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The Bees Knees Kawaii Blue Seahorse

The Bees Knees Kawaii Blue Seahorse

Happy Teal Thursday! Today I’ve got a new necklace to share. This is my The Bees Knees Kawaii Blue Seahorse necklace. I adore teal blue, seahorses and glitter, so how could I not love this? It’s a perfect nautical piece, in my opinion. It comes on an 18 inch chain.

The Bees Knees Kawaii Blue Seahorse

The Bees Knees Bitchin’ Accessories and Crafts is a little hidden Etsy Gem I found last October when I was looking for some kawaii bat earrings. I just happened to be perusing them and found this necklace and an ankh that I had to have earlier this month.

Where to Buy
The Bees Knees Bitchin’ Accessories and Crafts on Etsy


The Bees Knees Kawaii Blue SeahorseThe Bees Knees Kawaii Blue Seahorse

It is, of course, handmade of resin. It’s also available in pink, silver and glow in the dark. I looove glow in the dark.

I really think this is such a cute, lightweight teal blue glitter necklace. It works with any of my black tops.

What do you think of the kawaii blue seahorse? Have you found any etsy gems recently?



  • cute:).
    hi phyrra I just found your blog and been scrolling through your hair posts. I noticed you used to color your hair yourself, but recently/now see a stylist. may I ask why? just curious. I have bright colored hair as well, and just wondered why you decided against doing it on your own. do you find less damaging with a stylist? Thanks!

    • Hi! So I started having someone else color my hair because it’s easier on me. In the past I would do it myself or convince my husband to help me do it. I’d rather go to a salon and get someone to do it for me. I see it as relaxing ‘me’ time. I love my stylist and I think his work is amazing and it’s money well spent. If I hadn’t found him, I’d still be doing my color myself.

      • thanks so much for answering my question and so quickly too :). I love love all your hair posts. I think my favs are when you do a almost solid blue or purple.(like your sfx mayhem blue or the post where you had a picture where you said your current hair was vs. dream hair) as you can see LOL I’ve been going through a lot of your posts.

        • Aww thank you! I love the brighter tones for sure. My color is currently faded to a softer purple that I like but would have never initially tried on my own. It’s nice to try new colors though!

  • That is so cute! I love their little girly octopus necklace, too.

    The last etsy item I bought was from Tater Rounds Beauty, and it was the Night Pain by Drac Makens lipstick. So gorgeous. It’s got a great formula, and the color is really complex. It’s an icy slivery-bluish-gray cream (it says matte, but I don’t think the finish is matte). I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Fast shipping, too.

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