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Purple and Teal Mani

KBShimmer Witch Way, Wing Dust Sleepless Summer Nights, Nubar Hot Blue, Adorn Nails Tequila Mockingbird nails, manicure

This is the mani that I wore for my birthday, though as you can tell I’ve had it on for a few days because I’ve got tip wear going on. It’s so pretty that I wanted to share it with you regardless.

Base – Cult Nails Get It On Base Coat
Main Color – Adorn Nails Tequila Mockingbird (this smells like grape candy)
Main Color Glitter Stripe – KBShimmer Witch Way?
Accent Nail Base Color – Nubar Hot Blue (very runny formula)
Accent Nail – Wing Dust Sleepless Summer Nights
Top Coat – KBShimmer Top coat

I should mention that I almost didn’t share this mani because of the issue I ran into with Adorn Nails. Since I’m a huge fan of and I order a ton of stuff through there, often with 2 day Amazon Prime shipping, I’m in the habit of looking for things on Amazon. I had seen Adorn Nails Tequila Mockingbird on Jen of My Beauty Bunny’s blog and thought it was a gorgeous purple, so I decided to purchase it through Amazon. I’ve been ordering online through Amazon for years now (since 2001, I just checked). Never in the 12 years that I’ve been ordering through Amazon have I ever experienced what I did with my Adorn Nails order.

My Adorn Nails order was fulfilled directly by Adorn Nails through Amazon. They charged $4.57 for shipping through Amazon and it wasn’t available for 2 day Prime shipping. No big deal, right? Well, my package with the nail polish arrives, and the USPS person also tells me that I owe them an additional 75 cents for shipping. Additionally, the package arrived in a padded yellow envelope, it wasn’t even in a box. In 12 years of ordering from Amazon, I’ve never been told that I owe additional shipping on an item. NEVER! So I try contacting Adorn Nails through Amazon’s seller contact. I get crickets. No response. After waiting several days, I leave the seller a rating of 1 out of 5 on Amazon. Still no response. Then I leave a review of the product (giving it 3 stars) on Amazon. Still no response.

So my conclusion is that while I like the Adorn Nails nail polish I have, I won’t be ordering from them again. I don’t feel that I should have had to pay additional shipping because they already charged me for shipping via Amazon. I also feel like they should have responded to me as a customer. It’s really disappointing that they didn’t.

KBShimmer Witch Way, Wing Dust Sleepless Summer Nights, Nubar Hot Blue, Adorn Nails Tequila Mockingbird nails, manicure

Bleh, enough about Adorn Nails.

I love Nubar Hot Blue but the consistency is SO RUNNY! Still, it’s perfect for layering beneath glitters like Wing Dust Sleepless Summer Nights or KBShimmer Don’t Teal Anyone. Oh, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Witch Way? on top of anything. So pretty!

What do you think of these color combos?

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  • What a shame! I always talk to amazon after & they’ve alwaysrrefunded me. I’ve had lots of random shipping mishaps but amazon has been great. Lovely mani!

  • I LOVE that accent nail! I’ve bought a lot of polish from Amazon too, and I’ve never had that problem before either.

  • Whaaaaaat?  I had no idea that was even a thing that could happen.  I pretty much never keep cash around, so I’d have been digging for change in the couch cushions, lol.

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