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Silk Naturals Spring 2015

Silk Naturals Spring 2015 Review Swatches Thoughts Looks -

I can’t believe April is almost over! Today I’ve got the Silk Naturals Spring 2015 collection to share with you. Silk Naturals released several new eyeshadows, a whole slew of lip products, a couple blushes, brightening concealers and contouring powders. Lots to see! All products are cruelty free and vegan.

PR sample.

Silk Naturals Spring 2015

Where to Buy
Silk Naturals

$4.50 Amplifying Lip Glazes
$4.50 Eyeshadows
$4.50 Slick Sticks
$5.99 Velvet Matte Lipsticks
$6.50 Brightening Concealers
$6.50 Shady Lady Contour Powders
$6.50 blush
$9.95 illuminating powder

Eyeshadows were swatched on eyeshadow primer. The 2 highlighters were swatched on bare skin.

Silk Naturals Haute Swatch

Silk Naturals Haute Swatch

Haute (eyeshadow)
a light shimmery blend of violet, turquoise, and a bit of gold. It’s a great multi-tone highlight
My Take
a white base with golden turquoise highlight. I can see hints of violet. Love it! This is a great shade for layering or highlighting.

Silk Naturals Trend Swatch

Silk Naturals Trend Swatch

Trend (eyeshadow)
a medium teal with teal interference. It has an amazing depth and range of color when applied over Stick ’em Primer and is made to match Godet, and Haute.
My Take
light turquoise blue shimmer. I like this color but I feel like it’s definitely a light shade, not a medium tone. I do think it would be great for layering on top of other shades.

Silk Naturals Godet Swatch

Godet (eyeshadow)
a very deep matte teal that goes well with Trend, and Haute for an amazing ombre eye look.
My Take
a deep matte green (wish this was more blue-toned!) It’s not a color that I would reach for.

Silk Naturals Style Swatch

Silk Naturals Style Swatch

Style (eyeshadow)
a warm coppery brown with gold, and copper duochrome.
My Take
a light beige brown with gold and copper shift and subtle gold sparkle. This is a pretty shade that reminds me of wet sand with delicate glitter in it.

Silk Naturals Gather Swatch

Silk Naturals Gather Swatch

Gather (eyeshadow)
an amazing assortment of purple, red, gold, and teal interference pigments that mostly looks like a light greyed lilac multichrome
My Take
a white base with purple iridescence and gold, pink and teal sparks. Love this! This is another shade that’s great for layering, for the inner lid, or highlighting. I love all the interference in it!

Silk Naturals Design Swatch

Silk Naturals Design Swatch

Design (eyeshadow)
a fantastic one-color wash of peach with a fantastic overlay of teal duochrome that shifts towards gold at some angles.
My Take
midtone peach with golden turquoise shift. This is a very pretty shade. It’s enough of a neutral that you can get away with wearing it in a conservative environment (so glad I don’t have one of those to deal with anymore), but it’s fun too. I think it’s great applied to the lid and crease, or just to the lid. It would look great paired with Silk Naturals Scout or Scene Stealer in the creaase.

Silk Naturals Spotlight Swatch

Silk Naturals Spotlight Swatch

Spotlight (pink illuminating powder)
a very slightly pink tinted shimmery Illuminating Powder. It’s great as a finisher, and helps perk-up a dull complexion with fine gold, and pink interference pigments.
My Take
light golden pink luminescent highlighter. I think this is a beautiful powder to use all over to brighten the complexion.

Silk Naturals Runway Swatch

Silk Naturals Runway Swatch

Runway (bronze illuminating powder)
a lightly tinted bronze shimmery Illuminating Powder. It’s great as a finisher, and helps perk-up a dull complexion with fine gold, and copper interference pigments
My Take
light gold with hints of bronze and copper highlighter. This is gorgeous. It works on my skintone as well as deeper ones to add a refined glow.

Silk Naturals Spring 2015 Highlighters and Eyeshadows

Row 1 – Haute – Trend – Godet – Style
Row 2 – Gather – Design – Spotlight – Runway

Silk Naturals Peplum Swatch

Peplum (Velvet Matte Lipstick)
a very deep blueish purple. It’s dark, sultry, and stunning.
My Take
I love this purple! It’s gorgeous. I feel like it’s a blackened plum shade.

Silk Naturals Chemise Swatch

Chemise (Velvet Matte Lipstick)
a bright hot pink with just enough red to keep it from looking too Barbie. It’s an instant pick-me-up color.
My Take
I love this hot pink! I think it looks fabulous on me.

Silk Naturals Bauble Swatch

Bauble (Velvet Matte Lipstck)
a very bright, medium coral. It’s an instant pick-me-up color. Coral tends to be mostly universally flattering, and it’s so cheerful!
My Take
This is a very pretty coral that seems more pink than red or orange to me.

Silk Naturals Halter Swatch

Halter (Velvet Matte Lipstick)
a lighter YLBB peach matte lipstick. It’s the more matte version of Velma
My Take
To me this is like a ripe peach shade. I like it.

Silk Naturals Fabulous Swatch

Fabulous (Slick Stick)
a sheer pinky plum with gold, and multi-color glimmers.
My Take
This color would be great for dabbing at the center of your lips to add dimension. I see golden interference on the plum base.

Silk Naturals A La Mode Swatch

A La Mode (Amplifying Lip Glaze)
slightly sheer milky hot pink that leans towards purple.
My Take
This is a really pretty hot pink. It reminds me of Urban Decay Savage gloss.

Silk Naturals Camisole Swatch

Camisole (Velvet Matte Lipstick)
a lighter YLBB pink matte lipstick. It’s the lighter version of Swoon.
My Take
This looks like a light rosy pink to me.

Silk Naturals Bustier Swatch

Bustier (Velvet Matte Lipstick)
a medium neutral ultra nude. It has quite a bit of brown in it, and should suit most skin tones as long as you want something VERY nude.
My Take
I think this light brown with hints of pink would be great for deeper skintones.

Silk Naturals Garter Swatch

Garter (Velvet Matte Lipstick)
a lighter nude plum matte lipstick. It’s the lighter version of Canoodle.
My Take
This looks like a pinky-plum to me. It’s a nice, light neutral.

Silk Naturals Georgette Swatch

Georgette (Slick Stick)
a very neutral coral with a cream (no shimmer) finish, and a moderate amount of coverage. It’s nearly universally flattering, and a great staple for your makeup bag.
My Take
I really like Georgette. I’m a fan of corals and this one is pretty. I feel like it’s got a great balance of red and pink in it.

Silk Naturals Ruffle Swatch

Ruffle (Slick Stick)
a deep, brick toned brown with a hint of coverage, and no shimmer.
My Take
Ruffle reminds me of a marsala type of shade. It’s definitely a brick red type shade.

Silk Naturals Chantilly Swatch

Chantilly (Slick Stick)
a sheer creamy light pink Slick Stick, and a cream (no shimmer) finish.
My Take
If you like soft petal pinks, you might like Chantilly.

Silk Naturals Catwalk Swatch

Catwalk (Slick Stick)
a pastel reddish orange with just a bit of coverage and no shimmer.
My Take
To me this is a red-toned orange. It’s pretty if you love oranges. I think it’s a great bright for Spring or Summer.

Silk Naturals Spring 2015 Collection Swatches and Review

Row 1 – Ruffle – Chantilly – Catwalk

Silk Naturals Spring 2015 Collection Swatches and Review

Row 1 – Peplum – Chemise – Bauble – Halter – Fabulous
Row 2 – A La Mode – Camisole – Bustier – Garter – Georgette

There are two blushes in the collection – Paris & Milan.

Silk Naturals Brightening Concealers

Row 1 – Shade 1 – Shade 2 – Shade 3 – Shade 4

Brightening Concealers
The Brightening Concealers are the perfect choice for hiding little flaws, and work wonderfully as a matte highlighter. They contain silica, and our HD microspheres so they blend beautifully, help blur fine lines, and give you a radiant glow. 
Shade 1 – shades in 10 to 30 range (cream with hint of peach)
Shade 2 – 40 to 50 (light peach beige) This is supposed to be comparable to Anastasia Beverly Hills Banana.
Shade 3 – 60-70 (medium peach beige)
Shade 4 – 70-80 (midtone brightening peach) This is supposed to be comparable to Anastasia Beverly Hills Peaches & Cream.

Shade 1 does work under my eyes, but I really think you need to layer them on top of a cream product or foundation to get full coverage I really like Shade 1 and I think it works well on my skintone.

Silk Naturals Shady Lady Contour Powders

Row 1 – Shade 1 – Shade 2 – Shade 3 – Shade 4
Row 2 – Shade 1 – Shade 2 – Shade 3 – Shade 4

Shady Lady Contour Powders
Shady Lady Contour powders are absolutely perfect for contouring your face. They’re absolutely matte, provide just a little bit of coverage, and contain HD Microspheres so they blend beautifully. 1, 2 and 4 are neutral taupes.
1 – light neutral taupe (looks slightly warm to me)
2 is comparable to Anastasia Fawn (looks slightly warm to me)
3 is comparable to Anastasia Havana
4 is comparable to Anastasia Espresso

Shade 1 actually works quite well on me. I applied the swatches heavily on top and then faded them out for the bottom swatch. I really like shade 1!

Wearing Peplum

Wearing Peplum

Darling Girl Serpentine Look

The 3 photos above are me wearing Peplum. Love it 😉

Wearing Silk Naturals Chemise

Darling Girl Serpentine Look

Me wearing Chemise. Such a great bright pink!

Wearing Shady Lady Contour Powder 1 and Brightening Concealer 1

In the above photo I’m wearing Shady Lady Contour Powder 1 to contour my cheeks alongside the right side of the blush in this picture. I used Brightening Concealer 1 under my eyes in a triangle shape. I used Urban Decay Bittersweet blush. For foundation I’m wearing Cover FX Custom Cover Drops N10 mixed with Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint in Light. You can see that Brightening Concealer 1 does brighten under my eyes without looking cakey or like I have a ton of product on. Shady Lady 1 gives me a natural looking shadow / contour at the edge of my face.

Both the illuminizing shades would work well to add a glow to to your complexion or as a subtle highlighter on the cheekbones.

I’m really excited to see Silk Naturals bring us both brightening concealers and Shady Lady Contour powders since both are vegan. I’ve had a lot of people ask me for vegan versions of the Anastasia palettes, or for individual shades, and now I have some great recommendations for them. With more people than ever interested in highlighting and contouring, I think these will be very popular. Because I liked them so much, I just bought full sizes of the Brightening Concealer 1 and the Shady Lady Contour 1. (Be sure to check out my Pale Girl’s Guide to Highlighting and Contouring)

I love the Silk Naturals Velvet Matte lipstick formula and recommend that if you’re looking for comfortable matte lipsticks to wear that don’t dry out your lips. I’m happy to see brighter colors added to this formula too. If you love brights I recommend Peplum, Chemise, Bauble and Red Hot. If you love neutrals I recommend Halter, Bustier and Garter. A La Mode and Fabulous are great shades for layering and adding dimension at the center of your lips.

While I was personally not thrilled with Godet (color only, because the matte formula was nice), I really love the rest of the eyeshadows. I find the Silk Naturals eyeshadow formula is easy to apply and blend. I think this collection is definitely on the softer side of color.  Because of the complexity of the shades I think you’ll have fun layering them.

What do you think of the Silk Naturals Spring 2015 Collection? What are your favorites from the eyeshadows and lipsticks?



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