SWEETV Crown Reviews: The Fantasy Accessory You Can’t Miss

SWEETV Crown Reviews: The Fantasy Accessory You Can't Miss

Hello, beautiful creatures! Today I’m bringing you SWEETV Crown Reviews: The Fantasy Accessory You Can’t Miss. It’s no secret that I love to wear crowns. I have a huge collection of hair accessories, and I wore a crown at my gothic dream wedding. Yes, I even wore a tiara at my first wedding, too.

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SWEETV was founded in 2010 to bring the world beautiful, affordable, excellent quality tiaras, veils, headbands, combs, belts and jewelry. They strive to include all styles from vintage, classic, bohemian, and trendy. They have been making gorgeous accessories for fantasy photoshoots and brides around the world.

SWEETV crowns are all 100% handmade. The quality of the workmanship claims to last and look gorgeous for years.

Best of all, they provide 24/7 customer service.


SWEETV crowns range from around $15 to $50, making them very affordable for fantasy photoshoots, weddings, parties, and more.

Do They Take Custom Orders?

At this time SWEETV does offer custom options. They are able to customize existing designs if you contact them.

What Style of Crown is the Best?

Cordelia is wearing the Fairy Garden Tiara in this SWEETV Crown review
In the Fairy Garden Tiara

For my personal tastes, the best style of crown for me is a tiara / half-crown style. I like having the option to secure my crown to my hair with bobby pins. If you’re just wanting a crown for fun fantasy photos, I think any style is fine. If you want to wear the crown to dance, cosplay, or to a party, I would choose a tiara style.

SWEETV allowed me to select the crowns featured in this post and I made sure to select both styles to show you.

SWEETV Crowns and Tiaras Review

David and Cordelia Frost. The Frosts are wearing SWEETV Crowns for SWEETV Crown Review
Wearing the Fairy Garden Couples Crowns

I am wearing my custom wedding dress for the first time since my wedding in 2022 in many of these photos. Because of my double mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery, I had fears I wouldn’t be able to fit back into my beautiful dress. Thankfully it fits and I look amazing in it! Dave loves this dress as much as I do.

And for those of you who’ve reached out to see how I’m doing in physical therapy, I’m making good progress. However, my first rib keeps getting pulled out of alignment and into my collarbone/shoulder area and it does not feel good. I’m doing lots of painful massage to put it into the correct position and trying to teach the muscles to not pull it out again.

SV Snake King Crown

SWEETV SV Snake King Crown

The Snake King Crown is a gorgeous golden metal alloy decorated with red gems. Intricate snakes adorn the front of the regal crown.

Cordelia is wearing the Snake Crown for the SWEETV Crown Reviews

It’s a very beautiful, weighty piece. The full circle style does not adjust to my head. This SWEETV style was the least comfortable for me to wear.

SWEETV Naughty Ghost Halloween Tiara

SV Naughty Ghost Halloween Tiara in Antique Silver

The SV Naughty Ghost Halloween Tiara is adorable! It’s available in Antique Gold or Antique Silver. Pictured above in Antique Silver.

Cordelia is wearing SWEETV Ghost Tiara - SWEETV Crown Reviews

I picked this cute crown because it’s adorned with ghosts. It feels playful to me, and I embrace play as often as I can.

SV Eleanor Crystal Tiara Purple

SV Eleanor Crystal Tiara Purple

This was supposed to be the SV Eleanor Crystal Tiara Purple, but it doesn’t match the photos from the website and is the only one to not match the website.

Purple Eleanor Tiara from SWEETV Crowns review

It’s a lovely, ethereal, iridescent soft purple SWEETV tiara that I am loving regardless. The delicate colors make it perfect for glammed up pastel goth or fairy kei styles. It’s so pretty!

SWEETV Couple Crown-Fairy Garden Crown

Unlike the other crowns featured, this is a pair of crowns. They are also available individually at SWEETV.

SWEETV Couple Crown-Fairy Garden King Crown Couple Crown-Fairy Garden Queen Crown

These two crowns make up the SWEETV Couple Crown-Fairy Garden set. The SWEETV Fairy Garden Couple Crown Set was inspired by the Elf King. The King Crown is set with diamond gems and a curling pattern representative of blooming love. The Queen Crown is set with regal amethyst for wisdom, mystery, and nobility, while the vines are for the mystical powers of nature.

Dave and Cordelia are wearing the Fairy Garden Crown Duo for SWEETV Crown review
Dave & I about to kiss. UD Raw Footage glossy lipstick on my lips.

This golden metal alloy set is so beautiful! If I had known it existed, I would have bought it for Dave and I for our wedding. The Fairy Garden Queen Crown is my second favorite of these tiaras, and it’s my favorite from a set. That rich, bright purple is so eye catching!

Heck, I wish I had known SWEETV existed when I was putting together my Goddess Persephone Makeup Cosplay, as I would have purchased their Amaya Tiara for the outfit.

Cordelia is wearing the Fairy Garden Tiara for the SWEETV Crown Review

Dave loved the look of the Fairy Garden King Crown and how we looked together with the matching set. However, he did mention that he did not find it comfortable to wear for a long time. It was fine for an hour or two though.

Shell Crown SWEETV Mermaid

Shell Crown SWEETV Mermaid

I saved my favorite single crown for last, the Shell Crown-SWEETV Mermaid. While I do have a photo of this one on my purple pillow, that picture doesn’t do it justice, which is why I also filmed the SWEETV tiara on my metal table.

Cordelia is wearing a Mermaid Tiara for the SWEETV Crown Review

This stunning seashell SWEETV crown will captivate you! The multichrome sapphire gems set into it also shift to green and purple, which you know I adore. There are lovely little pearls adorning it too. I love the silver metal alloy hue. And if this one isn’t your style, there are several other mermaid inspired tiaras to choose from.

I know Dave and I want to do another mermaid photoshoot in 2024 and this tiara will be perfect to wear!

How to Take Care of Your SWEETV Products

The best way to take care of your tiaras, crowns, and other headpieces from SWEETV is to keep them inside the box they come in to keep them safe. It’s also the easiest way to store them neatly, since they stack nicely in the box.

Keeping crowns and tiaras in the SWEETV boxes is superior to how I have to store some of my collection that did not come in boxes. The other way I store mine is by keeping them in drawers in a dresser. It’s a hot mess.

What I Love about SWEETV Crowns

Cordelia and Dave are in their wedding outfits next to their standard poodles, Nyx and Amaya. They're wearing SWEETV crowns

First and foremost, SWEETV crowns are sturdy AF! They don’t bend or break in a breeze. I find I can carefully adjust the tiara style to better fit my head. I like using bobby pins to secure the tiara in place. I’ve had mine for about a month and they still look brand new. They hold up extremely well to normal wear and tear.

Second, the SWEETV crowns are handmade. You know I prefer handmade items over what you can find in big box stores.

Third, SWEETV crowns look even prettier in person than they do in photos! I call that a huge win.

I’ve purchased many crowns over the past two decades. Some of the handmade ones have broken after mere weeks of me playing with them. These have not. I’m happy I’ll be able to continue to use them for future parties and photoshoots.

Final Thoughts

Cordelia & Dave in their bespoke wedding outfits wearing SWEETV crowns

I love my SWEETV crowns and tiaras. They’re perfect for fun fantasy photoshoots, ethereal weddings, parties, and any time you want to add some extra sparkle to your life. If you love to sparkle like I do, you’ll love the SWEETV crowns.

What do you think of the crowns and tiaras featured?

Where to Find SWEETV

You can find SWEETV on their website or on Amazon.

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  1. Cordelia, your SWEETV Crown review is nothing short of magical! Your passion for unique accessories and your love for crowns truly shine through every word and stunning photo. The Fairy Garden Tiara looks absolutely enchanting on you, and it’s wonderful to hear that SWEETV crowns are not only beautiful but also sturdy and durable. The attention to detail in each piece, from the Snake King Crown’s intricate design to the playful Naughty Ghost Halloween Tiara, adds a touch of fantasy to any occasion.

    Your personal touch, sharing your experience wearing these crowns alongside your wedding outfits and mentioning Dave’s feedback, adds a delightful personal touch to the review. It’s clear that you’ve curated a collection that not only complements your style but also stands the test of time. The Shell Crown-SWEETV Mermaid, with its multichrome sapphire gems, sounds absolutely mesmerizing, and I can’t wait to see the upcoming mermaid photoshoot in 2024!

    Your tips on storing and caring for these beautiful accessories are practical and thoughtful, providing readers with valuable insights on how to maintain the longevity of their SWEETV products. Overall, your review is not just informative but also a visual feast for anyone who appreciates the allure of fantasy accessories. Thank you for sharing your magical world with us!

  2. You *know* I need to check out the mermaid inspired pieces, my heart went all aflutter at the seashell one 😍

    You and Dave should always wear crowns. Majestic pair 🫶

  3. You made me think of Big Bang Theory when Amy got a tiara. The thrill of it was just wonderful and then watching her wear it to the Noble Prize occasion was a thrill. We should all have a crown or tiara to show how wonderful we are. I know now that Sweetv crowns are what I’ll buy for my granddaughter’s 16th birthday.

  4. These are so pretty! And you look great. I was surprised they’re not all $80+
    I think I’ll have to snag one before the next goth prom I attend

    1. Thank you so much! And I agree, they look great and they’re affordable. It blew my mind that they are handmade and you can customize them and they’re not over $50! They’re nicer than most of the ones I’ve purchased off Etsy. I love them!

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