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Stacked in the Back Red Hair

Wednesday I went to Cameo Salon & Spa to see my favorite stylist, Lori for a new hair cut. I swear my hair grows longer and thicker in the back than anywhere else on my head! Everywhere else it’s fine and thin by my standards. Lori loved my new color scheme.

Longer crown, stacked back, asymmetrical fringe hair


After looking at my hair, Lori was surprised that I’d bleached  and had minimal damage (the right front side of my hair had less than an inch that needed to be snipped off). I told her I’d been doing protein treatments before I bleached and after I bleached.

Longer crown, stacked back, asymmetrical fringe with manic panic vampire red

When trying to determine what to do with my hair, I commented that I loved how hers was stacked in the back. She said that she knew I wanted the back of my hair gone (it looks like a mullet to me when it gets long in the back), so she decided to bring it up and stack it in the back. We left the layers on top long. I had her snip my fringe to make it asymmetrical. It was styled with spray wax. As you can see, with the weight off the ends of my hair I’ve got more volume.

What do you think of the new hair?

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  • You make me really miss my red hair!!  I haven’t had much luck with Manic Panic but I do with Special Effects colors.  Have you tried them?

  • I love the new cut! I meant to ask you on your original post, actually, did you find the colour remover you used was less damaging than bleach? And how much colour did it remove? I’ve been looking to change my hair colour as well, but the last time I bleached it I wasn’t gentle enough and it was VERY unhappy. I have about 1/2 an inch of dark brown roots that I’ll have to bleach (sigh) but the rest of my hair has already been bleached at least once, and is currently Manic Panic Ultra Violet over (I think?) Punky Colors Purple, which skewed too pink for me.

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