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My Visit to Urban Decay Headquarters

My Visit to Urban Decay Headquarters

TGIF! Today I wanted to share my visit to Urban Decay headquarters with you. When I went out to LA for Gen Beauty, I was also invited to go to Urban Decay to spend time with Tammy, take a tour of the headquarters and go to lunch. I was very excited and I asked if I could take my friends Ange (Hairspray & High Heels) and Jamie (Makeup Life and Love) with me. They said yes! So the 3 of us drove out to Newport Beach to see where the magic  happens. It’s a purple painted paradise.

My Visit to Urban Decay Headquarters

All of these pictures were taken on my cell phone. There’s blur in a few photos because I had the flash off.

Urban Decay Lobby

This is the lobby, complete with amazing furniture.

Lobby Dog and Artwork

The artwork inside Urban Decay is amazing, as you probably expected. There’s purple everywhere, which I love. Isn’t the dog statue cute?

Urban Decay Gwen Display

This is a really cool display that has all of the current Urban Decay lineup, next to the lobby. I love the Gwen Stefani display at the top center.

Urban Decay Classic Makeup

This is a classic piece of Urban Decay history. It’s one of the old makeup kits. So cool!

Urban Decay Art

This is a really cool piece of art that someone created for Urban Decay.

Urban Decay Cat Campaign

This is a piece of artwork from a campaign that Urban Decay did a few years ago. I think these are employees with their pets. The kitten is so adorable.

Urban Decay Conference Room

So the UD conference rooms have amazing chairs. There are chairs done in fabric to represent each palette, like Electric, Naked Smoky, etc.

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Chair

Another cool chair.

Urban Decay Taylor

We went out to lunch with Tammy, Taylor, Amanda and several other ladies from the office, which was a ton of fun. Afterwards, Taylor took over our tour.

Urban Decay Wonderland Bathroom Urban Decay Wonderland Bathroom Urban Decay Wonderland Bathroom

Urban Decay has a ton of amazing artwork throughout their office, including their bathrooms. Above are pictures from the Wonderland themed bathroom.
Urban Decay Man BathroomUrban Decay Man Bathroom

This is the men’s themed bathroom with plaid, fake deer and fake antlers.

Urban Decay Feminine, Dangerous and Fun Bathroom

The Urban Decay Feminine, Dangerous and Fun Bathroom, inspired by the trio of palettes.

Urban Decay Music Themed Bathroom Urban Decay Music Themed Bathroom Urban Decay Music Themed Bathroom

This is the music themed bathroom.

Urban Decay Purple Chair

A gorgeous Vice themed chair. I loved all the cool furniture around the office.

Melted Paint Drip Conference room

This was a really cool artistic melted paint drip wall in a conference room.

Urban Decay Woodwork

The UD initials on the wall.

Urban Decay artwork

Another piece of gorgeous editorial artwork on the wall.

Urban Decay Tammy and me

Me and Tammy!

Urban Decay Taylor and me

Me and Taylor!

Ange, me and Jamie

Ange, me and Jamie.

Getting a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes at UD’s headquarters was the highlight of my trip to California. It was every bit as cool as I imagined it would be, and then some. I love that the building, which is unassuming and plain on the outside, is filled with beautiful purple and silver everywhere inside. The furniture all over is amazing. The artwork is beautiful.  It was really neat to see the people behind the scenes. The office seems like a great place to work. They’re pet friendly, too. So many cute dogs in the office!

Urban Decay Beauty Junkies

Urban Decay has just launched a rewards program. If you sign up to be an Urban Decay Beauty Junkie (this is my referral link) you’ll earn points with every puchase you make, including things like $10 in UD Kickback rewards added to your account as you accumulate points. You’ll get free shipping on all orders with no minimum, special access to exclusive and limited edition products, advance notice for new product launches, and more.  So far it looks like there are 3 levels – Obsessed (introductory), Freak (mid-level) and Rockstar (high end). If you reach 100 points you get a $10 UD kickback, 300 points is a $20 kickback, and for every additional 200 points you’ll get a $20 kickback. These are good for one year and can be redeemed on any future purchase at or in any UD freestanding store.

What do you think of UD’s headquarters?

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