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Storytime The Vet Visit No One Wants to Make

Storytime The Vet Visit No One Wants to Make

Storytime The Vet Visit No One Wants to Make

Storytime The Vet Visit No One Wants to Make. In my latest video I share life updates, talk about painful stuff, an upcoming beauty industry event and more. It’s worth it to watch the video to the end, I promise!

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What I’m Wearing

Patty Boutik Cowl Neck Shirt
Bellabeat Leaf Urban
Ladyleaf Druzy Peacock Bracelet 
The Midnight Raven Find Inspiration Quartz Choker 
The Midnight Raven Lunar Bracelet
Tarte Lid Lock Primer 
Urban Decay Tenant Palette (Boom, Untitled)
Physicians Formula Muru Muru Butter Bronzer
Viseart Bright Editorial Palette (White)
Urban Decay Cosmic, Aura
Marc Jacobs Blacquer 42 Liner
Saucebox Seaside, Merman
Sigma Standout Peacock Gel Liner
Urban Decay Walk of Shame Liner 
Wunderbrow Jet Black -- brows

Milani Prime Light Primer
Tarte Foundation Stick in Fair Neutral
Nudestix Nudies Bare Back -- blush
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Milani Prep Set Glow Illuminating Powder
Tarte Skylight -- highlighter
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Milani Dewy Spray Spray 

Kat Von D Lovecraft pencil
Stila Perla Liquid Lipstick

Vapid Lacquer I’m Late on top of
Orly Saturated

Storytime The Vet Visit No One Wants to Make Video

Storytime The Vet Visit No One Wants to Make, New Hair, Birthday, Cosmoprof, Giveaway Phyrra Says 44

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  • My condolences to you and your husband. It’s always been very obvious from your videos how beloved your pets are.

  • I’m so sorry sweetheart, Grieving here with you, I can’t imagine the pain, and our furbabies are like our children. And I know your heart and that you love your babies with all of your heart. Just know, even though that decision was so hard that you were there until the end, and that love is eternal, it never goes away. That love endures forever and ever. I believe as a person of faith that they too are God’s creatures, and that He has a special place for them. But no matter what your spiritual belief is there is a special place for them, and that love that is so unconditional endures for sure. Praying for you and thinking of you

  • So sorry to hear about your beautiful doggie, Phyrra. I was thinking, when you first started the video, describing Max’s symptoms that perhaps he had a brain tumour. This is what happened to a friend’s dog – same symptoms and behaviour. It turned out to be a tumour.
    Anyway, it is always so sad when a beloved pet passes on and your whole family would be grieving now. My condolences Phyrra.

  • My condolences. Losing a pet is painful and requires grieving. Do your best to keep him alive by remembering the fun you had, not the worst, and always keep in mind that he was as lucky to have you as you were to have him.

  • I’m SO sorry to hear about Maximus. Take care of your hurting heart and know you have sympathy from everyone who has ever loved their furry companions.

  • Sorry to hear about your loss. I just had to go through this with my sweet kitty Zelda about a month ago. My other cat, Enid, has been my only saving grace.

  • I, too, am so sorry. Love should be enough to heal them, but it isn’t. Let yourself grieve and remember how awesome that sweet pug was. Much love and support to you.

  • Oh Phyrra, my lovely friend…..I’m crying too, and I’m so sorry that you and Dave had to say goodbye to your sweet pug. Humane euthanasia is SO EFFING HARD. And yet it is the most gentle, loving thing you can do.

    My husband and 15yo son had to make that decision back in Feb with my son’s cat, he was only 8, but we suspect he had a stroke.

    It breaks my heart every time we’ve lost a beloved pet–and I still miss them. Our remaining pets have grieved as well (if Phaedra is having a rough time look into Jackson Galaxy spirit essences, no affiliation).

    Never apologize for crying for a pet you’ve loved–just means you have an incredible heart. Light and love to you all. Xo

  • I’m so sorry about Maximus. We went through this with one of our dogs three years ago and it was one of the hardest things to do. Big hugs!

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