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My Lash Extension Experience at Totally Polished in Lutz, FL

My Lash Extension Experience at Polished

This past Friday I went to get my first set of lash extensions at Totally Polished. Totally Polished is a beauty studio in Lutz, FL. I wanted to give lash extensions a try because I love the look of false lashes but I don’t always want to take the time to put them on. So today I’m sharing my lash extension experience at Totally Polished with you.

$160 for a full set
$60 for a fill / touch up (first touch up is at 2 weeks to see how they’re wearing, next can be at 3 to 4 weeks)

My Lash Extension Experience My Lash Extension Experience My Lash Extension Experience

Happy with my lashes

My Lash Extension Experience at Polished My Lash Extension Experience at Polished

I knew from researching that getting lashes that are close to my own in length would prolong the wear of the lashes. I also know that I love Ardell Demi Wispies, so even when I wear false lashes I go for lashes that flatter my eye shape most of the time rather than over the top lashes (not that over the top ones aren’t gorgeous, but they’re not what I want for everyday).

I met with a lovely lady named Thisha (who is also the owner of Polished) to get my lashes done. She put me at ease and we talked through the whole experience, which took about 2 hours. She was happy with my choice of lash extensions close to my own in length. I told her my goal with the lash extensions was 1. to not have to wear mascara 2. to flatter my eye shape. During the consultation, I learned that I have fairly long lashes naturally (but I feel like they never show up because of my eye shape!) and that I sleep on my left side, which is prone to causing some breakage. Thisha recommends sleeping on your back to prevent breakage.

I was really nervous about having lashes installed, because I worried I would have an allergic reaction, but everything went smoothly. While Thisha was installing my lashes I learned that some of my lashes criss cross in an annoying fashion, which is why it seems like, no matter how many times I comb out my lashes after I curl them but before I apply mascara, they twist on top of each other.

I almost cried once I saw the lashes on because I was so happy with the results. I got exactly what I wanted! They’re long, curly, natural looking lashes that make my eyes look more awake and are flattering to my eye shape. I’m really excited to see how these last for me.

Have you ever tried lash extensions?

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  • They look absolutely amazing!! I’ve been dying for this post to come out!! Was it uncomfortable at all during the installation? I really want to try extensions as my lashes will not curl but I worry my eyes would water like crazy. Please keep us updated on their longevity and what a touch up or fill is like, as well. You two look so cute in these photos!!

  • I love how they look and I know you are happy. I want to know about eye makeup removal now. How does this impact that?

  • They are so beautiful!! I’ve always wanted to try lash extensions, but they are too pricey for me at this point. I’d love to wake up with curly lashes. 🙂 Glad it’s been a good experience so far. I hope you continue to love them!

  • I love how these lashes turned out! They look great and you can’t even tell they’re falsies! Great job!

  • I LOVED my lash extensions. I didn’t keep up with them though because one of the oil glands in my freakishly oily eye lids got clogged and I ended up with a stye looking thing (dr said it was NOT a stye). I had to massage my eye every hour. After about a day and a half it cleared up. I went to the salon with a few other people and know a ton more that go there, so I know it wasn’t her. She thinks the lashes she used were too heavy. You know me I wanted the drama lol I do plan on going back probably around my bday for a lighter set to see how it works out.

  • How do they put them on? I see Groupons every now and then for these, but have been somewhat hesitant, because I have hugely sensitive eyes, too. If they don’t bother your eyes, maybe I’ll give them a try. They look really awesome, and definitely flatter your eye shape.

    (As a quick aside, I have a question for you: I heard from another blogger that NYX is suddenly not CF anymore. Have you heard this? I couldn’t find any info the leapingbunny site. I figured if anybody was in the loop, it would be you. :))

    • As far as I’m still aware, Nyx is still cruelty free. I have not seen any information about them selling in China or other countries that require animal testing.

      They put them on with surgical glue.

      With lash extensions, you definitely have to research / read revies to make sure that you’re going to a legit place because if they put them on with cheap materials your lashes can come off, or you can have irritation. I wanted synthetic stuff for a variety of reasons (including that I’m grossed out that people would use mink and I would not want to use mink). In my recent video I talk about how I researched for reviews, then looked to see if any of the places with positive reviews had lash extensions ( ). I am so happy they don’t bother my eyes.

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