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Teal Thursday Teal Nail Polish

Teal Thursday Teal Nail Polish

Happy Teal Thursday! I received so many email requests that I’m bringing back Teal Thursday. I’m kicking off with Teal Thursday Teal Nail Polish. I’m actually missing two of the colors that I wanted to share for this – Literary Lacquers Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster and Ellagee Dolphins of the Caribbean. I have the feeling they’re hiding in my bedroom somewhere.

Teal Thursday Teal Nail Polish

Literary Lacquers Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster and Ellagee Dolphins of the Caribbean

Here’s an image of Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster with Dolphins of the Caribbean on top.

Bunny Paige Blue Zircon + Silver Pavèd & Spiked Heart Necklace
I had to include my Bunny Paige necklace to show some teal love 🙂

Literary Lacquers Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster
a vibrant turquoise blue linear holographic polish with added fine holographic glitter.

Ellagee Dolphins of the Caribbean (vegan)
silver holo dolphin glitter in teal jelly base. Great for layering.

Teal Thursday Teal Nail Polish

L to R – GlitterDaze Moonlit Mermaid – Orly Teal Unreal – ILNP Cold Fusion – KBShimmer Lightning Ridge – NCLA Drop of Teal – NCLA Teal the End – Superficially Colorful Omaticaya – Super Black Plip – Super Black Wet – Cirque Thicker Than Water – Femme Fatale Underlight

GlitterDaze Moonlit Mermaid (vegan)
this magnificent flakie polish shifts through colors of deep purple, midnight blue, teal, aqua, and green with additional flecks of pinks and golds. This is gorgeous on its own or layered on top of other colors.

Orly Teal Unreal (vegan)
fantastic teal creme This is perfect as a base for layering flakies or glitters.

ILNP Cold Fusion (vegan)
a super cool Ultra Chrome Flakie that’s a must have! Shifting through hues of blue, teal, and even purple, Cold Fusion doesn’t disappoint! This can be worn on its own or on top of other polish.

KBShimmer Lightning Ridge
This flakie shows off shades of bright green, blue, teal and sometimes even indigo. This really needs to be layered on a darker color like Teal Unreal.

NCLA Drop of Teal (vegan)
light teal blue holographic

NCLA Teal the End (vegan)
bright teal blue holographic

Superficially Colorful Omaticaya
rich blue with a touch of green holographic

Super Black Plip
a blue-green creme polish sprinkled with black glitter.

Super Black Wet
a bright turquoise-leaning blue polish with a shiny creme finish.

Cirque Thicker Than Water
A turquoise jelly with multi-dimensional shimmer, great on its own or layered. (sorry this one is LE and discontinued)

Femme Fatale Underlight
turquoise jelly with pink iridescence with glitter and shards mixed in – this actually looks great layered on darker shades.

Teal Thursday Teal Nail Polish

Teal Thursday Teal Nail Polish

Teal Thursday Teal Nail Polish

Many people are afraid of teal eyeshadow or lipstick. So if you’re afraid, try one of the many shades of teal blue nail polish. You can go unusual and subtle with Plip. Try plain with Teal Unreal. Make a statement with Teal the End. Capture everyone’s attention with Moonlit Mermaid, Cold Fusion or Underlight. I’m sad that I didn’t realize Thicker Than Water was LE, because it is beautiful but I wanted to only include things currently available. Everything else is currently available online.

What are your favorite teal blue nail polishes? Any I should check out? Let me know!



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