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Meow Cosmetics Harvest Moon Collection Review and Swatches

Today I’ve got the Meow Cosmetics Harvest Moon Collection for you. It’s a lovely Fall collection. Tammy from Meow drew her inspiration from the celestial wonders of an Autumn sky. She describes it as ‘a palette of crisp smart Fall friendly colors with unexpected complexity.’ I swatched all the eyeshadows and blushes on bare skin.

Meow Harvest Moon Collection



Meow Harvest Moon Collection Swatches

warm bronzed amber with golden iridescence
Meow Autumnal Swatch
My Take
Amber with golden iridescence

out of this world warm bronzed gold
Meow Galactic Swatch
My Take
Bronzey gold with brown undertones

Dark Energy
complex dark iridescent olive-gold
Meow Dark Energy Swatch
My Take
Olive green with gold iridescence

medium hued berry with red iridescence
Meow Meridian Swatch
My Take
berry on a charcoal base with red iridescence

shimmer burgundy wine
Meow Pegasus Swatch
My Take
Deep burgundy with a bit of a brown tone

Twilight Glow
grey with lots of metallic copper iridescence
Meow Twilight Glow Swatch
My Take
Sooty charcoal grey with copper iridescence

Meow Harvest Moon Collection Swatches 2

Meow Harvest Moon Collection Swatches 3

blue toned grape with a strong metallic finish
Meow Mystique Swatch
My Take
Blue-toned purple metallic. This one applied patchy on my bare skin.

intense metallic midnight blue
Meow Moonrise Swatch
My Take
Blackened midnight metallic

metallic silvery iridescent sage
Meow Ecliptic Swatch
My Take
Deep green with silvery sage iridescence

golden green gold
Meow Asterim Swatch
My Take
Beautiful golden green

metallic umber/cinnamon with gold iridescence
Meow Lunation Swatch
My Take
Copper metallic with slight gold iridescence

metallic iridescent forest green
Meow Nocturne Swatch
My Take
Deep green with iridescence

Meow Harvest Moon Collection Swatches 4

The Blushes have no official description, and these are my thoughts on the blushes.

Meow Harvest Moon Blush Swatches 1

Dwarf Star
My Take
sandy coral beige

Red Giant
My Take

Radiant Energy
My Take
coral pink

Solar fusion
My Take
coral red

Meow Harvest Moon Blush Swatches 2

My Eyeshadow Picks:
Meridian, Autumnal, Galactic, Dark Energy, Twilight Glow

My Blush Picks:
Dwarf Star and Solar Fusion

I really love how Meridian looks, it almost has a dreamy quality to me. Which ones grab your attention?

Some products purchased by me. Some products sent for consideration. All opinions are my own.

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