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OMG – More Orglamix

Following in the footsteps of Glittersniffer, it appears that Orglamix has allegedly been exposed for repackaging eye shadows that may not be eye safe.  (Not) Making It Up has a pretty disturbing blog post with pictures that show what she says are Orglamix eye shadows with their ingredients labels peeled back to reveal  another ingredients label, presumably private label. The private label shadows, if you look them up, state that some of the colors are not intended for eye use but Orglamix sold them  as if they were all safe for eye use and covered up the original private label ingredients label.

While I have not purchased these eye shadows so I cannot personally verify this information, I did deem it necessary to share this with you, much as I did the information with Glittersniffer. I can’t say I’m surprised by this information, as my experience with the eye shadows that I did purchase from Orglamix in 2009 were not up to my standards.

After seeing some of the atrocities at the Glittersniffer Complaints blog, I can only hope that people are ok after using these shadows, if these allegations are true.

Another blog has posted pictures of what are allegedly Orglamix labels, Color Me Obsessed. It also shows her invoice that claims the products to be made by Cheri Tracy for her company Candy Glam. It never says that they’re private label or repackaged.

Edit: You can see people asking Cheri Tracy for information on her Orglamix Facebook page. She’s basically stated that all Orglamix is handmade, but that other lines she created are not.

Please note, these are my personal opinions and observations on things, based on my research and my past experiences with Cheri Tracy & Orglamix and are not to be construed as definitive facts. It is up to you to draw your own conclusions on the subject of Orglamix.

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  • The FDA also allows “May Contain” for products intended for the same use, but in different shades. If you have a line of loose shadows with identical main ingredients, you may list the same label for each one providing you list all the colorants used under “may contain”.

  • Yes, she is very obvioulsy MIA. Perhaps hiding out and trying to figure a way out of this SHIT HOLE she has personally created?
    She could have been thriving in a very nice business if she was just HONEST about her product from the start! I know lots of people who buy AND sell private label and if they like it, they like it. Just be sure it’s safe to sell and go for it. It’s the LYING that has gotten her in hot water!

    • I agree with you. I personally have no problem buying private label provided it’s marked as such and has the correct ingredients listed. A perfect example of this is the indelible cream liners that I purchased from Beautiful Girl Minerals and Aromaleigh. They were marked as ‘private label’ and had ingredients listings consistent with the place that created them. I liked these products. They were great. I was happy the companies sold them.

  • you know what pisses me off is her threatening comment to delete the entire thread of someone calling her out on her facebook page if someone said one mroe thing or posted one more thing, she is trying to make people afraid of her and that is what she does. someone needs to do something about her

    • Holly, that really makes me mad too. At first I was happy to see she was at least attempting to respond (though still skirting the issues) without immediately deleting, but I think that she thought she could just give her quick apology and be done with it. Once it started to blow up (I personally was not backing down from the questioning because I did not feel like she was actually answering my questions, also completely ignoring other direct questions being asked of her by others), it seemed like she tried to do a bit of damage control, people started coming to her defense, and she threatened to shut it down.

      Now, I certainly didn’t want that thread to be deleted, so I respected her wishes to stop commenting there despite my belief that it was better to have this discussion out in the open and not privately, and I followed up the next day with an email asking direct questions. I was direct, but I was also polite and I thanked her for inviting us to email her with our concerns and questions. That was on March 1st. I have not receive ANY response.

      Meanwhile the thread is getting buried on the fan page while all of the “fans” keep singing her praises.

      It is interesting though that she hasn’t been active online since some time early yesterday – that’s VERY unusual for her. The etsy listings are not being replaced (like they always are right after being sold except for the middle of the night), and she is not replying to emails/convos (apparently) and is leaving some interesting comments up on the fan page without deleting them! But she hasn’t been posted on facebook either, like she usually would be doing.

      I’m eagerly awaiting a response to my question I posted a few hours ago –

      “Hi Cheri, are your Orglamix products mixed by hand and hand made by you? Would you mind sharing a little bit about your work space and how it’s set up? Thanks!”

  • You are absolute right how rude of me for not accusing anybody of anything but pointing out there may be a safety issue. It won’t happen again. I have been waiting a week.

    • Suzie, I sent Amy an email with your comments. She said she hasn’t received an email from you. Please try sending her another email.

  • Thank you LA Minerals for posting that info. It is nice to see another seller put their customers safety first. I was not going to say any more because I am not looking for another big blow out, I just think there is way to many red flags with this color. First off a cosmetic manufacture should be sterilizing their equipment between batches not leaving residue. Second the only time the words “May Contain” can be used on a cosmetic is if there are more than one color combinations that make the same color. For example if I make a lipstick out of red A1 but run out of red A1 before all of my orders are filled I can mix Red A2 and Red A3 to make the same color. Now I can print a label that can go on either lipstick that reads the same base ingredients & many contain red A1, red A2 or red A3.

    I am not putting this company down or tying to hurt them in any way, I went to their web site because I was impressed with the pics I saw of their product and packaging. I don’t go around looking for other peoples mistakes but this color MAY??? contain 5 different D&C colors not approved for eyes and 2 colors that are not even on the FDA’s approved list. I think if it was a residue problem all of their eyeshadows should include those ingredients.

    I am very sorry if me saying something is making anyone angry but when it’s a possible safety issue I will speak up.

    • Actually, Suzie, you might want to wait for that email from Amy before running your mouth.

      When Sugarpill first launched it was made om machinery that made other cosmetics, so by law it had to contain that info, even though it never DID contain any ‘harmful’ ingredients. It’s been explained about a dozen times by now.

      And SINCE then, Sugarpill switched to a different process/manufacturer and the current product no longer HAS THESE ISSUES, so… plain and simple… you’re wrong. You’re harping on an issue long since resolved that was NEVER an issue in the first place.

      By the way, isn’t this post about Orglamix?

  • P.s. I meant to include the name of my company, L.A. Minerals. If the moderator wants to add it to my post above, that is fine.

  • Just wanted to help with a little consumer info.

    1. There are NO FDA approved, eye safe, neon colors. If you have any eye makeup touted as neon, do not use it on your eyes. 
    2. There are very limited, FDA approved, eye safe dyes. 1 in each color actually. See chart below.  
    3. Ingredients can be provided on the outer box, inner label, on the display, or available upon request for mail order products. 
    4. Also, many  companies selling “multiple minerals” for eyes, face,  lips, and nails are not disclosing the ones that are not eye safe or not lip safe. 
    The following FDA charts are intended for cosmetic formulators. The link at the bottom is much more user friendly.

    “Externally applied” or “Cosmetics Generally” means NOT LIP or EYE safe. If it is eye safe it also states “including the eye area.” The lips are considered a mucus membrane, not an external body part.

    Don’t think just small companies market misbranded/mislabeled cosmetics. I had to prove to a big company that ultramarines were not lip safe. That ingredient was being used in their lip tars. They did not understand that externally applied cosmetics did not include the lips, and assured me ultramarines were FDA approved for the lips and sent me the above link. Then i sent them this link, and i did not hear from them again.

    The above link is a very user friendly chart that you may want to bookmark or print out. 

    Please do not assume all Indie companies or all small cosmetic companies do not know what they are doing.


  • I suppose that is the learning lesson for everyone in all of this…do your homework. There are for sure great companies out there, not everyone is like Cheri and GS, BUT it is up to us as the consumer (unfortunately) to look into every aspect of a company and product before making a purchase. We need to educate ourselves about all the ingredients, what’s safe and what’s not. This is true for all makeup, not just indie/homemade. If anyone thinks they’re safer going to the drug or department store for ‘safe’ cosmetics, you’re also kidding yourself. Ever looked into the list of a million ingredients in those products? Parabens, mineral oils, propylene glycol, synthetic lake dyes, petroleum, the list goes ON and ON. Big name company does not = trust, it simply equals big profit. The bigger companies don’t care about your health any more than these bad indie companies. Educate yourself in every aspect of the products you use on your body, it’s your skin, your due diligence I suppose.

    • Sadly though, with companies like Orglamix, because of how she pushes with PR and giving away so many samples to YT gurus and bloggers, if you searched for orglamix review,most of what you see will be positive. So it’s hard for people new to mineral and indie makeup to tell. Thankfully when I just did a test, LeGothique’s review is the first hit, but mine is nowhere on the first page.

      • No, I AGREE! Orglamix ‘got’ us all. Because of her lieing ways and completely untruthful business conduct there’s no amount of research that could have unearthed THIS mess! My post was in reference to Suzie’s post about Sugarpill and some of their ingredients. In all the posting that was happening, other posts got between them! My post was in no way to justify what Cheri has done, I want that clear!!!! 🙂

        • Ahh ok.

          It’s sad too, because you can have a reaction to products that other people have no problems with. I had a reaction to Stila and they were wonderful about helping me identify the likely ingredients, as well as about refunding me for the products. They treated me as if I mattered.

          It’s so very important to deal with companies that listen.

          • Sorry if my comment was taken the wrong way everyone! Cheri does not get away with this because I feel WE did something wrong by not researching. I meant in general we all have to research all companies that we buy from. I have never purchased from Sugarpill and am not making a judgement on their products specifically or at all.

            If I had been in this situation with Stila, I would be super happy to spread the loving word about their company, even if I personally couldn’t use their product. The fact that they gave a damn about every INDIVIDUAL customer speaks volumes and I always want to support companies that care.

            • I actually made a post about Stila and their great customer service 🙂 Because it was refreshing to see a company give a damn.

  • You don’t know me but I am handcrafted cosmetic maker. I have been following along on the Orglamix mess because unfortunately bad press for handmade could affect me as well. Anyway I noticed in a very early post you mentioned that you trusted Sugarpill. When I came across them I thought they had really great packaging for a handcrafter so I went to check them out. Long story short, if the ingredients lists on their website are right they sell a few products as eyeshadows that contain colorants that are not approved for use in the eye area. I did email them and asked if that was an accurate ingredients list but have not gotten a reply yet, (don’t know if I will). I truly hope there is a miss print on their website but if not I would highly recommend not putting Love+ on your eyes! (it’s not lip safe either)
    I don’t want anyone to feel like I am fishing for sales or putting another seller down to promote myself so I will only used my first name. If you would like me to go into further detail I will. I just happened to notice it and since it is a safety issue I felt the need to speak up.

    • Maybe try resending your email to Amy? I know she answers every email that comes in.

      Also, I’m pretty sure that the ‘May Contain’ is the stuff you’re referring to, and that typically means made on a machine in the same building.

      For example, I have organic truffles from whole foods. They have a may contain of nuts on them, but they don’t have nuts in them. Someone who is allergic to nuts may avoid eating them, but others might eat them regardless.

      • Yeah it’s a legal/ due dillegence thing. I call it the “covering your ass because the law says so but it’s not actually in the product” disclaimer. I also understand this as a possiblity of contamination from other products but not actually a key component in the actual product.

    • I just wanted to say real quick that I hope no one thinks I’m here trying to get sales or put down another seller. I’m not. I just felt more comfortable disclosing exactly who I was, but that’s just me. This is just what I feel comfortable with and in no way am I putting anyone down for choosing not to disclose such information. I totally understand. I just wanted to emphasize that I am not here trying to make sales, I’ve been following Phyrra’s blog for quite some time now and have posted here before this has come out about this seller. OK just wanted to say that 🙂

  • okay, so here’s the question that’s on my mind. We know these are private label products, but for those that have lots of ‘orglamix’ products, what is the quality like from these places? Are they ok to continue using (other than the loose paint that was of course not meant to be eyeshadow)? I’m still new to all this ‘private label’ stuff.

    • I’ve got a ton of Orglamix eyeshadows, and I do really like the quality – I won’t be giving her any more of my money, but I’m not throwing out my goodies either!

      • I think I’m the lone person who throws out makeup when I get mad at a company. I threw out my Orglamix (though I felt it lacked a base), Facefront, Stardust, etc.

        • That’s my primary product issue with her shadows – (all other points of concern aside!) at least with some I find they are very flyaway, others less so – it seems particularly the case with some of the highlighting shades.

    • Private label is normally safe for whatever use the private label company sells it for. So if they sell it as an eye shadow and safe for eye use, it should be safe.

  • I reported her to Etsy, too. I have the Corrander and Nutmeg blushes with the stickers underneath that look like they were purchased from smilejar. Also, a few months ago she was selling these cream liners as a Fab Friday special. She didn’t say specifically that she made them, but said that they were “lab samples.” I ordered 2 but never got them (or the “replacements” she supposedly sent out). There is a link to them on NotMakingThisUp’s blog post about all of this that pretty much proves that they came from Spa Private Label. To me when you say that they are “lab samples” that implies not handmade, but at least made exclusively for you to sell as your own product. I do also have the Pink Sugar color that has another non-Orglamix label underneath. I’ve also seen what looks to be the exact color on her Urban Apothocary site and smilejar. AND someone (here I think) mentioned Cheri saying that a certain ingredient was in her Twinkle effects and Aura colors again implying that she handmade them. I looked at TKB and low and behold, there it is! I am just so angry over all of this and all the money I’ve spent on Orglamix, and angry at myself for not researching better and blindly trusting that what I was getting was a quality handmade product. It also makes me weary of the other brands of MMU I’ve purchased on Etsy. Gah!!

    • Yes I have for reselling, and also to the FDA for the labeling violation (not listing ingredients). I forgot to mention the SPF violation though which is another FDA issue!

      Please, I encourage everyone to speak up and do the same. I don’t know if one etsy report is going to make them batt an eye, and I will never hear back from the FDA. There is an online form that’s simple to fill out and she won’t know you’ve reported her. My big fear here is this thing will quickly be swept under the rug and forgotten unless we keep making noise in numbers!!

      Don’t let this fraud get away with this!

    • I have. I know that some people from Shelby’s blog are also gathering #’s so that we can get as many reports on her as possible. It’s a very simple process, takes 2 seconds and is anonymous.

  • Orglamix also claims and SPF for her foundation, yet there is not ONE ingredient that has SPF qualities. That’s another FDA violation, and a dangerous one too.

  • Apparently according to her facebook, someone sent some of ‘her’ makeup to the Dr. Oz show, likely looking for a tv spot because of how ‘safe, healthy, organic and vegan’ all of her products are…… >_<. Seriously, how do we properly OUT this woman and help crumble her fake business?

      • Ha, I just read info about Dr Oz and his view of mineral makeup last night – I really hope Dr Oz gets a good laugh, I highly doubt he will be featuring her on his show.

  • Wow! Super impressed with the detective work ladies! Please keep us updated on what you find out….this whole thing is just mind-blowing.

  • Hi all, I’m on my phone again and can’t reply to individual threads but wanted to point out that the listings on the SmileJars site mentioned different sizes were available and they could customize. Also maybe that’s not the exact place they were purchased, perhaps there are other companies selling the same basic private label product but with the shade names changed? Is that possible? It’s the numbering on the old labels and how they match many of the Orglamix shades visually that’s getting to me.

    Thanks also for the license info StarShine Company… I was trying to dig in to that last night before bed. She’s in IL btw.

  • It is just really upsetting to find out that she lies not only on something such as shipping but also regarding handmaking the makeup. It’s also irritating that she doesn’t label the ingredients on the containers, you have to look it up on the policies page… My face kept feeling itchy right when I would wear the Carnelian glow, I thought it was maybe a food allergy, but it wasn’t, it was the talc in the mineral glow.

  • Wow, I am in shock right now.

    I want to mention that I’ve been lied to a couple of times regarding shipping. This has happened to me twice: When my order didn’t arrive after 2 months of my order date I contacted Cheri and she mentioned they must have gotten lost in transit, and that she’d send a replacement. Mind you I kept tracking the original package and since the status never changed (the USPS link would say they received the shipping info but not the package) I believed her story. Well she didn’t send me a tracking no. for the second package so I just waited another month before I recieved the replacent except that when I finally recieved it (3 months after my order date) the invoice enclosed was printed the day after my order was placed, and when I checked the tracking no. for the original package it’s was the same package I had just received… Therefore the package wasn’t lost, it was just shipped out two and a half months later…

  • You guys are bringing up a great point. I do know other Etsy companies who frequently shut down to catch up on orders … I can’t think of a time that Orglamix has .. on top of that she has a ton of time to respond to e-mail/fcbk/etsy msgs.

    What is srsly irking she right now is the PRICES! Look at that sites prices vs. what Cheri was selling. When I started buying they were 4.99 now 6.50 why the huge increase if people are making them for her?! Obviously greed has a lot to do with it. She must be making a fortune from all us fools. If this all is true I have to say I feel bad for her kids. She has a family to take care of and here she is running a pretend business.

    The bad guys always get caught .. sooner or later. You would think that mentality would be ingrained in everyone’s mind today. I guess some think they are smarter than that and can outsmart everyone else.

    I will never be buying from Orglamix again. As far as the eye shadows I already own I wish I could just throw them away. But with all that money spent I can’t just do that. I doubt they themselves are harmful (let’s hope otherwise Cheri will have a major lawsuit to deal with) .. no harmful than any other manufactured eye shadow anyways. So might as well use them up unfortunately may take years to do it. I have about 60 shades damn it!

    As of now if I do buy any eye shadows it will only be from a select few. Looks like Fyrinnae is safe 🙂 and that is good because their eye shadows look intense !

    • For what it’s worth she raised her prices when she started wholesaling her products. I know this because I watch her business closely… I was always hoping to learn a thing or two to improve mine. I remember when she talked about her first wholesale account, I was thinking ‘how the heck can she afford to wholesale when her prices are already ridiculously low?!’, then only a couple days later she increased her retail prices.

    • Sele, I agree, I don’t think anything is dangerous in the products in the Orglamix line – my issue is just the confusion over some questionable ingredients and whether they are actually in anything or not (carmine, Bismuth, talc) and hew inconsistency with providing the consumers with that information, and not labeling the packaging, etc.

      But my BIGGER issue is simply being lied to. I can’t believe it, except I really can’t see any other possible scenario here.

      I just wrote this out in a comment on Shelby’s blog and will repeat it here…

      I’ve been taking a close look at how she phrases things when she talks about Orglamix and it being her creation. She says she “creates” all of the shades and she “makes” the product. But where has she EVER said “I mix the makeup with my own hands”? She could be “creating” the shades by working with another company and specifying what she wants, but that doesn’t mean she is HAND making them. I can’t find anything on her etsy site claiming she hand makes anything, either. Am I blind?

      The only jars of concern for me are the blushes which were bought on sale recently and probably old product. Everything else I have (even Teak) is in the newer Orglamix-lidded jars with newer single stickers. But I have only been buying her stuff for about 3 months now, and I still can’t believe she is HAND making any of it. She probably moved on to getting customized labels/branding and no longer has to relabel anything. As her success has grown, I imagine she has learned a thing or two. Like how to be EXCELLENT at PR and marketing, which is how she seems to be spending all of her time – NOT hand making the products.

      My theory at this point is there is no possible way Cheri is making her own stuff by hand. And until she responds to my email with direct questions on the matter, I’ve got no reason to believe otherwise.

      • Hi everyone, long time lurker and cosmetic junkie over in Finland….

        I’m inclined to believe Emily’s exactly bang-on about the PR/social media skills vs crafting everything herself. It seems, literally, that marketing is her forte – it’s no doubt helped her reach new levels. While that in and of itself is no criticism, there’s a part of me that’s not particularly surprised by any of this….and I have to ask myself “why”. The only answer I can come up with is because her brand felt that way.

        It always put me off a bit that her photos had a very (too much so) “pro/stock/generic” look to them. To me, handcrafting and selling successfully must be a balance of authenticity and professionalism – it’s very easy to go too much one way or the other. BUT – when in doubt at all, I err on the side of professionalism – which is why I don’t order from some companies more than once, and others – like Glittersniffer – just put me off on the oTT cliches from the start.

        Right now, seeing these links, there is a part of me smirking as I think “I threw away my Nars and MUFE for THIS?” But no regrets, really, I still would have done so…I was very committed to exploring lots of companies as about a year ago I ditched all my high-end cosmetics and made a commitment to go indie and (occasionally) also make my own stuff – I’ve already been careful with my shampoos, toothpaste, skincare, etc for years, so this was the next logical step. I’d also ran a successful small eco-friendly homecare products company in the UK for a few years before moving to the mainland of the EU – I really DID make everything by hand, and it was bloody hard work – (for a time, my polishes were sold by the WWF and even keeping up with THEIR orders became hard!) – so I’d done my time reading and researching ingredients as I’d made so much stuff for myself as well.

        I guess given the level of sales she’s generating (presumably) – that seems to clash somehow with the image of the mumsy-mum blending shadows a stone’s throw from her daughter’s playroom space. I know how long it took ME to make furniture polish, and I don’t have kids!

        So yeah – the brand image seemed to clash with itself, but I had no “proof”, I just felt something was amiss. Now I wonder if this is why. I WAS put off by her treatment of Phyrra (which I’d read about many months ago), but since I personally hadn’t experienced any issues, and had already bought the shadows – I let it slide as I had gotten what I wanted to try and had honestly just gotten bored with the brand many months ago and went in search of lines with a bit more punch.

        I’ve observed Cheri’s Facebook page for a long time and while I have absolutely no personal issues with her customer service, I’ve noticed she is MASTERFUL with social media and – I liked many of her shades but found some of them – particularly the lighter, highlight shades to be “flighty”, and somewhat prone to flyaway – a sign that perhaps they could use a bit more base.

        Saying that, I saw no indication she was a repackager which would have made me drop her like a hot potato (since I am well aware of TKB as I designed some shadows for myself) – but this list of stuff has become too long to ignore!

        Truth is, I have dropped other companies for less than this -(admittedly, Evil Shades was one, though I respect that many people love this brand – but my first and only order from them contained a spilled eyeshadow, a very dry lipstick, an unblended blush that left red streaks of pigment on my face – and a somewhat defensive email about the late shipping when I enquired about it) – if I can’t forgive THAT, (and I can’t, the email really put me off actually, and made me feel like I was a bad person for questioning her) – then I REALLY can’t forgive Orglamix, because at least I felt assured that Evil Shades WAS truly doing this herself, however flawed the order was, I could respect that she was genuine in her efforts to produce an indie brand. Shame about the blush though, it was quite pretty otherwise!

        Fyrinnae may take a month, and Meow may be pricey, and Sugarpill isn’t exactly a mineral brand – but I’ve never regretted a thing I’ve bought from them, and my experiences with them are mirrored in the comments of others. Fyrinnae – who, if anything, have to go into hiding to catch up on orders and barely HAVE a social media presence have built up their brand on what it should be built up on – integrity – and quality – not fluff.

  • I’m disheartened to have googled the following in just a few minutes after a new photo just surfaced (On Shelby’s blog, scroll down)

    More duplicate labels. In the photo you will see:

    Pink Sugar – label underneath says “SP091”
    Sage – label underneath says “SP030”

    google leads me to these (same exact ingredients list as well):

      • Yep. My blush colors look like the blushes on this site too, just called a different color name… but the numbers on my labels (MB2, MB3, MB4) match to the shades on this website under the mineral blushes.

        Teak which says “7” on the uncovered “Shimmer Powder” label matches totally to the Shimmer Powder 7 on this website color wise, just the name is off.

        And from what I am gathering from this site, it’s possible they may have worked with her to print labels as she specified with different color names…

        WOW. Really. WOW.

        • If that were the case that they made the shadows and labels for her, that would mean her statement that all Orglamix was crafted by her was not true.

          Wow. Stunning.

          • Exactly. In my email to her earlier I asked this direct question regarding my duplicate blush labels…

            “Cheri, are these products – Cayenne, Coriander, Nutmeg – actually your own hand made product?”

            My evidence now tells my the answer to that question is no. We’ll see if she responds (doubtful, really doubtful).

            • Let me just say I’m stunned. I’m truly stunned if this is true.

              However, it does explain how she could keep up with demand.

    • I work out of my home in a small office/craft space and I don’t get anywhere near the Etsy orders Orglamix gets (I have a website as well), let me just say that I’m not sure how I would handle the workload she gets under my current set up. Although one day I’d love to have that sort of business! 🙂

      Secondly, this “Smile Jars” discovery is shocking! One thing though, Orglamix used to price their shadows at $4.99, so there isn’t much of a profit margin there, so I’m not 100% sure what’s going on! Also wasn’t her color of the week priced at like $2.99 before?

      It also says those are 10 gram jars… and her listings says she uses 8 gram jars (which is weird to me… 8 gram is such a weird size).

  • I just want to make sure I’m following this correctly. So, here’s what I understand so far. Cheri sold some pigments that were not approved for eye wear or lip wear when she sold Candy Glam. These were repackaged private label that were not handmade. She insists that, at the time she sold these private label repacks under the name of Candy Glam, she did not know that the pigments were not eye safe or lip safe. I’m willing to let that go, to an extent. I don’t believe that she’d intentionally sell a product that could harm. However, selling something repacked as handcrafted on Etsy is against their terms of service, and is just not good business. But, assuming that she meant no harm, I would be willing to forgive that. A lot of people make mistakes, and it seemed like she was trying to make good on her desire to sell wholesome products by crafting the “Orglamix” line. Which I happen to like, but am now quite a bit iffy on. (A hearty dose of dishonesty can do this to a person.) Now, I do believe that Cheri makes the Orglamix line. She has too much to lose if she’s proven a liar after insisting so many times that she handcrafts it. The crux of the issue, as I see it, is that she sold Candy Glam last year under the umbrella of her Orglamix products. She did disclose that these were *not* Orglamix, but insisted (as we’ve seen on many different invoices) that they were her own creations. I believe the exact words were something to the effect of “these shades were made by me and cannot be reproduced.” Which, if we consult the LadyBurd site, we find is complete bull. So, for me as a consumer, the safety issue is almost irrelevant, especially as I did not purchase any Candy Glam. Cheri did not intentionally put anyone in harm’s way. However, the dishonesty coming from a company that I trusted is quite disheartening. When I buy something off Etsy, I do so because I want to deal with small sellers. Honest sellers who aren’t motivated by corporate greed or some such.

    I did notice that there seemed to be some date confusion before. As far as I know, Candy Glam was indeed around before Orglamix. If I remember correctly, it was being phased out just as Orglamix was up and running.

    Sorry if my simple request for information got too diatribe-y. I tend to do that. I just don’t quite know how to appropriately vent my frustration on this issue. I like the eye pigments, but can I support a seller who blatantly lies to her customers?

    • In August of 2009 I purchased from Orglamix. In September of 2009 I posted my review. In October of 2009 I received a cease & desist letter from Cheri Tracy. In September 2010 I received a ‘Kiss & Make Up’ from Cheri Tracy on Etsy. At that time I told her to NEVER contact me again.
      On February 17 2011 I was contacted by her PR person.

      As far as I am aware, Urban Apothecary & Orglamix existed before or concurrently with Candy Glam.

      From the screenshots provided by Shelby and others, the receipts for Candy Glam said Orglamix.

      I would be hard pressed to trust a seller after all of this.

      Her orglamix website states this about Candy Glam:

      “that they are is 100% pure minerals that are free of preservatives, talc, oil, waxes, fragrance, and other harmful chemicals that can irritate skin and cause breakouts. ”
      This line seems to contradict the truth of those products.

      • I do believe that they existed concurrently for a time. I don’t know how long it was, but I’m as positive as I can be that you’re right. In fact, I am pretty sure that I found the Candy Glam page through the Orglamix one, but I could just be misremembering.

        What I know right now, (which I am taking with a grain of salt) is that Cheri states that when she sold Candy Glam, LadyBurd was not disclosing that the pigments were not eye and lip safe.

        I kind of believe her, because I just can’t think that she’d deliberately mismarket these pigments. However, when she marketed them for a short time under the Orglamix shop (even though they were not actually from the Orglamix product line), I feel that she should have done some checking around to make sure that the pigments were still considered safe. Given that health-related information is always changing, isn’t it a seller’s obligation to make sure that their product is currently safe?

        Also, there’s the lying thing. I am not at all trying to downplay anyone’s safety concerns by saying the lying is the worst part for me. But, personally, something done deliberately hurts my feelings more than something done (presumably) unintentionally.

        Consider me surprised about the cease and desist thing. Thank you for sharing this pertinent information. Today, I am certainly seeing a different side of a company that I once trusted. Sad.

        • I think the only way to know the truth about the private label stuff from Ladyburd would be to call them to see if they had disclosed that information.

          I do believe you’re right in that a seller should do their research on a product and if that product is found to be unsafe, they need to announce it.

          I’m just hoping no one was injured from those products.

          After the treatment I received by Cheri Tracy, unfortunately I’m not too surprised by anything she says.

          • Regarding Candy Glam and Orglamix, if you go to (which has some bad flash that doesn’t seem to show much in the way of info), the opening statement that greets you talks about Candy Glam products, yet the page is also branded as Orglamix, and says at the bottom “Copyright 2011”

            Which just leaves me even more puzzled.

            • We could also try to track down the source of her cosmetics through muddminerals on ebay. I wrote to her and got a bit of a response back.
              I posted this question to a page advertising LillyPilly with the same photo:
              Dear muddminerals,

              Is this the same makeup that is sold under the name Orglamix on Etsy? If so I was wondering why there is a difference in price, whether the size will be the same, and if they are also hand mixed as sold here. Thank you for your anticipated response.

              Here is the response:

              Cheri Tracy owns Orglamix & Urban Apothecary, as well. You can Google it.
              I buy my micas from the same manufacture where she buys hers. They sell the pictures as well&#