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Meow Holiday 2010 Collections – Swatched & Reviewed

I’ve finally swatched the Meow Holiday collections! These are all on Aromaleigh Light Primer, applied with a Q-tip. The first offering from Meow’s 2010 Holiday collections that I’ve swatched for you is the metallic Holiday Wishes.

The colors are smooth and metallic, as I mentioned above.
My favorites are:
Peace on Earth, Bliss, Joy, Mirth, Surprises, Serenity and Magic
These feel very classic and chic for the holidays to me. Joy is especially a treat because it’s got pink shimmer in it, and it’s very unusual and pretty to me.

Next we have the Xmas Rant collection. This collection reminds me of ornaments, lights and wrapping paper since it’s brightly colored, fun and festive.

Right off the bat I have to say that Drunken Relatives is OMFG amazing. It’s so pretty it hurts. I wore it with Pixie Epoxy today and so you’ll see it in all its glory soon, but it is so gorgeous. LOVE this purple! Grab Bag is really pretty, too, as it’s got some serious duochrome action going on. Office Party is a lovely teal shade with depth. Commercialism is really neat. I also like Eggnog because it’s got some pink shimmer going on. I’m betting Tammy just LOVES Calories, since she loves all things orange.

My favorites are:
Drunken Relatives, Grab Bag, Office Party, Commercialism and Eggnog.

Then we have the Xmas Trees. I should point out that I’m allergic to a lot of trees, especially pine. I can’t have a live tree because of those allergies. However, that’s never stopped me from having fun with decorating or enjoying trees! This is a fun collection of greens. The colors have a lot of depth and it was hard to choose favorites.

Spruce is drop dead gorgeous, especially if you’re a green fan. Pine is really pretty to me and I like its silky texture. Balsam is another dazzling shade with its complex shimmer. I also like Noble for its depth.

My favorites are:
Spruce, Pine and Balsam

I next have the Reindeer collection!

Prancer is the most unique color in this collection to me. It’s a soft pale green with blue iridescence. It’s awesome. Donner is a soft pale blue with pink iridescence. Blitzen is a brighter blue with intense pink duochrome, which is really pretty. Vixen is a gorgeous purple with blue sparkles.

My favorites:
Prancer, Vixen, Donner and Blitzen

Finally, I have swatched Sugarplums, Xmas Ghost Stories, and Snowflakes.

I LOVE the entire Sugarplums collection. However, Fairy is my absolute favorite from that. Freezing Rain and Ice Storm are really gorgeous blues. Ballerina is such a delicate pink. I also really like the Ghost Stories glows.

My Favorites:
Fairy, Vision, Ballerina, Freezing Rain, Ice Storm, Past, Present, Future

Overall, I love the new offerings from Meow for the holidays. I also love the previous holiday collections that have been re-released.

So what do you think of the Meow Holiday collections? What are your favorites?

Sample products were sent for my consideration. All opinions are my own.

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  • Just a follow up to the comment I made above. I got another Meow order yesterday with some Christmas eyeshadows in it. I’m kinda blaming you (in the nicest possible way) for the rate at which I’m acquiring Meow. Anyway, I got a sample of Zinfindel and a full size of hot toddy. The zinfindel I got looks very different to yours. Mine looks silver in the packet and swatches silver with hints of lavender. The zinfindel you’ve swatched seems to be brown and is watching like the Hot Toddy. I think that the Zinfindel you were sent was mislablled. Just as a FYI of no particularly importance. If you would like photos of the swatches, I’d be happy to put some up of flikckr.

    • Aww sorry about that. I assume that usually the labels are right and I hadn’t gone through my sample binders to dig them out. I do know 1 or 2 of the collections I’ve received have been mislabeled but it’s happened so rarely.

  • Oh no, my Meow wishlist just expanded to the point of many pretties, so little time. I’m trying to curb my eyeshadow purchasing because really, I only have two eyes and haven’t even been doing eye makeup every day lately. It’s so hard to resist though!

  • I have the Xmas trees sample set – so beautiful – I’m anxiously awaiting the sugarplum set and the ghost stories.

  • I’m still waiting for my samples to arrive, along with a whole of other stuff from the US. From the look of your swatches I’d wish I had also grabbed samples of Basalm. IT looks fantastic. I think I might grab a jar when I put my next order in (this will be my fourth order, I think I need to stay away from your blog!). I also love the look of holiday spirit, love and suprises from your swatches. Pine needles is nice but I’m trying not to go on a run of buy every green and every plum(red tone)/berry/wine/burgundy shade they have .

    I think Pine, Basalm, Spruce, Merlot, Holiday Spirit, Surprises, Love, Jingle and Copse may be my favourites. I’ll see when I get my samples.

    I had a look at a FOTD you did with merry mayhem and holiday spirits. I’d love the Zinfindel from the swatch on the page as it looks like a lovely warm rich brown but on the Meow page it’s described as silver with lavender tones. I’m confused. Do you have any ideas about what is going on? To be honest, I think your swatch looks a little more like Hot Toddy.

  • Liking the look of these:

    Holiday Wishes – Peace on Earth, Serenity
    Xmas Rant – Noise, Greed
    Xmas Trees – Cypress
    Reindeer – Prancer, Donner, Blitzen
    (and 12 Pains of Xmas – Tree Fire & Hangover)

    Thanks for the swatches!

  • Holy crapoly! Comet and Blitzen needs to be in my hands. I ordered my samples before they were released so I don’t have thems 🙁 I think I just may get jars next payday if there is still a sale happening

  • You’re KILLING me, I was trying to stay away from them but I NEED piles of these! Haha 🙂 Thanks for the awesome swatches and opinions honey!

  • Great swatches! I still haven’t ordered anything from Meow’s holiday collections. The X-Mas trees collection looks amazing!

  • Gorgeous swatches! I like pretty much all of them, but I especially love that green collection, the XMas Tree one.

    I’m allergic to pine trees, too. We found that out the hard way, when I was ten… My left eye was swollen shut for days. Stupid allergies…

  • Ooooh, so pretty! I ordered some samples of these a couple days ago and now I’m just dying to get them!

    You are a dedicated swatcher, wow! We love you for it 🙂

  • I LOVE Drunken Relatives too!! I’m wishing I had ordered a full size jar of that one too, but I only ordered Mirth :/

    I was a little bit disappointed with Some Assembly Req’d, only because it looked so vibrant on the website and was so pastel in person. But Surprises, Mirth, Drunken Relatives are gorgeous and I’m now very excited to get my Bustle in the mail, too!

  • oooh, I hate you sometimes Phyrra!! All these swatches of beautiful shades that I don’t have the money to buy, hahaha. But in all seriousness, yum! I really want to put together Peace on Earth, Bliss, and Wonder. Serenity and Love look really gorgeous too.
    Commercialism, Bustle, and Office Party look really great from Xmas Rant, I can’t wait to see your look with Drunken Relatives too, it looks amazing.

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