base coat to stick better.
  6. Then apply your base coat. I love to use Cult Nails Get It On Base Coat.
  7. Reach for whatever polish you’re going to use and apply 1 to 2 coats. If you’re doing nail art, make sure your base color is completely dry before you do anything else.
  8. Finish with a top coat. I love KBShimmer Clearly On Top Quick Dry Top Coat.
  9. After your nails are dry, dip your clean up brush in Zoya Remove to clean up any excess nail polish around the edges of your nails.
  10. If your skin is dry, I would apply a little hand cream or cuticle oil.

What are your steps to a great mani or pedi? Any cruelty free products to recommend that I try?

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