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Perfect Palette Tag 2

Perfect Palette Tag 2

Today I’m bringing you the Perfect Palette Tag 2 video! The original Perfect Palette Tag debuted several years ago and I did that one. I was recently asked to do the new one, so here it is!

Some products purchased by me. Some products press samples. All opinions honest and my own.

Perfect Palette Tag 2

The Perfect Palette Tag 2 | Phyrra

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Palettes in Video

Perfect Palette Tag 2 Look

Perfect Palette Tag 2 Look

What I’m Wearing

Purple Cruelty Free Shirt

Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer
My Custom BB Cream (see how I made it here)
Cover FX Perfect Pencil in N-Xtra Light
Becca Lychee Opal Beach Tint Souffle – blush
Urban Decay Quickie – blush
Makeup Geek Love Triangle – contour
Urban Decay Aura – highlight
It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed Finishing Powder
Nyx Micro Brow Pencil in Black
Glossier Boy Brow in Black

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Lipsaver Treatment Primer
OCC Hoochie Colour Pencil
Too Faced Pitch Perfect Lipstick

This is what I look like when I get crappy sleep and don’t drink enough water and have to rely on makeup to look well rested (aka thank God for makeup!). I slept from about 4am to 7am, then took Phaedra to the vet for her surgery. Then I slept from 9am until noon. I worked for a few hours, had an appointment to get to. I got my lashes refilled and my nails done. Then I went with Dave to pick up Phaedra from the vet. I carried her out to the car and held  her in my lap the whole way home. Once home, I held her in my lap for several hours. She came through surgery with no issues and her cyst was benign.

I can’t put on eyeshadow for 2 days after getting lash refills, so hopefully by the time I can wear eyeshadow again I will have some new palettes to play with.

The new Kat Von D Shade + Light Quads launched at Sephora. I bought Smoke and Rust. I can’t wait for them to get here so I can try them out and review them.

Let me know what you think of this tag and if there are any other tags I should do!

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  • I think we all have palette envy from seeing your collection! I need to branch out into more colorful palettes. Glad that your dog is doing better. We had our own dog drama last week… Our dog had to have 17 teeth extracted! Crazy! They’re like humans. Stacie xo

  • Firstly, so glad Phaeda is ok, as a dog mama I know how stressful that is, worrying, but for lack of sleep you look so stunning(see below comments!) LOVE the post, and how you not only showed the picks but your fave shades, and the versatility and this post look is perfection, the combo of the Hydra Veil Primer(I bet the Radiance would be gorgeous on you too!) with the Custom BB(have to read the post but I have a guess on what it might be!) and the Bye Bye Pores, gorgeous complexion and love the blush and the OCC lip . I love the Velvet Loose for finishing from NARS, but want to try Bye Bye Pores because it’s nice AND it comes in a duo with an IT powder brush that I’m dying for! I saw that they now have a Bye Bye Pores Blush-now RE my palettes-wanted to know if you’ve seen the Viseart Ribbons Boheme I think you would love it, it’s full of color but different tones and finishes! AND MY fave palettes of all time are: are Naked Basics 1, Saucebox ETUDE, NARS Smokey Eye Kit Palette shades(the third is so great as liner too(ran out of the liner of course but still have shadow left and the awesome travel contour brush) the NARS STEVE KLEIN LTD NARS Dual Intensity(love!, I might buy the full one will all the shades!)-amazing, especially Subra, and now Too Faced Semi Sweet, I never got it because you know, there are SO many, but I snagged it with the HSN special, I REALLLLLY love the shades, I think the neutral warm shades really suit me-and Manny MUA I haven’t received yet but I KNOW I will love it based on your review-and on my wishlist are: the Viseart Matte(it’s amazing for the whole face and I know I’ll love it, and possibly the Ribbons or the Sultry Muse) the Charlotte Tilbury Angel Palette(from the Supermodel collection, I’ve seen swatches and looks, gorgeous, and her Dolce Vita)

    • Which Visearts do you own? Matte Neutral I plan on getting it’s such an essential, I think Paris Nudes/Sultry Muse are gorgeous too, and the Ribbons Boheme that’s coming out next month is another gorgeous one that’s filled with color, I was just saying to @phyrra:disqus that she would love it I think.

  • I LOVE this video! I value your product reviews and share a passion for purple. Lol. Unlike you, however, I don’t like UD eyeshadow. I bought both the UD Naked and the Naked 3 but ended up giving them to my daughter. I loved the colors but the formulation is horrible! The shadows are powdery and the fallout just doesn’t quit! I never ever ever wanted a makeup item like I wanted the UD Spectrum palette buuut…

    Anyhow, I look forward to your next video!

    • Yeah I think it just depends on the person, their skin/body chemistry. I do like UD shadows but not all, and I used their Shadow Primer Potion for a long time, they changed and revamped the packaging and put a doe foot applicator on it which I don’t like-and they said the formula didn’t change but I think it’s a bit drier but the Anti Aging Shadow Primer is nice. Now I love and use Too Faced Shadow Insurance is a great shadow primer as is NARS’ Pro Prime Shadow Primer. Sometimes you don’t like something from a brand and love something else!

      • I totally agree with you about skin/body chemistry. Mine is crazy-sensitive/reactive and my eyeballs are even worse! Lol

        • Awwww well there are some brands, live Cover FX(base makeup, amazing, Phyrra is a Brand Ambassador for Cover FX)and some smaller brands too, like those you can find at Petit Vour(it’s a cf and vegan boutique that you can shop and they also have a beauty box) that have shadow primers that are really great for sensitive skin. And for base makeup too, Cover FX is THE brand that caters to every skin type, tone. The have a product called Anti-Aging Smoothing Eye Primer, you can use it for lids and for underyes prior to concealer, I love it, my mom uses it too. It’s very soothing, and it may likely protect your lids from being irritated with shadow, and of course fallout! All of their products are great for sensitive skin because they are free of the “culprit” ingredients that can cause reaction-, and now they have color correcting click sticks, (and more) . Haha no not pretentious I think Inglot is great! Their Freedom System is nice because you can create your own palettes. I want to try more. Makeup Geek to you can build your own! NARS(one of my fave brands has a pro palette that is similar and they have lovely shadows, but even on your fave brands you can find a palette that’s a miss! So glad that you have something that does work shadow wise! I usually tell people that have sensitive eyes to wear matte shadows, since shimmer could get into the eye area and irritate- but it def. depends on you and your chemistry! Saucebox Cosmetics is my fave indie shadow brand that Phyrra introduced me too, their palette called they ETUDE, literally the best matte palette you’ll ever buy and you can use it for eyes/and face for contouring and brows. They just released new singles, $9 each right now .in mattes/satins etc. A lot of indie brands have awesome shadows! Melt Cosmetics is great. Of course Viseart shadows are amazing quality, but it’s an investment palette, I also like Illamasqua shadows, Charlotte Tilbury shadows are lovely, re: Illamasqua , their Hydra Veil is an amazing primer if you have dry/sensitive skin but the Cover FX Primers are great too. Phyrra can tell you a lot more too about shadows that would be good for sensitive eyes, (and she has sensitive skin as well) but I think that Cover FX Eye Primer would help! (all that I mentioned are cruelty free too, XO

          • Wow, thanks a TON for all of that info! I will definitely look into everything you mentioned! Btw, I placed my first order for eyeshadows by Makeup Geek about a week ago. I can’t wait to receive it!

            • Awwww you’re very welcome! It’s my pleasure, so glad it was helpful to you!! I love sharing what I’ve tried and what has/has not worked for me! I have learned so much from @phyrra:disqus she’s amazing. She’s taught me so much , and she’s introduced me to amazing brands that I never new about, ie Cover FX for example and the wonderful indie cruelty free brands like Saucebox and more! And she’s been an inspiration as far as me being a new cruelty free blogger. Feel free to ask away. I hope you enjoy, let me know if you do try any and how they work! That’s awesome re: Makeup Geek, I think you’ll really enjoy their shadows! They have really good pigmentation, and you can check Phyrra’s post on the Manny MUA to see if you’re interested in it! They have some good makeup brushes that are inexpensive too. Courtney(Phyrra) loves their buffing brush, they have a few eye brushes that I’d love to try too!

  • You are the queen of bright. When I see palettes like Viseart’s Editorial Brights my mind goes to you.

  • Just LOVE my UD Spectrum palette combined with my Naked 2. I have been using them non-stop since I got them for Christmas. These are fantastic. Not so much a fan of Two Faced – the smell of the chocolate/peaches/peanut butter really puts me off. And I think their shadows are too warm toned for me too.

    • Cool that you like and we able to get the UD Spectrum! Yeah everyone is different and you have beautiful red hair and are pink in tone so I could see how the warmer ones you wouldn’t like as much like the Chocolate Bar/Semi Sweet is pretty warm, and I was the opposite, Naked 2/3 I weren’t really ones that would work for me!

  • I love getting eye primers with palettes, like the LORAC pro palettes come with their Behind the Scenes primer. It lasts me so long, I haven’t had to buy a separate primer in over a year!

  • I’m glad that you own the Viseart Bright palette. It’s so fun to look at it. I’ll keep my eyes open for some eye looks where you use it

  • I love these types of tags. The shirt is really cute! And thank for making them available in plus sizes. I can’t wait to hear what you think of the Kat von D quads.

    • Yay so glad to hear you liked the shirts! I paid for a couple of different designs and then uploaded them to Spreadshirt (a VERY tedious process) and tried to make them available in as many different styles as possible. Spreadshirt sets the prices on items, some of which I think are high, but others are reasonable. I bought a bunch of different shirts, all in XL and I probably could wear a M or L.

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