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New LG Washer and Dryer

LG Washer and Dryer

Recently, Ray, Dave and I came to the conclusion that our dryer was dying a slow death. It was taking FOREVER to dry a load of laundry. Since our Washer Dryer set was almost 10 years old, we decided it was time to take the plunge and buy new appliances. We researched reviews everywhere, from Consumer Reports to Best Buy to Amazon.

LG 4.3 cu ft 8 cycle Ultra Large Capacity High Efficienty Top-Loading Washer model WT1101CW

Our new Washer is an LG 4.3 cu ft 8 cycle Ultra Large Capacity High Efficienty Top-Loading Washer.

The feature that the washer has that I fell in love with was the front electronic panel with LED display. I like that it’s on the front. It has 8 different cycles, and since there is no center agitator, it will balance and efficiently adjust the water needed for each load.

It also has an awesome Smart Diagnosis system that will transfer data to your phone if there’s an issue, so you just need to call Customer Service and provide them with the information from your phone. Then they can immediately send out a technician with the correct parts, rather than having a tech come out, assess the situation, leave to buy parts and come back.

It’s extremely quiet. No more dealing with the washing maching getting off balance, causing Phaedra to bark.

LG SteamDryer 7.3 cu ft 14 cycle Ultra-Large Capacity Steam Electric Dryer model DLEX5170W

Our new Dryer is an LG SteamDryer 7.3 cu ft 14 cycle Ultra-Large Capacity Steam Electric Dryer.

I chose this dryer primarily because it has a true steam function. I can pour distilled water into the dryer and it will steam clean clothing on the removable rack inside. It has 14 cycles to choose from. The removable rack is where you can place shoes in addition to any clothing you want steam cleaned, so they won’t be tumbled or damaged.

Again, it’s a super quiet machine, so there’s no noise to worry about. It also has the awesome self diagnosis system.

We’ve run a few test loads so far and everything performs wonderfully, so I’m really happy about our purchase. While I know a lot of people are eschewing the top loading washers in favor of front loading, I really prefer the top loading washer. I’m not picky about the dryer being top loading or front loading, but I’m definitely more comfortable with the front loading.

These are the first appliances that I’ve ever purchased. Everything we have came with our home. Eventually I know I’ll have to purchase a new stovetop, dishwasher and refrigerator. My double ovens (one is a convection) are thankfully in great shape.

I purchased our washer and dryer from Best Buy. They give you a discount if you buy 2 appliances at once. Going in there as an informed consumer made me feel very comfortable, but so did Best Buy’s staff. There was no pressure, since they do not work off of commission. They also price match any price that you find online. In addition to having a wonderful experience shopping at Best Buy, the delivery people were top notch. They hauled away our old washer and dryer. They set up the new washer and dryer. They explained how the new appliances work. They also had us run test cycles before we tried to run any real loads, to make sure that the washer and dryer were working properly. They were easily the most informed techs I’ve dealt with for appliances.

Overall, I’m extremely pleased with my new LG Washer and Dryer. They work amazingly well. I’ll update this review if anything changes, but I wanted to share my experiences with you in case anyone is considering purchasing a new washer or dryer.

Have you tried the LG brand? What do you think of my new Washer and Dryer?

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  • Who would have thought when we were younger that we would get so excited about things like washers and dryers? After living in apartments with shared laundry rooms for the last 20 years, hubby and I finally moved into an apartment with a washer and dryer IN THE APARTMENT! It was the thing I was most excited about… Yours looks like an amazing set. Enjoy!

    • RebeccaRussell I was almost as excited over the high tech water heater we bought, but yeah, I never thought I’d get excited over appliances!

  • Is it weird that I’m kind of hoping that my washer or dryer dies so I can buy LG? My cousin loves her LG washer and dryer, I think the little song that the dryer plays when it finishes is so much better than that annoying buzzer most of them have. I’m glad you’re so happy with your new purchase.

  • We just bought an LG washer too, and we did the same as you, researched for the best reviewed washers because…the one we were replacing was ONLY 2 FRICKIN’ YEARS OLD!!! We didn’t research that one. We figured it’s Maytag, they are known for lasting forever and not breaking down, right? Well after it died we found out that Westinghouse bought them out and they have gone downhill ever since. Of course we only had a one year warranty, so we were SOL and had to get another. We had really good luck with the washer we had before the Maytag though, that one was 23 years old before it broke down.
    This is the one we got:
    We are very pleased with it. It does a great job washing…unlike the Maytag, sometimes laundry would come out with dry spots with that one. Can you believe it? It’s also very quiet, works so much faster, and we just have no complaints. I’d recommend an LG to anyone!

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