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Femme Fatale Underlight

Femme Fatale Underlight

Happy Teal Thursday! Today I’m sharing Femme Fatale Underlight. I think I’ve been wishing for Spring with this color. This is a shot taken outside in direct sunlight.

Femme Fatale Underlight


This was a limited edition polish that was exclusive to

Iridescent White Nails

Above is what my acrylic base coat nails looked like underneath this polish. I’d just taken off black polish, which left the back ends of my nails slightly dark. This iridescent white base is so gorgeous. You could wear it on its own if you were so inclined. Much better than a boring blush base! Not gonna lie, I still want to have iridescent or holo everything. And yes, that’s a Jack Skellington in my hand.

Femme Fatale Underlight
Blurred shot

Femme Fatale Underlight Femme Fatale Underlight

I really, really love how Underlight looks on top of the iridescent base. I’m also enjoying the almond shaped nails, though I just went pointier with them (you’ll see them soon!).

I bought this polish in 2014 and I wanted to revisit it today because I still think it’s a stunner! Yes, I’m shoppin’ my stash 🙂 It’s a turquoise jelly with pink iridescence with glitter and shards mixed in. Aside from the shards, it removes pretty easily.

How often do you shop your stash to find old treasures?



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