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The Beginner’s Guide to PHAMExpo

the Beginner's Guide to PHAMExpo

This weekend is the first ever PHAMExpo! If you’re wondering what to do or who to see, never fear, I’ve got you covered! Here’s who I would see if I was there! Also, I’ve highlighted the blogger Meetup area. I love that Cheryl from PHAMExpo created an area for bloggers. How awesome is that? If you visit these booths, tell them Phyrra sent you!

PHAMExpo is at the Pasadena Convention Center June 29 and 30th (Saturday and Sunday).

1. Koren from Enkore Makeup – Booth 513
Koren will be debuting the revolutionary sonic brush cleaning machine! He teased me with this machine at The Makeup Show Orlando in November 2012 and it’s finally ready for the public! Pick up one of these babies as they will change your life! Instead of slaving for an hour to wash 150 brushes, you’ll be able to wash them and have them come out much cleaner in his machine! I cannot WAIT to buy one of these! If you can’t make it to PHAMExpo, they’ll be available on his website after the 4th of July holiday.

2. Elessa from Pursebuzz – Booth 213
Elessa will have tons of cute jewelry, hair bows, etc. You don’t want to miss her cute stuff!

3. Amy and Sugarpill Cosmetics – Booth 607
Sugarpill will have the new Sparkle Baby colors as well as other colors available for purchase! New sparkly Sugarpill!

4. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics – Booth 601
You should definitely check out OCC! Who could pass up lip tars on sale? You should pick up the new lip tar stained glosses.

5. Inglot Cosmetics – Booth 606
Inglot has a HUGE booth there! And they need the space. You should check out their rainbow eyeshadows. They’ve got a ton of gorgeous colors in various finishes. I love their freedom system. They also have new nail polishes available.

6. Stila Cosmetics – Booth 119
Stila’s Festival of Color Summer 2013 Collection is out and you should pick up some of the Countless Color Pigments and After Glow Lip Colors. You know that I’ve been wearing the hell out of the After Glow Lip Colors! I hope they become permanent and they add more colors to the range!

7. Z-Palettes – Booth 311
I love my z-palettes and they’re actually what I put my Inglot eyeshadows and Makeup Geek eyeshadows into. I would recommend picking up some of their cute palettes at the show.

8. Anastasia Beverly Hills – Booth 424
You know I wear Anastasia Beverly Hills products every day. I swear by their Lash Genius for my allergy prone eyes. I LOVE their Hypercolor brow powders for my rainbow hair. They also make the best tinted brow gels, hands down, in their ‘natural’ colors. I just wish their rainbow gels were as nice as their naturals! See if you can score a steal on the Hypercolors at the show.

9. Embryolisse – Booth 221
If you’re looking for a nice moisturizer, you should check out the Embryolisse Lait-Creme concentrate. I’ve purchased 3 big tubes of this stuff so far and I love it. It’s soothing on my skin. Robin from Purely Cosmetics will be working at this booth, so if you want Diamond Perfect Finish Powder, it will be there.

10. Too Faced & Kryolan at Naimies – Booth 635 – 835
This is a MEGA booth ran by Naimies. They’ll have a lot of brands there, but in particular I love Too Faced and Kryolan. I think they’re worth checking out, especially Kryolan since I never see them in stores.

11. Vanitymark – Booth 219
Vanitymark makes the BEST brow pencils for red hair. Seriously. The best ever. If you’re looking for a brow color for red hair that isn’t brown, check out Gingerella.

Of course, in addition to the booths filled with wonderful things, there will be awesome people to meet, like Mai from Portrait of Mai, Lauren aka Queen of Blending, Alyson from the Gloss Menagerie, and the lovely ladies from Bellashoot.

Will you be there? What new products are you most looking forward to?

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  • Thanks for the info, Phyrra. This is the first make-up show I am going to and I am so excited.

  • Thanks for the info, Phyrra. This is the first make-up show I am going to and I am so excited.

  • If I had the day off I’d be there. It’s not too far of a drive down the coast for me but my work hours are mid day. Bummer. Have fun everyone!

  • Unfortunately my plans have changed so I won’t be going after all. All these months of prepping and planning out the window. I absolutely agree about Vanitymark, I trust Brett to do my eyebrows any day of the week – he’s amazing and his products are amazing. I also agree with all your other suggestions.

     I would suggest to people to visit Saucebox Cosmetics as well. Alla has some AMAZING shadows that are very inexpensive.

    Bdellium Tools has my favorite kabuki flat top brush. It’s so soft and I often joke with Daniel and Edward that if they need to make blankets out of the material they use for the kabuki flat top brush. So soft.
    Lit Cosmetics will also be there and honestly their glitters are amazing but their metallics are typically not talked about as much and it should be because the metallics are seriously gorgeous.
    J.Cat Beauty has my favorite pair of lashes – UN13 – which are perfect for people like me who wear lashes but can’t wear really long ones because the long ones brush against the lenses.

    Oh and who can forget Stila Cosmetics? I really need to pick up a new Kitten lipgloss.
    *sigh* Have fun at PHAME! I wish I was going.

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