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Silk Naturals Bare Necessities Smoky Palette

Silk Naturals Bare Necessities Smoky Palette Review and Swatches

Today I’m sharing the Silk Naturals Bare Necessities Smoky palette with you. The Silk Naturals Bare Necessities Smoky palette is an ultra pigmented, gorgeous set of vegan eyeshadows that are very similar to Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette. These shades are made without talc, binders or preservatives. They’re also gluten free. This set is part of the Silk Naturals Fall 2015 release. I’ve been working on the Silk Naturals Fall 2015 release and will have more up later this week but I thought you’d want to see this first.

PR sample.

Silk Naturals Bare Necessities Smoky Palette

$4.50 for individual shades
$39.99 for 12 shades

Swatched on bare skin and Ofra Eye Gel Primer. Left side of the swatch is bare skin and the right side is on primer.

Silk Naturals Laced, Urban Decay Thirteen Dupe

Laced is a delicate cream with just a hint of pink, and a satiny finish. It’s soft, subtle, and a little on the sheer side so it’s great for toning down colors, or blending. (Compare to Urban Decay Thirteen)
To me, when you look at this swatch up close you can see tiny flecks of shimmer, but it’s not apparent from a distance. It’s very easy to work with. I love this sort of pale ivory pink for a satiny highlight or to blend out other shades.

Silk Naturals Schoolgirl, Urban Decay Combust Dupe

Schoolgirl is a muted matte nude pink tone that makes a gorgeous daytime lid color. (Compare to Urban Decay Combust)
This is a great nude pink that I find makes a soft crease color on my skintone.

Silk Naturals Score, Urban Decay High Dupe

Score is a light pinky champagne shade with a shimmery finish. SN skipped the microglitter to make this a fallout-free shade. (Compare to Urban Decay High)
This is a lovely shimmery pink champagne. I feel it leans warm.

Silk Naturals Cult, Urban Decay Armor Dupe

Cult is a cooler toned nearly metallic taupe shimmer with little bits of (fallout free) silver. It’s a stunning, versatile lid color made with extra silica to help blur lines, and blend beautifully. (Compare to Urban Decay Armor)
If you are a taupe fan, you are going to love this metallic taupe. I feel it has a coppery brown base with cooler silvery-taupe shimmer on top and tiny silver glimmers.

Silk Naturals Lithium, Urban Decay Slanted Dupe

Lithium is a cool toned shimmery silver that’s a little darker than a standard silver. (Compare to Urban Decay Slanted)
This is a beautiful deep shimmery silver.

Silk Naturals Fume, Urban Decay Password Dupe

Fume is a deep grey with just a hint of brown to make it taupish. It’s completely matte. (Compare to Urban Decay Password)
This is actually more grey-toned than it photographed above.

Silk Naturals Wicked, Urban Decay Smolder Dupe

Wicked is a matte black with a layer of purple interference pigment. Packed on over a primer it’s a sexy deep purple-blended out it’s pretty much a sheer black. (Compare to Urban Decay Smolder) This color is not really a dupe of Smolder. It’s an awesome blackened purple.
To make the purple come out, I would use it with a mixing medium. When used over primer, you do see purple glimmers. On bare skin it’s a warm smoky black. It would make a great liner if used with a mixing medium.

Silk Naturals Lewd, Urban Decay Dirtysweet Dupe

Lewd is a shimmery metallic golden bronze with slightly orange undertones. It’s a wonderful lid color. (Compare to Urban Decay Dirtysweet)
I’m always a fan of colors like this. It’s an awesome metallic golden bronze.

Silk Naturals Mercy, Urban Decay Radar Dupe

Mercy is a deep taupe with hints of copper, and golden shimmer (no fallout). (Compare to Urban Decay Radar)
To me this is a deep copper brown with a hint of taupe and golden shimmer.

Silk Naturals Smoke, Urban Decay Dagger Dupe

Smoke is a deep charcoal with little hints of shimmer. It’s a great crease shade. (Compare to Urban Decay Dagger)
This is a deep charcoal grey (very close to black), with tiny flecks of silver.

Silk Naturals Darkside, Urban Decay Black Market Dupe

Darkside is a deep jet black with a slight sheen. It’s a little on the sheer side, and made to blend beautifully. It’s superb as a shading/crease color. (Compare to Urban Decay Black Market)
This is a slightly shimmery black that is easy to sheer out.

Silk Naturals Vain, Urban Decay Whiskey Dupe

Vain is a matte deep brown shade. It’s wonderful smudged along your lashline. (Compare to Urban Decay Whiskey)
This is a deep chocolate brown matte.

For the swatches below, the top is on primer and the bottom is on bare skin.

Silk Naturals Bare Necessities Smoky Swatches, Urban Decay Naked Smoky Dupes
Wicked – Lewd – Mercy – Smoke – Darkside – Vain
Silk Naturals Bare Necessities Smoky Swatches, Urban Decay Naked Smoky Dupes
Laced – Schoolgirl – Score – Cult – Lithium – Fume


Silk Naturals Vegan Lipstick in Cherry Black
Wearing Silk Naturals Vegan Lipstick in Cherry Black

I did want to share a teaser of the upcoming Silk Naturals Fall 2015 lipstick posts. Cherry Black is stunning! Ok, back to the eyeshadows!

What I think some people may find very appealing, in addition to these eyeshadows being vegan, talc and gluten free, is that the shades are offered individually. So if you only like 1 or 2 shades, you can buy 1 or 2 shades. While the shades are available individually for $4.50, the palette is $39.99, which breaks down to about $3.33 per shade if you purchase the set.

What I love about this set is that all of the colors are so pigmented. Yes, you can absolutely sheer them out to make them easier to smoke out or layer. It’s also not hard at all to get the full shimmery impact on the lid. I also found the mattes (all the shades really) very easy to work with. I’m a fan of Silk Naturals eyeshadow formula. It’s normally pigmented, long wearing, and easy to blend. When it comes to the dupes, sometimes I’ve found that the shades run a touch warmer than the originals.

I’ll have my swatch comparison between the Silk Naturals Bare Necessities Smoky and Urban Decay Naked Smoky for you soon.

What do you think of the Silk Naturals Bare Necessities Smoky Palette?



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