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Sugarpill Rainbow Inspiration

Sugarpill Rainbow Inspiration

Yesterday the USA became the 21st country to legalize marriage equality. So today I’m sharing some Sugarpill Rainbow Inspiration. Sugarpill is a cruelty free beauty company that is mostly vegan that first launched their products in February 2010. Sugapill’s Prime Directive is to offer beautiful cosmetics in all the colors of the rainbow to show people how fun and easy it is to make animal friendly cosmetic choices.

Sugarpill Rainbow Inspiration

This post contains a mix of press samples and products purchased by me.

I first reviewed Sugarpill in March 2010 (and boy have my swatches come a long way since!) and I was hooked!

Current Sugarpill Shades
– Love+, @#$%!, Asylum, Countess
Pinks – Hotsy Totsy, Love Buzz, Birthday Girl, Magentric
Oranges – Kitten Parade, Flamepoint, Supercharged, Charmy, Penelope
Yellows – Buttercupcake, Hi-Viz
Greens – Candycrush, Subterranean, Acidberry, Midori, Sparkage, Clickbait, Mint Soda, Absinthe, Tipsy
Blues – Afterparty, Mochi, Velocity, Hellatronic, Holy Ghost, Hug Life, Magpie, Royal Sugar
Purples – Frostine, Elemental Chaos, 2AM, Poison Plum, Strangeling, Paperdoll
Whites – Lumi, Diamond Eyes, Tako
Greys – Soot & Stars, Grand Tiara
Blacks – Bulletproof, Stella
Golds – Goldilux

Sugarpill Spring 2015 Eyeshadows Review Sugarpill Chromalust Loose Eyeshadows

Sugarpill Strangeling Swatch
Sugarpill Countess Swatch
Sugarpill Charmy Swatch
Sugarpill Grand Tiara Swatch
Grand Tiara
Sugarpill Mint Soda Swatch
Mint Soda
Sugarpill Hug Life Swatch
Hug Life
Sugarpill Cold Chemistry Review Swatches
Elemental Chaos, Soot & Stars, Diamond Eyes, Subterranean
Sugarpill Weekender, Hysteric, Elemental Chaos, Poison Plum, Swatches
Weekender, Hysteric, Elemental Chaos, Poison Plum
Sugarpill Sparkle Baby Video Review
Smitten, Asteria, Frostine, Candycrush, Kitten Parade

With so many beautiful colors, you’re sure to find some shades to love.

When did you get hooked on Sugarpill?

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  • I absolutely LOVE Sugarpill! I’m expanding my collection gradually; my next purchase are the Elektrocutes neon shadows!!!

  • Ugh, did you see what the TX Attorney General is doing? Some people will go to any lengths to be able to control the lives of others.

    On a more positive, makeup related note… I’ve actually never bought Sugarpill. I have no idea how I keep going without buying something from them, because they definitely put out loads of stuff that makes me go ‘Oooh! Pretty!’

    • OMG! I think you would adore Sugarpill. I would watch for Beautylish or Sugarpill to have a sale. They only have a few each year. Sometimes you can find them on sale at Makeup Geek too.

  • I love love love Sugarpill. Never tried their loose formula (which is kind of odd, with my love of loose shadows…) but I love the pressed palettes I own! So happy with the outcome the other day. Finally!

  • So happy that our country is finally getting a clue on some things! I was going to do a rainbow mani and realized I didn’t have the right shades…with 80 bottles or so of nail polish, that’s insane! I went out for yellow and kelly green today, LOL

  • Beautiful, beautiful colors from Sugar Pill. I want Countess and Poison Plum.

    I’m so glad our country finally joined the 21st Century.

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