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Marc Jacobs Beauty is not cruelty free

Marc Jacobs Beauty is not cruelty free

A friend of mine told me that she read somewhere that Marc Jacobs Beauty was cruelty free. As I doubted this to be true, I decided to email Marc Jacobs Beauty to find out their stance on animal testing.

Here’s what I asked:


I wanted to find out if Marc Jacobs Beauty is cruelty free?
Do you test on animals?
Do you ask others to test on animals on your behalf?
Have any of your materials/ingredients been tested on animals?
Do you sell in countries that require animal testing (like China)?

Here was their response:

Thank you for contacting Marc Jacobs!
We appreciate your interest in our amazing Marc Jacobs Beauty products. We are more than happy to assist you with your questions regarding these items. We are happy to say that we do not test our products on animals. We are sorry to say that we could not locate the details for your other questions at this time. For more details regarding the ingredients used in our products, and if any are sold in any countries that require animal testing, we kindly ask that you please contact for more details. We value your business and hope this information is helpful.
Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you, and thank you again for contacting Marc Jacobs.
The Customer Service Team
I emailed their but never received a response to the questions. When I checked the Sephora China website, I see Marc Jacobs perfume offered, but not their makeup products. At this point, from my perspective, I do not consider them to be cruelty free. Maybe when the laws change in China…
Anyway, I updated my cruelty free beauty list again.
Update – Marc Jacobs Beauty (a Kendo Brand) is now cruelty free and certified by Logical Harmony! 6/7/2015Update – Marc Jacobs Beauty – is cruelty-free and not testing on animals. 2017+
How often do you email brands to find out their cruelty free status?

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  • Phyrra – Marc Jacobs is not listed as CF on the Logical Harmony site.. they are on the brands to AVOID list.

    • They are now, I just checked. But at one point Tashina had updated them to cruelty free status and then later changed them to non-cruelty free.

  • Hi! I saw that you changed the view on Marc Jacobs because of Logical Hamrony, but I can’t find anything on her site that cleares Marc Jacobs as a cruelty free company, could you please link me to the post where you read it? Thank you in advance 🙂

  • So PETA added Marc Jacobs beauty to their database of CF! does this mean we are good to go?!

    I also wanted to tell you, I have been transitioning to CF makeup after running across a pic… I started researching and was disappointed most of the brands I had been using were in fact testing on animals or selling in China. Your website has been an incredible source of knowledge and information. Thank you so much.

  • That email sounds very copy and pasted :p And I love that they ‘couldn’t find the details to answer’ the rest of your questions. Sounds so lazy.

  • I don’t like companies that test on animals or believe in animal cruelty, but it’s worse when a beauty company becomes shady about it.

    • I don’t even think it’s necessarily that the person who responded to my email is trying to be shady. I think they’re given a list of commonly asked questions and the answers, and told to stick to it. And if there are less common questions, told to tell people to contact someone else. I just feel it’s shady that when I contacted the other address they never responded.

  • Wow, the “we couldn’t locate the answers to your other questions” thing seems like a really unprofessional reply to your inquiry. Aren’t those things they should know the answers to? Shady.

    • The person answering emails is most likely answering from a script, so trying to do their job as best they can. They’re probably following company policy. It’s more disappointing that the other email address I contacted never responded.

  • I definitely need to contact more brands more often about their status! I agree with your interpretation of their email and that if any doubt is seen about their answers, then its best just to not assume they are CF. Thank you for sharing and always taking it into your own hands to find out for your self about brands!

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