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NARS Christopher Kane Collection

NARS Christopher Kane Collection

NARS recently launched the Christopher Kane Collection for Summer 2015. Called the NEONEUTRAL, it pairs Kane’s edgy design aesthetic with NARS iconic beauty.

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NARS Christopher Kane Collection

About the NEONEUTRAL Collection
It’s the first fashion collaboration to feature a full line of Eyeshadows, Blushes, Illuminating Multiples, and Lip Glosses. Eyes are enhanced with iridescent rose gold, pink lilac, and violet. Cheeks are flushed with soft beige or hot pink. And lips are saturated in high-shine shades of neon pink and coral that subtly stain after the gloss is gone.

This collection is made up of Outer Limits (eyeshadow single), Parallel Universe (eyeshadow duo), Mezmer, Nebulous, Nucleus and Glow Pink (glosses, Starscape and Silent Nude (blushes), and Violet Atom and Quantum (Illuminating Multiples). All shades are limited edition and Quantum is exclusive to NARS. I have Outer Limits, Violet and Quantum to share with you.

$25 eyeshadow
$39 Illuminating Multiple

Where to Buy
NARS, Nordstrom

NARS Illuminating Multiple in Quantum

Quantum – sheer iridescent magenta. To me it’s a sheer magenta and I don’t really see any iridescence in it.

NARS Illuminating Multiple in Violet Atom

Violet Atom – sheer iridescent violet. This reminds me a lot of Urban Decay Tonic eyeshadow only in cream form. The base shade is a pale lilac. It has the same iridescent qualities and light turquoise blue shift if you catch the light just right.  It’s really lovely.

NARS Single Eyeshadow Outer Limits

Outer Limits – iridescent rose gold. This reminds me a lot of Urban Decay Fireball, except with larger particles of shimmer. To me it’s a peachy-orange with pink and gold sparkles. The name makes me think of the old Outer Limits tv show.

NARS Christopher Kane Swatches

NARS Illuminating Multiples, Single Eyeshadow Swatches

NARS Outer Limits, Quantum, Violet Atom Swatches

L to R – Quantum – Violet Atom – Outer Limits

Wearing NARS Illuminating Multiples in Quantum and Violet Atom
Wearing NARS Illuminating Multiples in Quantum and Violet Atom

Both of the Illuminating Multiples are sheer. While multiples are meant to be used on eyes, cheeks and lips, I usually skip lips because they feel dry. I prefer them for the cheeks or sometimes to highlight the face. In the picture above I have Quantum on my cheeks as a blush and I have Violet Atom as a highlighter above it in a C shape. While I think you can wear Quantum on its own, you may want to layer another blush on top. With Violet Atom, it’s gorgeous but subtle by my tastes, so you may want to use it for layering as well. I think Quantum would work best for pale skin, since it’s so sheer.

Outer Limits is gorgeous, though I wouldn’t have thought to call it an iridescent rose gold, I can see why NARS interpreted it that way.

When looking at the other NARS Christopher Kane summer collection, I find myself drawn to Starscape (neon pink) and Silent Nude (soft beige) blushes.

If you’re thinking of ordering anything from the NARS Christopher Kane collection I recommend hitting the NARS website or Nordstrom. At NARS’ site, you can use the coupon code MAYMINI15 to get a mini sample of Optimal Brightening Concentrate with any order.

What do you think of the NARS Christopher Kane collection? Do you like the NARS Collaborations?

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  • Starscape kind of looked like a ordinary hot pink, but it has like a blue tone to it. I like it.
    Outer Limits is pretty, but I feel like everyone is doing a version of the pinkypeachglitter shadow now.

  • Yay thanks! I love the Illumiating Multiples on you as well! When I saw Violet Atom I knew it would be pretty on you because of the undertones 🙂 I just received mine and I also got the Silent Nude Blush. It’s a really nice true nude beige, ultra flattering and pigmented like all NARS blushes. Even though they increased the price I really think they are worth it! I think if you mixed Silent Nude with Miss Liberty Highlighting Blush(in the Virtual Dom. Palette) you would love it 🙂 I really like the Mezmer/Nebulous Lipglosses as well. They really are neoneutrals because they are really wearable(and I don’t really do brights!)

  • I love the illuminating Multiples on you! I was thinking of buying Parallel Universe, but I’m trying to resist!

    • Yes, you’ll like Quantum. It’s pretty universally flattering. It does look bold but I consider it really wearable, and I’m not a person who really goes bright.

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