My Stay at the Palazzo Las Vegas

My Stay at the Palazzo Las Vegas. If you're looking for the safest, most comfortable hotel with stuff to keep you entertained day and night, this is where you need to be!

My Stay at the Palazzo Las Vegas

Thank you to the Palazzo Las Vegas for hosting me while I was in Vegas! I wanted to share my stay at the Palazzo Las Vegas with you. I was in Las Vegas from Saturday, July 8 through Tuesday July 11th for CosmoProf conference. It was my first time traveling by myself to Vegas. Last time I was in Sin City I was with my friend Crystal.

I didn’t arrive in Las Vegas until late in the evening on Saturday, so I missed seeing BAZ – the Star Crossed Love show. It’s inspired by some of Hollywood’s most romantic films, Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge, and The Great Gatsby. My friends Stef (from We Heart This) and Emily (from Haus of Hounds) were at the show when I got to the hotel.

My Room at the Palazzo Las Vegas

The first thing I did once I checked into the hotel was take photos of my room. My suite was gorgeous! I believe these rooms have been recently updated. There are so many little touches the Palazzo thought of to make the room more comfortable. The King Suite was about 720 sq. ft.

Palazzo King Suite Double Sink

The first door on my right after I entered the suite was the bathroom. It had a double sink with all the amenities you might need for your stay. Up to the left is a TV so you could watch or listen to the TV while you take a bath or shower or get ready.

Palazzo King Suite Toilet

The toilet was in a separate room. It even has a phone inside it.

Palazzo King Suite Roman Tub and Shower

I love the roman tub and shower combo! I used the tub every night to soak after all the walking we did during the day. My feet never hurt but my lower back definitely got sore. The tub is perfectly sized to soak my entire body. I did prop my iPad up on the corner of the tub to watch videos while I soaked.

Palazzo King Suite Makeup Vanity

I loved the adorable little vanity in the corner. I did my makeup while sitting here. The makeup mirror that was in the room was really helpful too! It had different light settings to try to mimic different lighting conditions.

Palazzo Las Vegas King Suite King Bed

You can see the door to the room in the photo above. Once you walk past the bathroom, you’re at the gorgeous king size bed. The closet (where I’ve got my jacket over the door handles) has lights inside that turn on when you open the doors. There’s a phone on the right nightstand and a clock on the left nightstand.

Palazzo Las Vegas King Suite Bedroom TV

This is the largest of the 3 tvs in the room. I love that the room had a dresser. I hate it when I stay in a hotel room and there’s no dresser for my clothes.

Palazzo Las Vegas King Suite Bed

I loved the headboard design for the bed. The blue and bronze colors of the room worked well together. The king size bed was also very comfortable to sleep in. While I have a king size bed at home, I’m rarely alone in it!

Palazzo Las Vegas King Suite Bed

The Palazzo really paid attention to a lot of little details just to make things more comfortable. There was a plethora of electrical outlets all over the room to accommodate for the multitude of modern tech devices. On the wall above the clock by the side of the bed were controls to open and shut the sheers and curtains of the window. The same controls were also located by the step down into the sunken living room. One of the things I really liked was the small light by the step so that if you got up in the middle of the night you could see to walk around the room without having to flip on the lights.

Palazzo King Suite Living Room Palazzo King Suite Living Room Area

The living room had a large L shaped sofa, complete with coffee table and end tables in case you wanted to have friends up to your room to chat. I loved how the decorative pillows matched my room in the shades of bronze and blue. Emily’s room was decorated in bronze and red.

Palazzo King Suite Living Room TV

The living room TV wasn’t quite as large as the tv by the king bed. Not that it bothered me at all! I didn’t turn on any of the TVs. to the right of the TV was a table for two. If you had room service delivered to your room, this is usually where they would set it up.

Palazzo King Suite Desk

Finally, there was a comfortable desk in case you wanted to get some work done.

My View

Palazzo Vegas By Day View

My view by day was surprisingly lovely. I was overlooking a golf course. You can also see the city sprawl.

Palazzo Vegas By Night View

My view by night was breathtaking with all of the beautiful lights.

My room was like a huge, serene oasis in the hotel. I really appreciated the bath tub and bed at the end of each night. We walked so much (sometimes over 6 miles a day according to my BellaBeat) that I had no trouble falling asleep quickly.

Room Service

After I unpacked, I ordered a salad from room service. Room serviced surprised me by how fast they got to my room with my salad! I was barely out of the shower and dressed.

Palazzo Cupcakes

Sunday Night Emily and I took advantage of the late night room service and ordered cupcakes! They were heavenly after a long day of walking around CosmoProf. I’m guessing these change seasonally, but the cupcakes above were lemon with strawberry icing, red velvet cake with cream cheese icing, and dark chocolate.

The Staff

All of the staff at the Palazzo were extremely friendly and helpful. I do want to give a special shout out to the front desk for how they handled a situation. Sunday night after I left Emily’s room and went back to my room (we were on different floors), there was a guy literally next to the door to my room. I asked him if he needed help or if he was ok, and he snapped at me that he was fine. I got into my room as quickly as I could and peeked out the peep hole. He was still hanging right outside my door (not any of the other doors near mine), and he was swaying a little bit. I was extremely uncomfortable over this because I was there without Ray, so I called the front desk and explained that I wasn’t sure what was up with the guy, but he didn’t seem to be leaving. I wasn’t sure if he was drunk, if he was waiting for someone else, if he was locked out of his room, etc. So the hotel security sent someone up to check on him. By the time I was out of my bath that night, he was gone. The Palazzo really went out of their way to make me feel safe as a woman traveling alone and I greatly appreciate that.

The Dorsey

After my room, the Dorsey was the first place I visited. I hung out with Stef and Emily there.

The Dorsey Las Vegas - A Great Place for Drinks and Chatting

The Dorsey is the ultimate cocktail lounge. It’s got a really comfortable, inviting decor with books on the wall that remind me of a friend’s library. There’s music, but it’s not too loud, so it’s perfect to sit and talk with friends. They also have amazing cocktails! For someone like me who loves to read (albeit on my kindle, not a physical book these days), I was in heaven.

The Dorsey Las Vegas - A Great Place for Drinks and Chatting

You can see Emily on her phone in front of the ‘fire.’

The Dorsey Cocktails
L to R – Banana Hammock, Mojito for Two

The drinks were delicious! I had a Banana Hammock the first night. It’s made with two rums, lime, banana, argeat and cinnamon. It was so good! The Mojito for two is excellent for sharing and very photogenic if you’re looking for the perfect drink to Instagram.

The Dorsey Las Vegas Steam Fireplace

The statement piece of the room is probably this steam ‘fireplace’, which is so stunning to look at. It puts out a bit of heat but nothing like a fireplace. It was perfect to sit by it and chat.

With Emily and Stef at the Dorsey
L to R – Stef, Emily, me

We loved this place! In addition to the delicious drinks, I need to give a shout out to the staff. They were super helpful and made great recommendations every night that we were there. I prefer going to places like the Dorsey to have a drink with friends, where I can have a conversation, rather than going to super loud clubs where it’s impossible to chat.

The Dorsey Blogger Gathering

We also met up with a lot of beauty bloggers at the Dorsey on Sunday night to chat. A huge thank you to the Dorsey for hosting us this night!

The Dorsey Punch Bowl Drinks The Dorsey Punch Bowl Drinks

Blogger Meetup
L to R – Sinead, me, Jamie, Emily, Shelley, Vicky, Sissi, 2 unknown to me, Cindy, Stephanie Louise, Miranda, Melissa, Stephanie’s Mom and Stef (photo credit Ross with Stef’s camera)

The Dorsey was the perfect place for a bunch of us bloggers to gather to chat. The Punch Bowl drinks were the best! We tried the Green Street (very refreshing), Creole Punch (very spicy) and the Lady Royale (yummy champagne). If you’re looking to have a group gathering in Las Vegas, it’s definitely the best place to do it.


Emily is a pescatarian and Stef and I both love fish. Our lovely waitress from the Dorsey recommended we check out SushiSamba. SushiSamba is a fusion of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisine. We went there all three nights for food when I was in Las Vegas.

Appetizers at SushiSamba

Some of the various appetizers we ordered – tacos, sea bass and seaweed salad.

SushiSamba Scallops

The first night I just ordered basic food – spicy tuna and avocado rolls. The second night we had sushi rolls and we also tried the sea bass, which was amazing. Because we came back multiple nights in a row, the chef sent us complimentary scallops the second and third night.

SushiSamba Sea Bass

The third night we went back and ordered the sea bass as an entree. It was so good! I had no idea that I would love it but I do. If you eat fish, you need to try it!

The Palazzo and Venetian

The Palazzo and Venetian are sister properties in Las Vegas, so you can walk from one hotel into the other. There are countless shops that seem to be open 24 hours a day. There is, of course, a casino that they both share. There’s even a huge Sephora! We really enjoyed being able to walk around and shop at night.

Stef and Emily

Monday night we decided to walk to the Sephora that’s connected to the hotels. It was quite an adventure on escalators that go up and down outside the hotel. Once we got there, I was actually too exhausted to shop (which never happens!), but Stef and Emily enjoyed shopping. I sat on the ‘boyfriend benches’ and waited.

The View outside the Palazzo and Venetian

I took this while we were walking around outside the Palazzo and Venetian. They’re such beautiful hotels.

The LOVE Art Sculpture

One of the best things about the Palazzo is the beautiful art you see all over the hotel. Our hotel rooms had lovely pieces of art on the wall. You see tasteful arrangements while walking around the hotels. However, some of the big art installations were truly breathtaking. Below are my photos of the LOVE art sculpture. The LOVE sculpture was made by artist Laura Kimpton.

The Palazzo LOVE Art Sculpture

When you walk up to the LOVE sculpture, you’ll notice a contemplation pool in front of it and a waterfall behind it.

The Palazzo LOVE Art Sculpture

I’m incredibly proud of the two photos above that I took of the LOVE sculpture. The waterfall behind it is gorgeous, too.

The Palazzo LOVE Art Sculpture with Emily

Me with Emily, sitting in the O of LOVE.

The Palazzo LOVE Art Sculpture with Stef

Me with Stef, sitting in the E of LOVE.

The Palazzo LOVE Art Sculpture - Courtney of Phyrra
Sitting by myself in the O


The Another Sky Art Installation

The Another Sky Art Installation is in the Waterfall Atrium of the Palazzo. It’s so gorgeous, too. It’s made from a staggering 33 miles of satin ribbon. The colors range from deep navy blue to pretty purple to Navajo turquoise and elegant emerald.

Another Sky Art made of Ribbons

Another Sky Ribbon Art

I wanted to include a picture of the bottom of this art, which was around head height. I am hoping you can get a feel for how massive it is! It’s so incredibly tall.

Another Sky Art Ribbons with Courtney

It was incredibly difficult to get a photo of me in front of the Another Sky Ribbon Art that did not turn yellow. For whatever reason, all the cameras I tried to use (and Stef and Emily used for that matter) kept trying to turn my skin golden like the railing. I think the above photo was taken by Stef on my cell phone.

I had such an amazing time during my stay at the Palazzo Las Vegas! I already want to plan another trip to stay there. There are so many different ways to entertain yourself at the Palazzo that you’d never run out of things to do. I really appreciate the helpful and attentive hotel staff during my stay. I’m grateful that they put such an emphasis on security that I always felt safe, even as a woman alone in the hotel. If you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas I highly recommend you consider staying at the Palazzo. They will help you have a great time in Vegas!

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Thank you again to the Palazzo Las Vegas for hosting me!

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  1. Sounds like you had a blast! I definitely want to check out those hotels now. I was actually in Vegas the following weekend at Mandalay bay. It’s definitely a fun place to visit!

  2. Last weekend was my first visit to the Palazzo and I was very impressed! Love seeing these photos of the rooms– def going to suggest my friends visiting me to stay there if they want to be on the strip!

  3. I’m smiling as I read your post because it’s nice to bond with fellow bloggers! Wish next time the organizers will consider Hawaii, that would be a blast! Fabulous ladies in a row, you all look beautiful!

  4. It looks like you had an amazing trip in Vegas! I appreciate all the photos from each stop and that hotel looked amazing

  5. I’ve stayed at The Venetian and totally loved it. The fact that they have a bench and makeup mirror set up in the beautiful bathroom made me feel spoiled. I love the look of your room. And the food looks incredible. I’m so glad that you got this opportunity (and so jealous). Next to Cindy is Deb Chase who’s also a blogger btw. What a delightful trip.

    1. I hope you have a wonderful trip! The room was perfection. You’d have loved the food too! I think you need to go there.

  6. What a beautiful hotel! Your pictures are wonderful. I’m glad you had a great trip.

  7. I told Ross we really should stay there on our next visit. The rooms are so luxurious, I’m not sure I’d ever go home! I love the art throughout the building. And the Dorsey was the most relaxing unique place to sit and visit. It looks like such an amazing stay!

    1. You two should definitely stay there! I’m so glad I did. I really love all the attention to detail that the Palazzo pays to their whole hotel.

  8. The hotel is beautiful! I love that it’s connected to the shoppes at the Venetian. I spent more time there than anywhere on my last visit. I checked out the rates and they seem really reasonable too!

    1. Yes, their rates are super reasonable! I love that the two hotels are connected, too. It made downtime great because we never ran out of things to do.

  9. I so enjoyed your in depth review and all of your beautiful photographs. Your room was so pretty and nicely appointed and the lounge looks like a great spot to have drinks and hang with friends. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  10. This looks AMAZING!! My boyfriend and I will be looking for a place to stay when we go to Vegas! This will be at the TOP of my list! ?

  11. Looks like you had an amazing time! We haven’t done Vegas yet because we usually travel with the kids, but we’ve been planning to in the future and we’ll definitely have to consider the Palazzo!

    1. I actually saw a lot of people with children there! When I was checking in there was a dad with twins in a double stroller behind me. They were adorable.

    1. That room is bigger than my brother’s first apartment! It really was amazing 🙂

  12. The Palazzo is GORGEOUS! I’m a Vegas local and it’s one of our favorite places to go for an evening out. Glad you enjoyed our city!

    1. I can see why it’s a favorite for you! It’s got so much to do and so many beautiful artistic spots that speak to me.

  13. I’ve never stayed at this hotel but it is gorgeous! Definitely worth checking out. You’ve met so many bloggers I would love to meet! 🙂

    1. It was great to meet with everyone. This hotel will make you happy if you travel to Vegas.

  14. Love reading this post! Wish I could have gone to Cosmoprof too. Everything looked like so much fun. I’ve stayed at the Venetian, and it was a terrific hotel. Your suite at the Palazzo looked very similar to mine at the Venetian in terms of how the space was set up. The Dorsey looked like a great place to hang out with friends. Glad you had a good time!

    1. They’re sister hotels so that makes sense. I wish you’d been able to go too. I wish we had a Dorsey here in Tampa!

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